Military Education Benefits

Did you know that you may be eligible for more than one educational benefit at a time? In fact, you can save time and money by learning to use them at the right time. Read this before you start using your benefits.


If you are on active-duty, be sure to contact your local Education Services or Navy College office for assistance before using your GI Bill. They can help you make the wise choice.

Selecting The Right Benefit at the Right Time

If you are on active duty, you have several options for how to pay for college. Making the right choice is critical for two reasons:

  • You want to avoid out of pocket expense and excessive student debt. 
  • You want to have the greatest amount of benefits when you leave the service.

This article gives you an easy to follow decision flowchart, explains common academic terms and offers a direct comparison of your Active Duty benefit options, all designed to help you make the right choice for your given situation and educational goals.

Your benefit options may include: Military Tuition Assistance, GI Bill Top-Up, GI Bill (Chapter 30), Federal Financial Aid, and Scholarships and Grants.

Note: Be sure to speak to your Education Service Officer or Navy College representative before using your GI Bill benefits.

Use the following flowchart to assist in deciding which benefit option will best suit your current and long term goals:

Benefits For Military Dependants

Benefits For Military Dependants

There is a new program the Career Initiative for Military Spouses that is helping to create a new way of thinking concerning military spouses being able to pay for further education. There are many things to consider when military spouses are pursuing further education such as frequent re-locations that can add stress to further education goals. This new program helps to give you more options and better control over funding assistance.

This program administered through eighteen military installations, One-Stop Career Centers, and Military Voluntary Education Centers. It is a pilot program that is thought to be expanded to locations around the world if the pilot program performs up to expectations. This program helps create education accounts with funds for people to pay for expenses directly related to secondary education and training. Military spouse candidates who are eligible will receive funds in the amount of $3,000 dollars for one year of schooling. The Department of Labor and the DoD created this program to help Military families deal with the challeges that come with serving our country. The new program is only available in a limited area, since the first Spouses began to participate in January of 2008. The states that are involved include Washington State, Colorado, Maine, Florida, Colorado, Hawaii, North Carolina and Georgia. This is a new pilot program, but funds are renewable for a second year for the same amount the second year.

Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Look up U.S. for more Information.

These locations will also work together to provide guidance, assessment and career counseling to support education and Military spouse career choices. This money can be used to pay for tuition, equipment, books, credentialing fees, licensing fees, and other costs associated with training and education.

There are many educational benefits for those who serve our country in the US military. There are many things that change depending on what branch of service you join but there are some common elements no matter where you serve.

There are Active Duty Programs in every branch of the military & every branch of the service offers some kind of scholarship program for education. There are common threads in the military benefits you may qualify for below is a list of the benefits you could enjoy as a member of the United States Military.

Montgomery G. I. Bill

Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

The RESERVE component of the Montgomery G. I. Bill allows you to serve in the military branch of your choice on a part-time basis, most of the time, two weeks a year and one weekend per month for six years in total. During that time, you can earn up to ,180.00 in total benefits. Unlike Active Duty, the Reserve does not require you to contribute any money to your benefits. You become eligible for up to 5 a month for up to 36 months after you complete basic and technical training. You can attend class full-time while you serve in the United States military.

The Air National Guard as well as the Army requires the same commitment of time-six years, as the Reserve and provides the same amount of college money, up to ,180- but may also entitle you to additional state money for college. You may even be eligible for up to full tuition some schools.

Community College
The Community College of the Air Force, an accredited two-year college, offers more that 70 associate degree programs in scientific and technical fields, free of charge for Air Force enlisted personnel.

Tuition Assistance
The different branches of the military offer a tuition assistance program that you may be reimbursed up to 75% of any of the schooling tuition you pay. This may also apply to your spouse and as well as your dependents.

College Funds
If you qualify for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps of Coast Guard College Fund Programs, You could receive more than $49,000 when combined with the Montgomery GI Bill!

School Finder - Education -
Search a database of over 4,000 post-secondary schools for military-friendly programs that offer credit for military training, special benefits, and much more.

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