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All reality is constructed with varied vibrations of energy.
All reality is constructed with varied vibrations of energy.

Mind Over Matter

Reality of thought.
Reality of thought.

Reality of Matter

 Matter: Noun

Something that occupies space and can be perceived by one or more senses; a physical body, a physical substance, or the universe as a whole.

All matter is more nothing than something. Really, you can't tell until it's magnified by thousands of times. The closer we look at matter the more space we see. Space between cells, space between molecules, space between atoms, space between sub atomic particles. We can now see that all matter is formed of vibrating waves of energy.

Energy is the proof of the Universal Law of "Connected" or "Oneness". Why? Because everything and everyone is connected through energy. Potential, kinetic, heat, light, sound, etc. all forms of energy create and permeate all things.

We have established that all matter is a form of energy. What is a thought? The mind(brain) is a mass of specialty cells(consisting of energy). The way that these cells communicate, and thus, create thought is through the exchange of energy either chemical or electrical.

We can prove thoughts are energy, all things are comprised of energy, and so thoughts are real things. 

Energy vibrates and travels in waves. Synergistic waves can attract weaker energy to the collective. This can be shown with any small repetitive motion on a water surface. Although the small motion is constant the collective(ripples) will increase(into waves). This is also recorded in thought. A simple and repetitive thought can create a large collective(movement). These waves can be seen as mob mentality, fear, cult, religion, hope, civil rights, etc.

With this knowledge, what waves are you surfing? The power of thought attracts us to the reality of connectedness, to see beyond the illusion of separation.

I wish you all great wellness(fill your Karma tank and wish the same to others).

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ytsriksmmit profile image

ytsriksmmit 7 years ago

wow brilliant!! Thanks for answering my question. I still don't quite understand your response (im a bit slow it takes awhile for things to process through my head) but I have to say it was amazing and I even showed some of my friends. Thank you! :D

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