Missed Perceptions

Brain Sex

 I have a tendency to forget people's names five minutes after meeting them.If you told me your name was Mary remembering it would be quite contrary to my personality.For the last few months I've been using a new technique that I've learned by watching other people who are extroverted.When meeting someone for the first time they will often repeat the persons name out loud and this technique has helped me at least for the first five minutes until my attention deficit kicks in and I retreat back into introverted intuition and logic.I simply cannot help myself from fading to away into something I find infinitely more attractive than mindless chatter.The first and easiest to learn is how to tell a persons brain sex.(for a wonderful synopsis of introversion visit MIndfield's hub Are You a Misdiagnosed Introvert.)

 Now on to the sex and maybe a missed perception for some of you.As the chatter fades to black and the undercurrent of information comes into view,my focus will turn to the person's hands.At a glance this can be determined by comparing the length of someones index finger and ring fingers.When you were a fetus between 8 and 14 weeks you began to secrete the hormone testosterone.This hormone is proven to directly affect the length of your fingers.If you are a male your ring finger will range from slightly to significantly longer than your index finger.If you are a woman these two digits range from the same length to the index finger being longer.

 A biologist from Liverpool named John Manning was the first to identify this relationship and his thesis has been accepted through analysis,observation and statistically.The data also shows that females with longer index fingers will display male characteristics and vice versa for the men, for instance men with shorter index fingers display more emotional tendencies.Other studies have shown that the finger length changes in different geographical areas and among people of different ethnicity.I don't believe anything no matter what the data suggest but I've used this one in real time for my own collection,analysis and application.I believe it has helped me to connect or tune into different people's frequencies.This may be helpful to anyone ever in a position of having to sell,themselves, goods or simply breaking the ice,especially if you have introverted tendencies.

Scientific analysis has proven that your fingers aren't the only thing that are affected by prenatal production of testosterone.The hypothesis is that the hormone inhibits growth in the left side of the brain while encouraging growth in the right.The data isn't bulletproof ,as I've dated very athletic women with standard feminine hands.I have personally found the research to be true 80% of the time with men and a little less with women(yes I'm keeping track).Regardless of that when the data turned to be true,the way I approached the initial contact turned out to be meaningful,intimate and deep,just the way a brute like me likes it.Do you remember the name I stated in the beginning of this hub?Me neither,now quit examining your fingers and direct your attention below to see what it means to be left or right brained:

LEFT BRAIN:Need total quiet to read or study,Like to write non-fiction,Usually rational,remember verbal material,good at math,Read for specific details and facts,Skilled at sequencing ideas, Likes to be Organized,Responds to a words meaning,Recalls peoples names,Speaks with few gestures,intellectual

RIGHT BRAIN:Can listen to music or TV while studying,Like to write fiction,Day dreamer,Prefer group,Enjoy creative storytelling,Read for main details,Solve problems intuitively,Philosophical,Responds to word pitch,recalls peoples faces,speaks using gestures,intuitive

Minding Your P's and Q's

I've always been interested in how people harness that most precious of commodities,time.Whenever I'm near someones calendar on a desk or a wall,I've been too intrigued by the information someone provided in the little boxes to pay close attention to superficial niceties.There's a lot to be said about a person from the way they spend their time but with the advancement of technology,much of this data has gone digital.In order to feed  my insatiable appetite for information I am  pleased to report that for now people still write things down,sticky notes are a big one and even the occasional calender can be found.This one is taking some getting used to but can still be achieved without notice.If you stare too long in someones presence you may be mistaken for a mindless brute that cannot read and that may not be a good perception of you on a job interview.

 Handwriting is as expressive as any other way people express themselves and the art of analysing it is called Graphology.There is the face(signature)that people put on in the world and the real person(everything else).A persons emotional state at the time that the sample was taken can also be studied.Which is why this one is difficult to do at a glance.Usually several samples are needed and if you are at your office right now you probably have sticky notes everywhere.Sticky notes are like Skittles in the commercials,everywhere and all different colors.Well,taste the rainbow then and learn to savor the flavor.Here are some of the things to look for at a glance:

Large letters:Likes being noticed,Broad perspective,Bold,Action oriented

Med letters:Adaptable,balanced,realistic,comfortable with others or alone

Small letters:doesn't seek attention,introverted,humble,easily concentrates

Smaller letters:precise,introverted,cerebral,selective,avoids the spotlight

Finally there is the slant of the letters

Strong Right:Impulsive,spontaneous,enthusiastic,needs support,led by emotions

Slant Right:Friendly,extroverted,outgoing,sociable,responsive,interest in people

Vertical: Self sufficient,restrained,practical,independent

Slant Left: Observant,cautious,reserved,good listener,self reliant

Variable: Unpredictable,varying moods,ambivalent

 I'll be back with some more mental gymnastics for the easily bored and under stimulated soon.These are especially fun for any frequent flyers,waiting rooms or anywhere you gather with strangers.

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Ivorwen profile image

Ivorwen 7 years ago from Hither and Yonder

Very interesting. I had never heard that about the hands before. I am a woman whose ring finger is significantly longer than my index finger. Right brained -- radio's on right now, and medium letters with no slant.

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author


Now that is very interesting indeed,thanks for the information and for stopping by.Now I'm off to examine all of your hubs and this information is sure to enhance the experience.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

This is a fascinating Hub! And Praise the Lord, my ring finger is twice the length of my index finger. That may be a slight exaggeration but it is substantially longer. So, I am a man's man! Just when I thought I knew everything you come along with brand new information! I'm glad you did. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to more. (Yes I remembered Mary's name.)

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author


If anyone could remember a name it's you,my friend.Stay tuned and fasten your intellectual seat belt,it's going to be a far out ride!

Jewels profile image

Jewels 7 years ago from Australia

I remember in junior high school being moody with my handwriting. I went through phases of using left slant, vertical slant and right slant. Does this mean I'm an allrounder? I default now to a slight right slant.

Interesting hub and thanks for the brain gym!

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author


 Judging from your knowledge on meditation and from reading through 4 of your hubs(so far)I'd say you are an allrounder that doesn't miss many perceptions.You are welcome hope you had a great workout!

tdarby profile image

tdarby 7 years ago

Interesting Hub. Thanks for the info on handwriting. I especially liked that part.

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author


You are welcome and I am very pleased that you found some of this information to be interesting.I look forward to reading some of your work on knives.

Cris A profile image

Cris A 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

So biology is the mother of psychology? Hmmm...This was an entertaining and interesting read. Thanks for sharing :D

Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

I loved this but now I'm obsessed with my fingers! :)

Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 7 years ago from India

Very interesting. I'm still staring at my fingers! As for my handwriting, it's deteriorated so badly after all the typing I do, I don't even want to know what it indicates about me! :P

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author

Cris A,

That is a great way to look at it,never thought of it like that.The root of psychology is maternal.Now I'm off on a new train of thought to figure out who's the daddy!


I'm glad you like it and quit looking at your fingers and get to typing,I look forward to your humorous hubs!

Feline Prophet,

It gets really interesting when you start looking at other people's fingers and I've been missing reading all of your typing.How could I have missed Garfield's perceptions and prophecy!

Cris A profile image

Cris A 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

Now don't go thinking about the father, I myself wouldn't even venture that far for I believe it's not even a science. LOL

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

my brain hurts, thank you.

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author

Golden Toad,

Feel the burn:-) Thanks for reading and commenting.

focus on living profile image

focus on living 7 years ago from United States

Ironically, testosterone secreted between 8-14 weeks of gestation also affects the brain as the neural cavity has not completely closed yet. It baths the brain and causes changes to the frontal lobe. I tell my son, who thinks being a girl is infinitely worse than being born a worm, that at least my brain is fully intact and was not eaten slightly by a testosterone bath... LOL

Very good hub... I enjoyed it.

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author

Focus,That is too funny and thans for the insights.My boys think the same as your son does and I'll have to share this insight with my daughter she'll get a kick out of it:-)

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