Money or Life: The Search for Total Satisfaction

MONEY or LIFE? (Photo credit:
MONEY or LIFE? (Photo credit:

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There's a book , Your Money Or Your Life, at the Amazon store that contains tips and reflections where you can reinvent or renew your goals in life in order to succeed. If you're interested on possessing such item, and have enough money to spare, then this will be an eye-opener for you. Transofrming your life into a more vigorous with positive outlook of an individual may inspire others to change for good.

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Members of the underworld (drug syndicates, money counterfeiters, smugglers and other shady characters) know no respect for life, just for the love of money. We are witnesses of the crime rate that increases each year and lives are wasted because of it.

One of the most-sought-after luxuries in the world is money – legitimate or not. Most of us can never live without it. Aside from the being wanton on sex and food, the greed for money and other material things reign and it seems endless in this world.

As the years go by, greed for everything is increasing every year. There are times when the 80s was dubbed as the Age of Greed based from the turnabout of events and the reactions of people on money. There are little changes since then.

As another year opens, new opportunities dawn on the face of mankind and everyone clamors to be part of it. Majority of people grab it in order to acquire more wealth and other material conveniences. Spending lots of money becomes the barometer of happiness and satisfaction.

Then, we seemed to neglect the importance of life.

We are given the chance to use God’s gifts wisely but we cling to the darker side of this world just to get what we wanted.

The bottom line of many crimes committed is money. Just observing what is happening in my country (Philippines) , there are many incidents that happened for the past decades that can attest to my arguments.

  1. News on carnapping, where the owners were burned to death. Respect for life didn’t exist.
  2. Holdups where killing of innocent victims happened because of money.
  3. Illegal drugs being peddled but the perpetrators are never tried on court and still on the loose.
  4. Graft and corruption in the government, mostly those who are involved is the people we put there to govern our country.

Those who suffered are the innocent people where money is scarce. In rural areas, simple living prevails and people can still wear a genuine smile on their faces amid the news of corruption in the cities.

With less money on hand, the evil it brings is still far from grasp of this simple people whose day-to-day existence is to be contented of what they have.

Take for instance the farmers, carpenters, fishermen, vegetable peddlers whose satisfaction range from budgeting their little income on a daily basis. The philosophy that lies within them are to provide what they’ve earn, not wanting for more. The happiness they feel can never be measured by material things that lured many city dwellers to commit crimes. And most of them still respect a day to commune with the Lord by going to their churches or the fellowship where they belong on Sundays.

That’s the way I see it as I become a silent observer of their existence in the community where I belong.

If I am to choose between the two: money or life – I would say, it’s still life for me and I’m happy about it.

I may beg for a little money on the streets to satisfy the hunger of my stomach, but I’ll evade committing crimes just to be surrounded by the sparkle of money.

The search for lifetime satisfaction never ends for most of us.

It’s not bad to look at money as our cradle when we reach retirement age. We’ve worked for it anyway. That’s when you value your life more.

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Money makes the world go round.

It's an old jargon about money but it's true. As the song of Cyndi Lauper narrates, "Money changes everything."

From the time we were born, money plays a major role in providing comfort with our mothers' hospitalization. They pay for the hospital bills, medication and all. For the next three years or so, child immunization will follow and health maintenance through vitamin supplements and other children's needs.

Money plays a bigger role in education, from elementary until college. It's a lifetime investment to be educated. Later on, one will get a good job and earn a stable salary.

It doesn't end there. As your retirement age approaches, insurance benefits will come your way. This will be realized if prior to your retirement, you've contributed diligently for your future contentment. It can be used for putting up business or financing your medication or better yet, your hospitalization and funeral services.

There, the cycle of life is complete.

Well, if you've left a huge sum of money through properties and businesses, claimants for inheritance will divide peacefully or rudely, depending on what you've written on your last will and testament. They'll be fighting for a parcel of your riches. Don't worry, you'll not be there to hear the arguments in court or the biting spats of your family members and relatives.

Hey, I'm not pessimistic about this; but with money, almost everyone is dying to have a hold of it.

On the positive note, people who engage themselves in humanitarian efforts throughout their lives didn't need much of those luxuries. They're happy to be helping the needy alleviate their impoverished lives.

I've read the story of a man giving away his millions and feel very much contented even though what was left with him is his little cottage to comfort him during cold nights.

Simple living, that's what we need today. Magnified problems on world economy, business failures and all still surprise us each day; although, it's the flow of this materialistic world. It just happens on and on.

Balancing the importance of money and life will lead you to better life, health and good disposition. Yes, total satisfaction can be just around your windows of contentment.

Or am I just being paranoid with the riches I'm going to get on HubPages?

Just asking.

More Than Money - What Is "The Good Life" Parable c/o BerrettKoehler

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earthbound1974 profile image

earthbound1974 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

Good choice, Arian. There's no better way to be happy than having our life free from tangles made by money.

Arian Rey profile image

Arian Rey 5 years ago from Pearl of the Orient Seas (PHILIPPINES) Author

Thanks, earthbound. Life is the most valuable treasure of our existence on Earth, I pity those who wasted their lives for nothing. There's so much to be done here. We can do a good turn daily and be satisfied with what we contribute to others by helping them be better.

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 5 years ago from North America

Great message Arian - well written. There are a few soul challenges to overcome while we're here on this earthly school of duality - greed is definitely one of them.

Brought to mind a couple of phrases: 1)"Don't look for happiness in what you will get, but be happy with what you have." 2) "Don't hope for more than you're willing to work for." We are always paid in direct proportion to the service we render mankind. Those who seek to steal more than serve, will pay a much higher price for peace.

Arian Rey profile image

Arian Rey 5 years ago from Pearl of the Orient Seas (PHILIPPINES) Author

Thanks, SEM Pro. With those phrases you've mentione, I'm happy that you're contented with your life, as I do mine.

If you've watched my linked video on this hub, it will make you more satisfied in life.

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 5 years ago from North America

Yes, I've often felt I had more freedom than a millionaire as I've sought fulfillment in selfless acts of kindness, and enjoyed peace in spiritually glorious spots around the world. The days of getting rich by trodding on the backs of others are, hopefully, soon over :)

Arian Rey profile image

Arian Rey 5 years ago from Pearl of the Orient Seas (PHILIPPINES) Author

I admire you for spreading kindness with your brethren. This should be the trait that everyone should possess to make this world a peaceful place to live.

Lita C. Malicdem profile image

Lita C. Malicdem 5 years ago from Philippines

We are God's stewards. We don't own anything in this world, we are only users. As such, we must not be enslaved by our earthly treasures. The root of all evil is our greed for money, not money itself, because we need money in order to live. Life can be more meaningful if we are good users, not hoarders, of the gifts God give us. We get all we can, but never can all you get- share it! Good topic, Arian!

Arian Rey profile image

Arian Rey 5 years ago from Pearl of the Orient Seas (PHILIPPINES) Author

Thanks for the enlightening words of wisdom, Ms. Lita. Yes, we are only stewards in this world. We do not own these material things, especially money. If only the richest people will share their income to poor people, then this world will be a better place to live in. I've read about an Austrian millionaire giving away all his money, especially to poor families and tropical forest conservation in Brazil.

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