MonsterQuest and how Not to find a Dinosaur

Monsterquest Episode 310 "Sea Monsters"

The concept of the History Channel's Monsterquest show intrigues me. Actually taking myths, legends, or sightings of unknown creatures, creatures thought to be extinct, is one I find fascinating. So I record the episodes and watch them with anticipation, confident in the fact that eventually, they will reveal a new species. Or discover a Dinosaur that science thought extinct for millions of years.

Recently I had the chance to view Monsterquest episode 310 titled "Sea Monsters". Having lived in Florida, I was familiar with the waters surrounding that state, the many fresh and brackish waters that form canals, rivers, and inlets. I was quite surprised to view footage shot by a man named Glen Sowerwine of a creature dwelling in and around the waters near a populated city in Florida. He claims to have over ten years of footage showing a creature that he cannot identify, and as far as my initial impression goes, he is quite correct.

Manatee Hangover

Wait, the manatee hadn't been drinking, at least I didn't think it had, but given my state, anything was possible.

The year was 1988, the place Merritt Island Florida, an odd town situated on a highway that ran between Rockledge Florida and Cocoa Beach Florida. A town that had no police department, so anyone driving on Hwy 520 towards Cocoa Beach was likely to see prostitutes wandering along looking for customers. The highway had so many wrecks along it's length that to locals it was known as "Bloody 520".

The night before I had been at a club called Brassy's swilling vodka along with a friend named Raymond. It was on Raymond's couch that I had finally passed out, sometime after 1am. Raymond lived in a small two bedroom house that like most houses in Merritt Island, had a small sloping back yard that ended in a concrete area with steps leading to the "canals" waterways that ran behind most of the subdivisions and flowed into the Banana River.

The canal was between 15-20 feet across and anywhere from 10-25 feet deep, the water alternated between muddy brown and algie green. I had heard stories of Croc's inhabiting the murky waters so I never felt the need to risk death by swimming in them. I don't recall what woke me up, but here it was 6:30 am, and me with a pounding headache, awake and knowing that I wouldn't get back to sleep. The couch was narrow and the cusions lumpy. I briefly wished for coffee, but Raymond either had a phobia about grocery stores, or didn't see the point in bothering to buy anything that didn't contain aolchol.

A view of the Canals in Merritt Island although the house was entirely too clean to be Raymond's
A view of the Canals in Merritt Island although the house was entirely too clean to be Raymond's

So with a sigh, I stumbled down the yard and sat on the steps that connected the back yard to the concrete area that doubled as a deck/boat dock, I lit a cigarette and proceeded to wonder who poured wet sand in my eyes and why the gnomes enjoyed mining for diamonds inside my skull.

 I recall thinking that if I only had some breakfast, then maybe I could entice the gnomes into napping, as I peered out across the canal, my eye caught a bubble that appeared and popped in the middle of the canal, 10 feet from me. The bubble was 4 or 5 inches in diameter. "Oh crap, if it's a crocodile it's a monster!" Another bubble broke the surface and I remember thinking it looked like the some evil witches cauldron, bubbling and releasing the foul odors of roots and animal parts mixed together making God knows what.

 Then a grey shape broke the surface, rising 2-3 feet out of the water and falling back into the depths. "Shit!" I said climbing to my feet and taking a step backwards, nearly tripping on the top step that lead to the grass. Being from Louisiana I was familiar with the venomous snakes, voracious crocodiles and even the dreaded Game Warden. But this thing was huge, easily the size of a cow. "Cow, cow.." My mind chugged like a Pentium 100 trying to run Doom 3, "Sea Cow" finally emerged from the cobweb filled caverns of my hungover brain. A Manatee! A real live manatee not 10 feet from me! I sat there as the water swirled and the ripples washed either side of the canal.

I wondered what it was doing here, when it broke the surface again, rising up only to fall back into the water, but slowly, like a cow on Valium. More bubbles followed, and then I was amazed to see not one manatee, but two, rising together out of the water to bump each other, like two overweight rednecks belly bumping after swilling cheap beer. My hangover forgotten, my cigarette nearly burning my fingers, I sat watching these two manatee, rising up, bumping each other. Rolling on the surface of the canal, playing.

What really struck me was how slow and stately they moved. Every movement deliberate and almost rehearsed like actors in some bizarre play. I could see how they earned the nickname "Sea Cows" They were obviously more intelligent then cows, and what surprised me was how high they could rise out of the water when it was apparent that they couldn't pick up much speed, being so slow. I wish I had a camera, a video camera would have been great. Two manatee the size of cows playing in the middle of the canals that ran behind houses in the middle of town.

Manatee Video

I tried to find a video of a manatee rising out of the water like the two that I witnessed. But I didn't spend a lot of time looking, the video above gives a good impression of how they move and their speed. These creatures are truly sea cows, and the speed and motion of a cow is what shouts that the creature shown on the Monsterquest episode cannot be a manatee. Not only does it move too fast, but it's tail shape, and other physical characteristics prove that not only is this Not a manatee, but it's not any known creature.

I had to laugh when one of the "experts" suggested that the trident shaped tail was due to a manatee getting it's tail caught up in a boat prop! They were plainly reaching so far for this explanation, I'm surprised they didn't fall to the floor!

 Below I've included several images of tail damage due to manatee being unable to get out of the way of boats.

 As the images show, damage caused by boat motors, or by Manatee's being injured by being hit, run over or general collisions with boats is not symmetrical, typically a part of the mammals tail will be damaged, one side, one area, but the tail of the Dinosaur, the trident shape is obviously not the result of injury. Upon viewing the tail you can easily note that each side is shaped and similar to the opposite side, nothing like the result of an accident as seen in these images.

The nose of a Manatee as it surfaces to breathe.
The nose of a Manatee as it surfaces to breathe.

 This image shows the nose of a manatee as it breaks the surface to breathe. Notice the size and location of the nostrils, as well as the shape of the nose. The Florida Dinosaur looks nothing like this.

For me the biggest proof that the creature is in fact, NOT a Manatee, is the way that this creature can move. Often it thrashes in the water, sudden swift movements that a Manatee is just not capable of executing. A Manatee will roll in the water or broach the surface falling into the water on it's back. They do not violently thrash like the creature from the video does. The shape of the front fins is yet another physical trait that further points to the fact that this creature is not a Manatee, nor any other known species of water dwelling mammal.

Unfortunately Gene Sowarowine has not posted any more of the supposedly 10 years of observation. It's likely that MonsterQuest took the better parts of his footage to create this misleading farce, but I'm positive that if we had access to more of the video footage that further details could be made out, or other movements would give us a clearer picture of what this creature is and is not.

By viewing the above images, and the video, it's obvious that a manatee's tail is a thick appendage and does not move in any way like the tail of a fish nor the tail of this Dinosaur. ie. No sudden flips or violent movements, all slow and plodding, like the manatee itself. I've captured several images from the video of the dinosaur captured by Gene Sowarowine and added them for illustrative purposes. Note how thin and pliant the trident tail of the dinosaur is. To fully understand the point I'm trying to make, view video 2/5 at apporximatly 0:00 in.

Now, in order for a manatee to have his tail altered to even vaguely resemble the trident tail shown in the video, said manatee would have to, 1. Have a plastic surgeon cosmeticly alter it's tail. (And how would it pay the bill? Sell a bond? Perhaps a second mortgage on it's summer home? Or 2. affix a custom made razor sharp prop on a boat, then hang verticlly upside down in the water while the boat performs the required alterations to change the manatee's tail from a flat paddle, into thin trident shape that the video evidence plainly shows. It would then have to lay horizontally in the water while the boat shaves 70% of the thickness off it's tail making it thin and flexable as can be seen in the video.

Absurd? Yes, very. But no more so then the "rulings" by the "experts" in marine biology who are pontificating on this episode. They conclude that the dinosaur is a manatee, and a seal species that is thought to be extinct! Now I ask you how these hasty and quite vague assumptions can possiblly hold water?

Putting this knee jerk reaction to a real live dinosaur aside for the moment, I would like to introduce some additional discoveries and eminent sciencetist's complete and total avoidance of the truth.

This event happened in 1977 off the coast of New Zealand. A Japanese fishing vessel, the Zuiyo Maru, was trolling for mackerel when in approximatly 900 feet of water they snagged something in their fishing nets. Hauling the nets in they were amazed at their catch. A massive rotting corpse of a pleaseaur was hauled up!

The crew of the vessel decided to cut the corpse lose as it smelled foul and they were afraid it would spoil their catch, but not before a thoughtful crewmember decided to take four photo's as well as some tissue samples of the corpse.

Rather then detail what happens next, I will just link the article, but even after tests were performed on the tissue samples, and the photo's were studied, it was "ruled" that the plesiosaur was in reality, a basking shark, or a adolesant whale, or perhaps a southern elephant seal! In their haste to condemn the theory that the corpse was indeed a plesiosaur, the mental dwarves that sit in judgement on all matters sciencitific, revealed their petty modis operendi, their desire to hammer all new discoveries into the small box that is their reality. For surely the all-seeing eye of science would have known about the existence of a plesiosaur before now, it's not as if the worlds oceans are vast and unexplored! Why there hasen't been a new marine species discovered in what, two days?

It's difficult to truly see how flexible the tail of this Dinosaur is. It's really best to view the video. If you click on the video below, you will get a much better view of the creatures tail above the water. Viewed this way it's apparent to all but the most blinder strapped scientist that this is in now way a Manatee.

 The video below is a cut segment from the Monster Quest episode, it shows a manatee swimming and surfacing. By cursory observation comparing the two videos, it couldn't be more obvious that the Dinosaur and the Manatee are no way alike in movement.

 The following picture is a 3D representation of the Florida Dinosaur, it's basic shape and movement. I feel that the representation is accurate, and although I cannot place the species, it is nevertheless no known creature of the worlds oceans.

 So how can you say that this creature is a Manatee. or a Giant Seal, a species that has been thought extinct for some time. Shouldn't this discovery prompt a major scientific expedition to discover exactly what this creature is?  If it's a Dinosaur, sure, it would require that "Science" rethink their long cherished beliefs.  But isn't that the goal of science? To test the limits, and graciously admit when proven that they can be wrong?  Apparently not, the "Science" community of today are a jealous bunch. They cannot conceive of an instance that "THEY" could be wrong, and in fact will go to great lightens  to ensure that no one hears about it when they are blatantly proven wrong.

During my research of this subject I came across yet another astute observer that uncovered a piece of the puzzle that even I had not seen. Gene Sowerwine posted several videos to a web site, and on one of these videos is shown a creature that is neither a Manatee, nor the same Dinosaur with the trident tail.

Perhaps it's a totally different species of Dinosaur that exists to thumb it's nose at the scientists that have ruled it's existence as impossible. View the video below and see for yourself. The U-28 mention is one I've come across more then once. Similar to Astronauts and Pilots, career ship captains reports should be considered credible and taken seriously. But if the subject of their reports are topics that science considers "Taboo" then they are treated like the cheapest drunk sleeping off a hangover on Sunday morning in a dirty alley.

Above is an illustration of the sea creature described by fisherman John Marsh of Lower Lance Cove, Trinity Bay. The carcass of the creature was entangled in a net belonging to his son and nephew. The carcass sank before Marsh could secure a sample.
Above is an illustration of the sea creature described by fisherman John Marsh of Lower Lance Cove, Trinity Bay. The carcass of the creature was entangled in a net belonging to his son and nephew. The carcass sank before Marsh could secure a sample.

Update- March 2010

I just received word from sonofthedestroyer that a report from Newfoundland has been posted Lance Cove, a fisherman, snagged an unknown sea creature in his fishing nets. The page can be viewed Here. Obviously this isn't the same type of Dinosaur that has been seen off the coast of Florida, but it begs the question What exactly was it? A long neck, approximately 8-10 feet in length and a trident shaped tail. I'm unaware of any "official" sea creature that fits this description.

I'm sure that "science" will come up with a answer, perhaps it was a Giraffe that decided to swim north for the summer? Or maybe some sort of airborne form of hallucinogenic gas was inhaled by those who were fishing that day?

The page lists a number of other sightings by residents of the area in addition to this recent sighting. Apparently these Dinosaurs have not been listening to the imminent members of the scientific community who have declared that Dinosaurs can't exist. It seems we need to send an emissary to inform the Dinosaurs that they need to promptly all die off in order to comply with the views of modern science! The cheek of these silly Dinosaurs!


 I am not infallible. I can be wrong or mistaken as easily as the rest of the sheep that infest the world today.  I do not claim that my opinion is the only one. I will honestly admit when I've been wrong and have proof to the fact.  So please, don't try to sway the obvious with patent answers or false assumptions.

 I write this to tell you, the viewer, that I am not finished with this page, I have had it in the works for some time, and wanted to at least put it out for the edification of that Dinosaur that is living off the coast of Florida. We "WE" owe it to him, or her, to discover what they are, how they live, and to force "modern day science" to admit the truth, that not all Dinosaurs must have died.

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ugk 6 years ago

Great stuff!

Well done. I am glad that more and more people are starting to see the sly nature of many claiming to be scientists. They are actually coverup artists and not real scientists.

The late Robert Rines called them cowards.

Ragnar Taltos 6 years ago from The Deep Swamps of the South Author

Aye, sad but true. What got me involved in this is a page I came across on this site, here is a link to it. It's about the existence of Giant humans throughout history, and the coverup that has taken place not only about them, but about many other things that "modern science" would rather sweep under the rug and prey it remains there, hidden from the public.

***STUNNIN*** 6 years ago

Hey I would like to add that to start I support the dinosaur theory and I think its obvious that modern science would go beyond limits to cover up that they can be wrong by saying "It is highly unlikely" but it is there and people are seeing the sea monster! However, mosasaurus does not have a trident tail so if it is a mosasaurus it would have had to be around for awhile to evolve the tail, and monsterquestdidn't find it because they were looking for a mammal hoping it would come up for air when it most likely belongs to the dinosaur group that CAN MOVE FASTER THAN AN INJURED MANATY OR SEAL...

sameer 6 years ago

The astute observer you are referring to that claims that Sowerwine has a website with videos posted on it may be lying. I have searched for the website he spoke of and it does not seem to exist. Ask "sonofdestroyer" what the website name is so other's can watch videos on that "site." Noticed that in the video of "sonofdestroyer" he doesn't state what site Sowerwine supposedly posted the videos.

Ragnar Taltos 6 years ago from The Deep Swamps of the South Author

Sameer, I'm a bit perplexed as well about the lack of any information or any other videos from Mr. Sowerwine. I recall that he posted two teaser vids and was in the process of setting up some sort of payment option which would allow you to view other vids, but for some reason he pulled the page. I believe that it's where sonofdestroyer got the clip he showed in his video.

What I'm finding odd, is that during the MQ episode, it was stated that Sowerwine had 10 years worth of videos. This alone would be cause for a indepth study of the footage he has captured, Much detail could be uncovered, so why haven't we heard about this or anything else from Mr. Sowerwine? Well, perhaps we will learn the truth eventually.

sonofthedestroyer 6 years ago


Excellent article. Thanks for including my video in it.

I think you may be right. I have searched all over the internet for this webpage i accessed earlier and it has disappeared! I have had no shortage of people sending me messages on youtube demanding where the website is. I can only say it has gone AWOL. That is why i ask everyone to contact Gene Sowerwine directly and ask him.

I will also point out that Monsterquest is an inherently dishonest program. Don't be surprised. They are owned by the History Channel who in turn are owned by the global elite. The connections are there. The same people who write textbooks and promote dogma.

The show was just created to make money off the excited public.

Keep in mind that they put camera traps in many of their shows and at the end always claim that nothing interesting appeared on the traps. How do we know this? How can we know they are being honest? They could easily hide certain photos they don't want us to see.

Same goes for all the lab testing they send their hair/fecal samples to. How do we know these tests are actually being done? Or that they are not destroying evidence?

Another interesting thing was the Last dinosaur episode. One of the men who was on that expedition to the Congo, later appeared on and said that the expedition was more of a display for the Monsterquest film crew and that they had no real hope of finding the Mokele Mbembe. His reasons being that apparently, the dinos migrate to the congo at that time of year, and they were restricted to the Cameroon side. Even then they find some very interesting things in the river using sonar, but for some damn reason, they don't follow it up. Just keep repeatedly shouting 'what was that??' 'wow, that's huge' looking at the sonar, but not actually doing anything to find out more.

Dave 6 years ago

I grew up in Cocoa Beach and saw the Monsterquest show about the Florida sea monsters. I immediately recognized the monsters as manatees with disfigured tails from boat props. I still watched the whole show not believing that an entire 1 hour show from the Discovery channel could be so misleading.

Ventilador 5 years ago

Nice work, you have some interesting stuff!

OrlandoC profile image

OrlandoC 5 years ago from Glen Ridge

Great hub. A lot of work here. Glad people are really looking into these things.

Brady 4 years ago

My problem with the episode isn't that it is about a manatee that was hit by a boat. My issue is simple, if it were put on my shoulders to discover a possible new species in a very easy to work area like a Florida backwater I wouldn't simply get the footage needed to waste an hour of people's time that happen upon the show. At the end of the show I would have difinitive evidence of what it was. The main reason is, if it is a new species I would want credit for being the first to discover it. Since they gave it the ole' college try and gave up, I am convinced this is a manatee with a bout of bad luck. They dramatized this worse than reality TV shows. From this point on I will be boycotting Monsterquest until they do an episode showing us what this is, appologize for wasting one hour of my life, and offer to pay me back for my lost time. My two cents said, have a great day, and that show was about one of many manatees hit by a boat prop...end of story.

mitch 4 years ago

Look up Altamaha ha. Its a cryptid that fits the description of the florida creature exactly! and has been seen in neighboring Georgia for centuries! Google it!

mitch 4 years ago

Thats a link to years and years of altamaha ha sightings in Georgia!

pigeon 4 years ago

it's so obvious that it's not anything known to's amazing that people still pretend or refuse to see that THE DAMN THING IS A FREAKY CREATURE UNKNOWN TO SCIENCE!! " it's a manatee" where the hell has anyone seen a mannatee like that??you can clearly see it's not.i have seen manatees before and that thing is not a manatee or a seal.

Cetacea 4 years ago

"As the images show, damage caused by boat motors, or by Manatee's being injured by being hit, run over or general collisions with boats is not symmetrical, typically a part of the mammals tail will be damaged, one side, one area, but the tail of the Dinosaur, the trident shape is obviously not the result of injury. "

"For me the biggest proof that the creature is in fact, NOT a Manatee, is the way that this creature can move. Often it thrashes in the water, sudden swift movements that a Manatee is just not capable of executing. "

HLain 3 years ago

You lost me when you said you were familiar with Crocodiles from Louisiana. While there are a few Crocodiles in South Florida, there are none in Louisiana. Monsterquest is a joke. Do you people not realize that not once have they actually found a Monster of any kind and have never proved anything? I live in south Florida, in MANATEE county, and have seen hundreds of the creatures, some from very close up. They most certainly can make the type of motions shown in these videos and nearly every Manatee that I have seen has been injured in some way. While Manatees are usually slow, peaceful creatures they also quite often splash around and appear to play.

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