My Definition of Understanding

Define the Word "Understanding"

As I ponder over this word, it reminds me of the scriptures in the Bible. To each person, big or small; old or young, and everything in between, there is a different understanding or perspective over what is written. As a child, hearing the stories read to me, I can remember the examples of heroes, and how they influenced me as I was growing up.

These biblical heroes stole my heart through their courage in standing up for what is right. They would not budge from the path which they knew they should go; despite the hardships, sacrifice, or loss they had to go through. These stories were read to me at bedtime, and I took with me to my dreams David and Goliath; Daniel and the Lion's Den; and the story of Moses.

As I am now an adult, I can look back on these stories, and ponder a different meaning, and have a different perspective. From my learning and understanding, I can be like the heroes that were read to me, and perhaps be the example in my life-situations, rather than have the example be given.

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shiningirisheyes profile image

shiningirisheyes 4 years ago from Upstate, New York

You've listed many of the Biblical stories I grew up with as well. Wonderful outlook on the different way we look at the now. Beautiful to know the understanding may have changed but is still awesome.

JNedele profile image

JNedele 4 years ago from Culp Creek, OR Author

Wow, thank you, Irish. I appreciate that. I think that everyone learns something different when reading the scriptures over and over. I think it is in part of how true understanding can come from!

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