My Poetry and Why I Write the Way I Write

Written Statement on my Creative Writing Style

Poetry is somewhat indefinable of one single definition, in my opinion, as one verse may have a sparse number of meanings through symbolism, metaphors and other poetic techniques. I enjoy reading poems as they build a picture and tell me their story. However what I interpret that story as maybe completely different to what another may take from the poem.

My poetic style is generally quite comprehensive in understanding and I usually use rhythm and rhyme where possible to convey my meaning. This also makes it considerably easier for me to memorise them. I have been writing poems since a very early age as it was my only way to express my emotions. Due to problems in my life I was too terrified to speak so I wrote instead. If I hadn’t I probably would not be here still. In saying that though I would never change a thing because I like who I have become and I am definitely no longer shy about my opinion and when I have problems my emotions manifest in a constructive manner.

My poems are rather simplistic but have a great deal of emotion built into them as they were written at times in my life that have shaped me as the person I am today.

I chose to hub this art of creative writing because I like writing overall but I have a real bond with poetry as I have had for many years now and I wish to develop it further, but most of all to convey a real message with the reader and I hope what they take from my poetry will be beneficial and will resonate with them.

To sum up, I take great pleasure in creative writing, particularly poetry and I hope people can take something useful from my experiences which I have expressed through poetry.


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