Myths About Aries The Greek God

Aries, God of War
Aries, God of War

Who Was Aries The Greek God?

ARIES (MARS)-The son of Hera, Aries was the god of war. He was a top-notch fighter, and reveled in the glory. On almost all other issues, however, he cared very little about.

Keep in mind that his title is the God of War, not the God of Victory. He didn't even consider victory to be necessary for enjoyment, just the violence and slaughter. Athena was the only one who was able to restrain him, and then only sometimes. She most often did when the battles he wished to fight in were not his to interfere in. Athena was the goddess of restraint.

Aries: Spirit of Chaos

Popular Myths

Compared to other gods, fewer stories are available about Ares.  Most people believe this is because he was involved with warfare as a whole, rather than individual storied events like most other gods.  This is one of the tales about Ares (also spelled Aries).  Go to the link on the bottom to see more myths.

The Bard's Tale

In the tale sung by the bard in the hall of Alcinous, Helios the Sun-God found out that Ares and Aphrodite were having an affair in the hall of Hephaestus. Hephaestus wanted to catch the two of them "doing the deed", so he set a trap. Eventually, he managed it, and caught the two of them making love. Still, Hephaestus was not satisfied with his revenge. He told other Olympian gods to come by. Some gods said that Aphrodite was beautiful, and others wanted to trade places with Aries, but all of them found it funny. After they finished, and Aries discovered that they were being watched, he fled the scene quickly.

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chris 7 years ago

lol funny!!!!!!!!!

VAL 6 years ago


meg 6 years ago

Hillarious!!! i can't believe people acctually believe this stuff! ;) There is only one true God and that is JC! my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST!!! He reigns FOREVER and EVER!!

Gio71 6 years ago


Relax. THIS is mythology not religion. AND as a Christian living by the Golden Rule is what Christ taught...

STEVIE D GodofWar 6 years ago

Ya'll are funny, because you guys are not reading correctly. You don't even understand what this is telling us. LOL Myths: the term mythology can refer to either the study of myths or a body of myths.For example, comparative mythology is the study of connections between myths from different cultures, whereas Greek mythology is the body of myths from ancient Greece. The term "myth" is often used colloquially to refer to a false story; however, the academic use of the term generally does not pass judgment on its truth or falsity.

mother of my son Aries 6 years ago

You tell em!!!!!!!!

son of aries 6 years ago

ya'll wierd i am son of aries now my cuzin is son of hades my friend kyle metsker is son of pasiden now if you say this stuff is stupid my cuzin will send you to the firey pits of tataress now dont post this stuff ever again or i will tell him to

mythical 6 years ago

i find aries very interesting yet there's very little about him ):

Will-i-am 6 years ago

this is redonkulus

Nick 5 years ago

what i think is funny is how people will say this is ridiculous, however they believe an ancient man lives above us in the clouds, and he has 10 magical things we cant do. And if we break these rules he sends us to a place of fire and pain and anguish to rot and die for all of eternity.....But he loves us.... haha

kentuckyslone profile image

kentuckyslone 5 years ago

I alway enjoy reading articles like this. I think we have a lot to learn from the ancient "gods" and legends

me 5 years ago

Sure! We DO have lots of learn from mythology. Either people believe it or not,mythical stories reveal human's nature :) They have morals

alaskan 5 years ago

dang yuh ppl are smart && funny!!! =]

malik235 5 years ago

wtf this stuff is sweet like candy

boyzo 4 years ago

airies are class number 1 always will be from a true airies

matt markwell 4 years ago

did you spell Ares wrong?....

shamiece chanel 4 years ago

Im an aries and I love being one so as far as im concerned we are one in the same and I love it. Aries stand up 4/12

Shamari 4 years ago

Aries sounds just like me fearless..loves woman..and likes to have things my way..and be a leader..i hate giving birthday 4-12-90

Elizabeth 4 years ago

I honestly find Mythology interesting whether or not it is real. If you believe it is then great if not stay quiet because that's what some believe in. If you have a problem with others and their own religion ,you need to face facts. Christianity wasn't the first religion made. Yes ,it came from the Catholic Church ,but even before then it was influenced by Judaism. Christian has also taking a lot of stories and laws from other religions. I am an independent so I am undecided before you say I'm an atheist. No, I simply state facts.

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