Nature (In The Forest Deep And Green)


My First Short Poem:

Hey ya'll! What's up? So, this is my first hub in like really a long time. I missed writing on HubPages! This one is the first poem I remember writing. I was 11, I think? This one is about our very own Mother Nature, and one important thing, sorry if there are mistakes in it.. I just wrote as it was written, without making any changes. So yes, I hope ya'll enjoy it. Oh, and remember I was 11. Kind of old, I know, but still, first try for me! So, your comments are appreciated. Hope to see ya'll soon with an other article then! G'day! :D

In the forest deep and green, play the squirrels

Every morning with their kith and kin.

Up with their little feet, do the jump;

The sun says, a happy morning,

To every little living thing.

The sun, a happy little fellow, cheers up

Everyone, both young and old, with a smile;

Without getting back a greeting from many.

In, go the stars to bed with their

Big round friend so near...

Down pours the rain and the sun, hides

Behind his cloudy white friend.

Out comes the rainbow-

Showing off its seven wonders, to

Remind us of his promise to one and all.

The tired rain drops, come to rest on land

And are received with a warm welcome.

The croaking little frogs put out their head, to get a taste of the early showers

Sweet are the lads jumping up and down

To enjoy the happiness of the raining drops.

Out comes the sunshine, bright and gay

Saying a goodbye to their friend, the rain.

Out fly the little birds, drenched in the rain

And get back to work, no time to waste.

Down goes back the sun, and out comes the moon,

Fresh with a happy face.

The stars too twinkle out refreshed

Out comes the own, hooting all the way

My dear friends, this is our day.

We forget to thank her, Mother Nature,

Who directs the film with a new mood each day.

Asking for our greeting, which we may...

Mother Nature

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