Nature's Lament - a poem

Nature’s Lament

Tony DeLorger (22/4/07)

Brooding grey and jagged light flashes torment,

Below the shielded army relent and regroup.

Sure of nature’s growl, instill the heart of chance,

Better, the delusion of reign.

Seas rise, batter the rugged fringes of earth,

To temper the arrogance, gulp-swallowed and defiant.

Ever simplistic, swollen-headed logic and greed-gnashed will,

Unrepentant egos stand blustering justice.

Yet balance, life’s most basic principle,

Eludes these self-professed soothsayers.

Unwilling to bend, unwilling to compromise lustful need,

Self-adorning, rivalling, imminently despising.


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