New Tech @ Zion Benton Bell Schedule

"Bell" Schedule

The idea of a true bell schedule is a bit misleading at NTZB because they do not have bells to begin and end classes. instead, teachers and students watch the clock and dismiss students to their next class. Students have one minute passing periods. NTZB uses an adapted block schedule, using three different schedules depending on the day of the week.  Each class meets for three 54 minute periods and one 112 minute period per week, for a total of 274 minutes per class per week.

Monday, Tuesday, and Friday

These days contain seven 54 minute periods and a 29 minute lunch period

1-  7:30-8:24

2-  8:25-9:19

3-  9:20-10:14

4-  10:15-11:09

5-  11:10-11:39  LUNCH

6-  11:40-12:34

7-  12:35-1:29

8-  1:30-2:24


Wednesday is an early release day.  It has three 112 minute class periods with a 25 minute lunch.

1-  7:30-9:12

2-  9:13-10:55

3-  10:56-11:21  LUNCH

4-  11:22-1:04


Thursday is a full day with four 112 minute periods and one 25 minute lunch.

1-  7:30-9:12

2-  9:13-10:55

3-  10:56-11:21  LUNCH

4-  11:22-1:04

5-  1:05-2:24

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