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The butterflies are insects loved by everyone because of their colorful wings. Once upon a time there are about 165000 species  of  butterflies were found throughout the world, of which around 200 species were occurred in Bangladesh. A butterfly usually takes 28-29 days to complete its life cycle on milky wind plants. The changes throughout their short life cycle are remarkable and beautiful. For the splendid colors and graceful flight patterns butterflies have always a source of fascination. But unfortunately agricultural practices with indiscriminate use of comical fertilizer and pesticides profoundly affect the Environment that sustains these insects. Due to Environmental degradation and Environmental pollution, the number of these nice small creatures is decreasing day by day. We should protect them from extinction......

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komal mishra 5 years ago

so sad that the no.of such a beautiful creature is decreasing day by day n human is somewhere responsible for it.If we

will not search a remedy 4 it than our heir n next generation will see butterfly in books only.we should take action 2 save butterfly.

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