Nontraditional Students

Are you a nontraditional student?

Why are older students going back to school?

There are many reasons why older, nontraditional students are now going back to school. One reason is because they want to try something new, upgrade their skills, or go into another profession. Others just want to learn something new. Some are finishing up high school, going to community college or trade school, or attending a four-year college or university.

Students who are going back to school after a break have to deal with many issues. These issues include family, a full or part-time job, along with many responsibilities at home. They must often brush up on their computer skills or even learn how to operate a computer for the very first time in some cases.

But no matter what the obstacles, it is still an exciting time to be going back to school, with more nontraditional students than ever enrolled in both online and face-to-face classes. But there is more and more support being offered at many schools, including help with registration, special introduction classes, nontraditional student groups, and more.

Nontraditional students go back to school for many different reasons, and must work hard to overcome obstacles. But they CAN do it!

Here's a great video on how to fill out a FAFSA

Yes - even Soccer Moms are going back to school!

Photo by Clarita (her blog spot address is above).
Photo by Clarita (her blog spot address is above).

What Nontraditional Students Want

What do you look for in a good college or university?

  • A sense of community.
  • Somebody who will listen to my problems.
  • A special place just for us - like a nontraditional student clubroom.
  • Advisors who get it - who know what it is like for me.
  • Special computer classes.
  • A tour or preview of the college or university.
  • Classes that are scheduled for evenings or weekends.
  • Classes that are small, and face-to-face.
  • Classes both face-to-face, and online - I want a choice.
  • Special advisors to help me get a scholarship or grant, if possible.
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Are you a nontrad? Or thinking about it? Give your comments here. 7 comments

betsyanne profile image

betsyanne 18 months ago from The Garden Spot, Kentucky Author

Thanks, Evelyn!

evelynsaenz profile image

evelynsaenz 5 years ago from Vermont

Sounds like very helpful information for the Nontraditional Student looking to take college level courses.

annmackiemiller profile image

annmackiemiller 5 years ago from Bingley Yorkshire England

I was! I graduated from the University of St Andrews when I was 39 and went onto to study for a PhD - I loved it!

great page.

P. Keener 6 years ago

I am a non-traditional student, enjoying my experience, and encouraging others to think about going to college. Thank you for your information and encouragement.

Carl Madison 6 years ago

I loved my experience and would recommend it to everyone.

betsyanne profile image

betsyanne 7 years ago from The Garden Spot, Kentucky Author

Thank you, Rishona! I appreciate that! :-)

Rishona 7 years ago

Nice page! Lots of helpful information here!

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    I hope you had fun looking at the sites and links here. See you next time!
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