Art from the Heart

Colors and Content

Canvas and wood stapled and stretched wrapped in plastic

from the store the paint brushes wait and I, off balanced

do nothing but maybe absorb and old paintings on the wall maybe

were painted by someone else; i can't remember as if the colors were

mixed by someone else and how boring to paint the same thing

and how fearful to paint something new and why paint at all.

The Art of Fishing

By Les Kouba
By Les Kouba | Source

And Yet...

...and yet

doing it for the music played in the background and yet all those semi completed paintings

hanging around with something wrong and still there are all those tubes of paint

in the basement and i have never done a painting out of doors and yet i can paint in the

garage art studio why should anyone care and i remember where that part of me is

that likes to paint and i feel that part that is dissatisfied and there is trying too hard and heaven

forbid, a waste of time; but what if the painting undone is a sin of omission failing to use the gift

and i wonder, what gift. is it lack of maturity or too much. i think of waterfalls or lakes or cabins

things i always paint, stifled monotones and then there is that part of the brain...using it

and which part is that, an artist's neuron part tied to memory, emotion, color, content, season,

ad nauseum....between paintings like between books or between movies or between meals

being practical; being whimsical gritting my teeth to have fun and then there is television and

the computer and there are work projects and i am looking forward to the next painting :)

Vincent (Starry Starry Night) Don McLean

Using art to complement music

Here is an example of art and music integrated. In, Vincent or 'Starry, starry night', you will see a variety of paintings that Vincent Van Gogh created in his life as you listen to a song about him sung by Don Mclean.

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