On being happy in 2010


A key to being HAPPIEST in 2010

Stephen Covey wrote a book entitled FIRST THINGS FIRST The key to your joy is making sure you follow his recipe.
Let me explain.

He suggested that all and each of our activities could be

placed in one of four categories


He further inferred that we as good people always do the

(or we might lose the house).
He also suggested we very often do the URGENT AND NOT

IMPORTANT things because society deems them urgent (like

regularly scheduled meetings at work that never result in

any action steps)
Additionally WE often do the NOT URGENT, NOT IMPORTANT

things (to keep from going crazy,
like rushing home to watch wrestling or American Idol on TV)

He suggested that WHAT that often goes lacking is the
IMPORTANT but NOT URGENT things in our lives.
He suggested that not doing these IMPORTANT but NOT URGENT

things will limit our joy and happiness.

Now what are some of these things we often put off doing?

What are these things we often say, “It’s important but I

can do that later.

Some are:
1. Visiting your grandparents (or parents) in another state

(before they pass away)
2. Getting more education or training to increase your

professional development.
3. Doing activities with your Spouse to increase closeness.



1. Think about the things you do each day and categorized

them in one of the four quadrants
2. Now make yourself do more of the IMPORTANT but not URGENT


Stephen Convey also wrote the 7 habits of highly effective


Habit 1 said Be proactive
habit 2 is the first creation (in the mind).
Put First Things First sounds very logical, yet we mess this

one up a lot of times.
First Things are not the things that need to be done first,

but the things that have to come first.
YOU decide what the first things are! In habit 2 you have

made a lot of these decisions.
The things that make you happy, the things that give you

fulfillment, those are the First Things.

ACTION STEP: Stop for a minute. Write down what makes

you happy. Think when was I the absolute happiest? What was

I doing? You will discover that you have spent most of

January 2010 doing things that in no way made you happy.

Change that for February.


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