Organic Gardening

Lettuce plants that were over 12 inches tall
Lettuce plants that were over 12 inches tall | Source

Organic Gardening Ideas

If you are looking for organic gardening ideas and tips you are in the right place. I love the idea of combining recycling with organic gardening the two go hand in hand if you ask me. There is no better way to save money and feed your family then growing your on fresh vegetables. Recyling saves money as well so put the two together you can save big. Here are some of my favorite tips for an organic garden full of recycling tips & ideas.


Water, Soil and Sunlight, "Oh My"

Not all gardens are created equal. The best way to make sure you have a great garden is to make sure you have the most important bare necessities. The basics of gardening start with these three very vital components.

1. Make sure your location gets the needed amount of sunlight daily. This is very important to the gardening process.You can fix the soil problems you may have but the sunlight problems not so much. Check out your yard at different times of the day. After you have decided if you have enough sun in the area you can pick your best spot for your garden.

2. If the soil is in good condition then you are ready to start your garden. There are testing kits you can buy very cheap to make sure your soil is adequate for your garden area. If your soil is not in top shape, pardon the pun then you can add a few needed minerals to make it so. Don't be intimidated by this go to your local home improvement store & ask questions you will gets lots of help.

3. Make sure you have adequate access to your water for your garden area. This is very important as your plants will need plenty of water through out the growing process. Make sure you have a hose that will reach the area.

My soil was amazing having been a dairy farm in previous years then transformed to lots my home was move into. This is double squash and cucumbers
My soil was amazing having been a dairy farm in previous years then transformed to lots my home was move into. This is double squash and cucumbers | Source
Double Lettuce as well
Double Lettuce as well | Source
Marigolds gardeners best friend :)
Marigolds gardeners best friend :)

A Few Organic Ideas and Tips

Here are a few Organic Ideas to help you if you are trying to have an Organic garden.

1. Save rain water in a barrel when it rains so you can reuse it. Many people use recycled material such as milk cartons with the bottom cut off planted in the soil next to the plant this way during a good rain there is more rain directed towards the roots of the plants helping it to grow. Also a deep watering at night or early in the morning will go a lot further then watering during the heat of the day. Letting your plants drink from the roots instead of using a water sprinkler is also a good way to use less water. Watering your plants more thoroughly will help get the water to the roots where you want the water to go to help your plants the most.

2. Recycle things such as kitchen food scraps, except animal based waste, for organic material for your garden. The worms in your garden will love you & your soil will become very rich & healthy. Not to mention you will be helping to cut down on your house hold waste.

My Beautiful Garden when I lived in North Carolina my squash plants where about 4 foot high :)
My Beautiful Garden when I lived in North Carolina my squash plants where about 4 foot high :) | Source

3. You can recycle old pantie hose for your Tomato plants. Yes I said your Tomato plants my Dad swore that there was something to the idea of tying up your Tomato plants to the Tomato cages or support with pantie hose for support pardon the pun. He said the reaction between the atmosphere & the hose during a rain storm cause a reaction that was beneficial to the Tomato plants. Now I do not claim to be a scientist I just know my Dad knew his gardening and his Tomato plants were always bigger then mine and produced more as well. Is this because of their support that remains to be seen I suppose.

A. Cut hose in strips length wise.

B. Recycle your branches you trimmed off your tree in the spring. You will need your branches to be as straight as possible cleaned of side branches and leaves. You will want your branch to be about 3 and 1/2 foot long about 1-2 inches wide. As long as you can bury one end in the ground about 6-8 inches for support of your tomatoes you can use any branch you have.

C. Repeat the branch process until you have 3 support branches buried in the ground around your tomato plant about 24 inches across to give your tomato plant room to grow if you are growing beef steak or large tomatoes. If you are growing smaller Tomatoes you can use one branch for support instead of three.

D. Using your hose tie one end to the bottom of one support steak. Wrap your hose around your support stick/steaks from bottom to top making a circle around your supports. Continue this process until you reach the top of the support steaks/sticks. The hose is very flexible and will allow for your plant to grow larger.

Smaller Tomatoes with one branch support
Smaller Tomatoes with one branch support
Huge Squash plant
Huge Squash plant
This Yellow Squash plant is about 4 foot tall
This Yellow Squash plant is about 4 foot tall

4. Use Biodegradable coffee filters for your morning coffee. Recycle your plastic bags and your egg cartons.

A. Use your filters in your egg cartons when you start your new seeds. You can rinse the coffee filter then cut to fit in each egg holder.  

B. Simply layer your coffee filters in your egg carton. Skip this step if using cardboard egg cartons. You can use cardboard egg cartons with out the coffee filter of course because they are biodegradable.

C. Then place soil-compost just below the top of each egg holder.

D. Next go ahead and gently water each one enough to moisten the entire area of soil in each one. Take care not to over water so your soil will stay in place.

E. Next plant your three seeds in each one. My Dad use to say one seed for you, one seed for God and one seed for good ol' mother earth. Using a tooth pick make a small hole take care to read how deep your seeds need to be planted this will help them grow better and be stronger plants when you are ready to transplant them to the garden.

F. Next place your egg carton inside plastic bags or anything to cover the carton completely to keep the moister in. Make sure it's air tight becasue the air will dry out the soil. 

G. Place your seeds in a warm spot to help them germinate.

H. Check your seeds based on the number of days your germination time for your seeds is. No need to water again the plastic will keep them moist until they germinate.

I. When your seeds are germinated you can now take your plastic off. Keep your seedlings moist and in the recommended sunlight let them grow a few inches tall before you transplant them to another container or your garden area.

J. Before you transplant your new seedlings out side set them out side over night so they can get use to the temperate difference.Letting your seedlings adjust to the temperature difference will help the process go better on the new little plants.

K. Last but certainly not least Use a light compost tea in your transplant holes before transplanting your new seedlings they will love it. Keep them watered and they will thrive. I hope you and your family to enjoy your garden through the growing season.

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Leave me your thoughts or favorite gardening ideas 7 comments

fortunerep profile image

fortunerep 7 years ago from North Carolina

Absolutley beautiful and great insight, take a look at my hub about tomatos, I am wondering if they need to be topped off or keep as is.


ladyvenus 7 years ago

Nice hub and nice photos. Maybe you own a nice piece of garden if the photos is yours. It's always healthy to eat organically grown vegetables.

Envoy profile image

Envoy 7 years ago from USA Author

yes you are correct the photos are of my garden in years passed. I love to have a beautiful garden. Thanks for the comment :)

David Harvey profile image

David Harvey 7 years ago from Sydney Australia

Nice info on the coffee grounds and making use of old egg cartons. I have a couple of worm farms in my garden and I give the recycled cardboard egg cartons to them. Great food and bedding for my pet wormies!

Envoy profile image

Envoy 7 years ago from USA Author

TY sounds like a great idea :)

Madame X 7 years ago

I love your milk carton idea. But you know, it never rains in California (really!) so I can't make use of such a great idea. I use soaker hoses up and down each plant row first thing in the morning. The roots get the water and it helps avoid evaporation. I like your egg carton 3-seed idea too. Very fun hub Envoy - I just love gardening.

Envoy profile image

Envoy 7 years ago from USA Author

Thanks Madame X My

Great tip on watering.

my dad always watered late evening or early morning at the roots as well so that is what I do too. :)

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