Other Reasons in the Selection and Consumption of Goods and Services


A consumer considers other factors in the selection and consumption of goods andservices, which are as follows:

1. Quality. There are manufacturers and retail stores which have a reputation of producing and handling goods of better quality than those of com­petitors. Intelligent consumers take time in analyzing the quality of products sold in the community.

2. Price. The conscientious consumer compares costs of similar products in several stores before buying the needed goods. Sometimes, the major reason why a consumer patronizes a certain store is the reputation of a store for offering low prices.

3. Assortment. When shopping, there are consumers who like to be able to choose goods from wide assortments. Definitely, consumers prefer stores where wide assortments are offered.

4. Convenience of location. Often, consumers choose stores that are acces­sible. Many sellers have good business, not because they excel in their merchandize but because they are conveniently located.

5. Service. Courteous attention, liberality in allowing consumers to return goods, delivery, credit and other services bring consumers back to the same store again and again.

6. Fashion. Consumers who have a desire to be in style patronize stores or, manufacturers that have a reputation for handling fashionable goods. This is particularly true when consumers desire to buy home furnishings, cloth­ing or accessories.


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