Roman Emperor - Otho

Marcus Salvius Otho born April 28, 32 A.D. in Brixellum (now Brescello, Italy) was a Roman Emperor,

As a young man he was a favorite of Nero, but on his refusal to divorce Poppaea Sabina, who had become the emperor's mistress and was later to be his wife, Otho was removed from the Roman scene and sent as governor to the Province of Lusitania (modern Portugal) in 58 A.D.

Ten years later he joined Seryius Sulpicius Galba in his successful rebellion against Nero and, after Galba's accession as emĀ­peror, expected to succeed him. When Galba named Lucius Piso Licinianus as his successor, Otho secured the allegiance of the Praetorian Guard, had Galba and Piso murdered, and was proclaimed emperor (January 15, 69).

In Germany, however, Aulus Vitellius had been proclaimed likewise by his own troops;

Otho immediately undertook a military expedition against the dissident legions, but disagreements in his command and his misjudgment of the strength of his adversaries brought about the defeat of his forces by those of Vitellius at Bedriacum on the Po River, near Cremona, in April 69. The emperor committed suicide in his camp at Brixellum April 16, 69 A.D. having reigned for only three months.

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need more info on his political stats such as : era/party/affiliations etc. thanks

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