Constitutional Rights Violated by DHS-CPS Child Protection Services

Crazy CPS Agents
Crazy CPS Agents

Stop CPS Corruption

In order to put a stop to CPS corruption all Americans must have a thourough understanding of their rights as a United States Citizen and regularly excercise them!

Under The Constitution of The United States Of America

"No man who is in a position of authority over them is above the law. Those who have been victimized have the real ability to seek civil and criminal punishment against those who use the authority of the state to act outside the law with impunity."

CPS Abuse A Child's Story


Funded with our hard earned dollars, Child Protection Services (CPS) have taken absolute power with no regard to The Constitution of the United States of America.

American's petitions to our elected representatives at the local, state, and federal levels are ignored, never answered, and therefore, are never resolved. .

This problem affects families in every city, and in every state spanning our entire nation. Violations occur in secret and are, (more often than not) upheld in Family Courts.

The unspeakable acts of Child Protection Services often result in American Parents and children paying the ultimate price, their loss of each other.

CPS is able to steal children simply because American's, for the most part do not understand their rights.

Americans Have the Right to be Threat Free

Under The Constitution of the United States of America all Americans have the right to be free from threats, duress, coercion, or intimidation in their dealings with the State.

Parents are subjected to threats, duress, and coercion by CPS Workers when they are told they will never see their children unless they confess. Children are also told that until they tell what the worker wants to hear, they will not see their parents.

CPS Workers are banging, (not knocking) on parents doors at 6, 7, 8, 9, even as late as 10 PM.

CPS Workers Harass parents with constant phone calls and making empty promises to do things such as, pay the rent, or get them food, or buy their child a computer if they comply.

If the parents or child does not take the CPS worker up on their empty promises the CPS worker then reverts to threats and more consistent harassment.

Threats, duress, and coercion such as these cause the parents to fear losing their children. In many cases the parents are so terrified they forget their fundamental Constitutional right to Due process. When this happens, their children are taken.

The Right to be Secure

Under the Constitution of the United States of America all Americans have the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable search and seizure.

This right is violated when CPS workers and police officers take and/or question children without warrants or evidence that a crime has taken place.

American children are their parents property.

CPS Workers go unannounced into schools where they interview the child away from the parent and without the child having an attorney. This is total disregard to the rights of the parents to be with a child when they are being questioned. Likewise, it is total disregard to the child's right to have a parent or an attorney present during questioning.

CPS Workers do this "private interview" kind of questioning in order to put down on paper, things the child never said. Reasons to tell the judge the children should be taken. The judge typically sides with the CPS worker sighting things such as "they are mandated by the state to tell the truth, so they must be telling the truth." Boom - the judge orders the child into foster care where it is virtually impossible for the parent to get their child back into their own home.

Under our 6Th Constitutional Amendment All Americans have the right to not be subjected to hearsay evidence against them.

In child abuse cases hearsay evidence is very often admitted into court. When the CPS worker tells the judge of the "private interview" with the child. Things that were said even if the child denies having said it, the courts typically side with the CPS worker and thus, allow hearsay into their final judgement.

Under The Constitution of The United States of America all Americans have the right to exercise freedom of religion.

CPS regularly removes children for various religious practices.

The Right to not be a Witness

Under the 5th Amendment of The Constitution of the United States America - All American's have the right to not be compelled to be a witness against him/herself.

Family courts (under CPS suggestion), regularly order the parent to cooperate with CPS and to sign releases of private medical and psychiatric information. they are told if they do not sign they will lose their children.

By being given this direction through the courts a parents rights to not be a witness against him/herself is directly violated.

Parents have the right to cross-examine witnesses and impeach testimony. Unfortunately, parents are being denied their right to submit evidence to the courts that would be in their favor.

Due Process

Under the Constitution of the United States of America Parents have the right to not to be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.

The Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protects the fundamental right of parents to make decisions concerning the care, custody, and control of their children,including medical treatment decisions.

However, parental rights are terminated when the CPS agent removes their child from his/her home. The Parents are then denied the right to be present at interviews and examinations and in many cases are not allowed to speak with their children. Visitations (if granted) are supervised places where children and parents are not allowed to talk about CPS.

Parents are being denied their rights to their own children before due process of law has occurred.

Effectively proven guilty before having had the chance to prove themselves innocent.

CPS Treatment Centers

CPS and family courts regularly violate due process rights when they force DHS services upon families.

Psychiatric evaluations, drug treatments and more, all through a "DHS approved" treatment center.

These "DHS approved" treatment centers routinly find all bad in the situation and assist in children being removed from their home.

Abuse Registry's Violate Parents Rights

Under the Constitution of the United States of America all Americans have the right to be legally protected from slanderous or libelous reports against them; and the right to be able to seek real retribution for any such violations against their character.

"When a parent's name is entered on a registry' of child abusers, without
having been convicted of the crime of child abuse, it publicly presents this person as though he were a convicted criminal and has the effect of legally slandering and libeling his character."

Have You, a friend, or Family Member been a victim of CPS Harrassment?

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Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

Jo_Goldsmith11 5 years ago

OMG! Awesome article! I couldn't believe my eyes! Thank you so much for being here!!

starme77 profile image

starme77 5 years ago Author

your welcome :) I have this thing about speaking out for peoples rights hahaha lol :) glad ya liked the artical

Tommy Z 5 years ago

I am so glad I found this page. My daughter was taken kidnapped due to CPS. The CPS worker in my daughters case was the daughter of the CPS Worker. I was given no warning about the adoption. I was out of state at the time of the adoption and my ex had custody of my daughter. She lost custody and my daughter was put into Foster care. I paid Child support through the whole thing. Anyway my family hired a court appointed lawyer to represent me and my daughter was taken away and has been gone for almost 12 years. I want to re-open this case or just file a lawsuit against CPS or the courts for stealing my daughter. My constitutional rights were violated.

Tommy Z 5 years ago

I am fixing a mistake I made. The Adoptive Parents of MY daughter were the parents of the CPS worker. We never had a chance. My child was taken from my ex-wife while I was out of state without anyone telling me. They knew where I was all the time because I paid child support. Whenever I tried to visit they always lied to me and said she could not make it. I tried for years to have visitation and was unable to fight for custody due to my finances. I know for a fact she taken from her biological family. It makes me sad they have turned her against me and now I probably will never see her. What do I do to get help so I may take this to Civil Court or whatever court it belongs in. I want criminal Charges brought against the CPS worker and her parents the adoptive parents. I never had another child now she is gone forever. My ex and I planned her life and these kidnappers now have custody of my daughter.

starme77 profile image

starme77 5 years ago Author

I'm not a lawyer but I would think that if the child was legally adopted then you were under no obligation to pay child support because the child wasn't legally your child. Start with googling cps corruption through doing that you should find a lot of groups that can lead you in the right direction for the help you need or you can friend me on facebook I am a member of alot of those groups but im not under starme77 over there

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 5 years ago from USA or America

Hey Starme, I have been saying it for years, that the average person doesn't understand their rights. It has become apparent that State and Federal authorities continues to mistreat individuals and strip them of their individual rights, and do so, because they know people do not understand their rights. Many State and Federal agencies have been manipulating people, causing more issues than the agency is worth. The damage is unreal and will continue, until State and Federal authorities are put in their place. Great hub! :) Thumbs up! :) Keep up the good fight! :)

starme77 profile image

starme77 5 years ago Author

Thanks for the comment and you are exactly right - you should join me on my facebook if you have one its under Rachel Blain in Oregon I am a member of many groups on this since CPS tried pulling their garbage on me It made me aware of how many parents out there really do not understand their rights - I do and I won :)

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 5 years ago from USA or America

You're quite welcome Starme. I have looked for you on Facebook and unable to locate you, due to the fact that there are lots of Rachel Blain names. I didn't find one in Oregon. If you want you can find me on Facebook at Ray Choiniere, I'll glad accept your friendship there. I also have a new Facebook page dedicated to Cagsil, which deals with American issues(social and political). I am glad to hear you won against the CPS. It isn't often that that happens. :)

Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

Jo_Goldsmith11 5 years ago

okay..I had to come read this again! You will never guess what I have done? (smiles sheepishly). One of the 50 states has illegally removed my children and I wrote a book about it. It is going to hopefully be out next month. The title is called "The Courage to heal, with you. Many miracles. I have my case all the way inside the Federal hands of the decision makers. I have trusted that God will vindicate those who have been robbed of their God given rights. I wish you blessings! I find you to be brave in talking about this subject. I admire and have deep respect for you and I am grateful that you are forgeing on~ take care..I had to vote up! Once again..

starme77 profile image

starme77 5 years ago Author

Oh... Wow ....Incredible! Good for you I totally love this, thank you so much for your encouragement moving forward and we should be friends on facebook if we are not allready - send me an e-mail I am under a different name there .... thanks again , much love and God Bless You :)

sunshine12009 5 years ago

I have been dealing with CPS in the lewis county area for the last year and 9months,looking at this and reading the info in this have have realized that I have had many of my rights violated on several occasions. I was reading in another web page that Washington state is the most sued state in CPS cases. That left me to wonder if what they said was true so that is why I have now began to research my rights as a parent. but anyway loved the article. Hope to see more

valerie 5 years ago

My adjudication hearing is Jan. 13they are trying to get my 2 boys after I was arrested at a neighbors apt. For their potpipe. They've had my 2 little boys every since. All my rights have been violated : due process, Miranda rights, search and seizure, and the list keeps adding up. Can someone help me save NY babies. My Charge was a misdeMor and the investigator lied on the affidavit about it but no one seems to care. Valerie 4793583628

starme77 profile image

starme77 5 years ago Author

I'll put this on my facebook page if you dont mind

Danette Thomsen profile image

Danette Thomsen 5 years ago

hi my name is danette and right now i am really going through it with cps. basically now their "voluntar" services have become mandatory do what we say or we are filing to take your children! i really need a lawyer but i am single mom on tanf. can anyone help???

Mari 4 years ago

I am sadly glad to know that I am not the only one who has been terrorized by a corrupt system! My story is rather long and complicated considering that I do live in a highly corrupt county and I have been set-up...Right now I need my son back home and an attorney with balls and passion for civil rights to represent me in federal court!

starme77 profile image

starme77 4 years ago Author

Oh Wow I am so sorry to hear that - some times you can waste your time trying to find an attorney to deal with these jerks - don't put all your eggs in one basket - spend some time looking and some time reasearching and reading the constitution - the articles I have listed here - dont get too caught up in the emotional aspect of this - stick to facts and law and that way if u do not have your own attorney by court time - then you will be well armed to defend yourself - I have personally been through 7 different courts for 7 different things and only had an attorney 2 times the other 5 I won on my own even though the other side had an attorney :)

deborah parks 4 years ago

There are thousands of mothers today fighting to bring their children home from abusers, foster care and forced adoptions. There is no one to help us. We are losing our children and losing our minds. WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP???

OUR CHILDREN ARE BEING ASSAULTED AND KILLED IN "CARE" AND WE CAN DO NOTHING TO STOP IT!!! please, tell law enforcement that we have a right to our children and cps workers and those who support them should be charged and arrested and our children should be returned to us NOW!

We are all dying inside, we can't eat, we can't sleep, we can't think, all we do is cry and rant and scream into our pillows, when we did nothing wrong... all we did was report abuse, or file for child support, or take them to the doctor when they were sick, or have them in a hospital!

starme77 profile image

starme77 4 years ago Author

exactly -but sadly I dont think its going to stop honestly - people dont seem to care about anything until it directly effects them - and even then most are too cowerdly to speak up for themselves - its a sad thing - but true - I did speak up for myself and stand up for my constitutional rights and did not appear scared - only pissed and guess what? They didnt take my children - oh they tried to bully - I just bullied right freaking back :) and I can tell you this - they never once stepped a foot inside my house :)

danette thomsen 4 years ago

well just a follow up on my situation my children were taken by cps back in january my 2 yr old has dry skin condition. in the foster home they didnt take care of it she was severly broken out all the time she was there and now has contracted mersa. my children are with a family member now but my children have sufered so much since being placed in foster care and cps always had an excuse for everything!!

starme77 profile image

starme77 4 years ago Author

Im glad to hear your children are out of there please keep us posted on how your daughter is doing

Victims of Social Services United 4 years ago

We can't fight alone-but UNITED, we are strong-help fight back!!

starme77 profile image

starme77 4 years ago Author

shared - petition signed -25 invites for petition through my friends on facebook - please share my article link and thanks for helping in the fight - thanks for helping t unite :)

kindness 4 years ago

I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids my kids have been put up for wrongful adoption / sale by cps Im still fighting to get my kids back Im looking for me a good fighting attorney to take on cps / family court my landlord is helping & many parents in our fight for our children we are trying to start up a wrongful adoption organization to help parents / families that have had there children / grandchildren wrongful put up for adoption / sale we need a lot of help / support I would like for anyone to contact me my e-mail is

katharina davis 4 years ago

i have made a fb page and would like 2 invite everbody on here on facebook

Heather 3 years ago

If your rights are violated, what can you do about it?

starme77 profile image

starme77 3 years ago Author

I could not afford an attorney and so I simply told DHS they were violating my constitutional rights, that helped alot to back em off. You may be able to find an attorney - if you are in court you should be able to have a court appointed one. Sue em, thats what I say

milanie76 3 years ago

@ starme77 I need your advised. I'm from Oregon as well and my children were taken away. CPS violated my rights but it seems like no one is there to help me not even court appointed lawyer. They are using PTSD against me. I'm a wounded Army vet. :( email me please at

danelle hawkins 3 years ago

Been fighting for my kids for 8 months almost still only get 4 hrs supervised time with them! They came and took them without ever being in my home! My step daughters said that I beat them and stuff without us present or an Atterney present! My 2 boys are the victims of this they took them on the words of 12 year old kids! They said there 12 so they don't lie! Now they have sent us for drug testing more then 50 times passed all we had to go counciling give them written permission to get records and I've not met the foster family don't no were my kids are and my son broke his arm in there care and I was nor notified till 2 days later!! My court appointed lawyer said I had to admit to doing wrong or I wouldn't get my improvement period! Idk what else to do if u can give Ne advise please contact me at I would greatly apritiate it

Amber lane 2 years ago

Hey my name is amber i have 3 kids Cps took my 3 kids and said it was because i got a lawyer and that showed them i wasn't showing them i was going to corporate with them cps is listening to everything my kids father is saying never met with me to check my apartment out or see where me and my kids live they have never talked to me they been nothing but nasty and rude to me cps has been nothing but unprofessional threw out all this and did not have a good reason to take my kids just because they can do that to be nasty there so much more to tell but what are my odd's to suing CPS and getting them to exercise and fellow the Constitutional right's that we have email me please???????

brandy 2 years ago

Having a hard time finding u on facebook. I would really like to get your opinion on what's going on with my family.

hearts_of_fire 2 years ago

You can go to and get whatever forms you need, to file in your next court hearting. You need to get the declaration page, fill in all what happened, and how cps stepped over your constitutional rights. You can also get affidavits for friends and family to fill out. Make sure your arrive early the morning of the court hearing, and have this paper work filed with the case. The judge has to by law read this during the court hearing.

starme77 profile image

starme77 2 years ago Author

Great Advice :) Use the constitution - it does work :)

Somepersononhubpages 2 years ago

You bet it does!

starme77 profile image

starme77 2 years ago Author

yep yep haha :)

madashell 2 years ago

My daughter was taken by DCF 9 months ago, Truancy was the main focus of their investigation. In the first 5 months of placement my daughter was moved 9 times, 4 of which where "Permanent Placements" enrolled in 4 schools, never missed a day of school but went "un-enrolled" in any school for weeks at a time. It took me over 7 months for them to finally place her with my mother, although I am not allowed to go over there. Our visits up until a week ago where 1 hour supervised at the local KVC office. When I ask why I am being punished and my daughter denied her mother, they say that I need to put my questions in writing and ask for a meeting. One of which they are suppose to have with me once a month according to the "Permanency Plan". They have slandered my name and reputation with the courts with false accusations such as "parent drug abuse" I was denied "Due Process" when my daughter was first taken into custody they didn't inform me of the time and day of the first initial hearing that took place during the first 72 hrs she was taken. And the list goes on and on. I am currently putting together all the documentation I can to meet with a Civil Rights Attorney. I am mad as hell and they are not going to let them get away with what they have done to me and my family. I have been robbed of valuable time with my child. My child has suffered greatly and has night mares every night and probably will for some time. Because of DCF and KVC, my daughter has truly become a "Child in Need of Care" and it's time that someone stand up and fight for their rights. They prey on the poor and those ignorant of the laws and of their Right. Well I may be poor but I know my Rights. And I WILL make a statement so loud and clear they will regret the day they messed with me and mine! One thing I have lost and will never get back is Time. Sweet, precious, valuable, Time.

Thanks for listening and LET'S GO GET'EM PEOPLE!

profile image

saragraf 2 years ago from larimer county colorado

This is so awesome..... I hate CPS. Tats an understatement....

dave 2 years ago

if they placed my kids with family can i simply go pick them up. nothing in court no court order

starme77 profile image

starme77 2 years ago Author

I would be careful about that Dave, a lawyer would be able to better answer that question

bink 2 years ago

Im poor black and disabled with no resources to fight cps. black people children are always taken to never be seen again who fights for us?

starme77 profile image

starme77 2 years ago Author

I am sorry you feel that way, I don't think CPS discriminates against black or white, they just want kids to sell, they do not care what color they are. Being poor is not a fun thing, However, being poor with the internet today dosn't necessarily mean being uneducated. I was poor, not a dime in my pocket, fourtanatly, we all have a constitution, at least for the time being anyway! Don't let them scare you just because you don't have money, they are just a buch of freaking bullies is all.

Rose 2 years ago

I'm pretty sure CPS wouldnt be necessary if parents loved and provided proper supervision, discipline without beating the crap out of their kids, didn't starve and neglect children. Children aren't property to be taken advantage of and mistreated. By the story's we hear everyday in the news on the internet and even Facebook there is a great need for CPS. I've dealt with CPS to get custody of my nephew and nieces whose mother had 27 counts of child abuse and neglect against her, and a father who had parenting skills of a rock. He was given numerous chances to get his kids back and was to lazy, to selfish and put his gf before his kids. It's simple do what they tell you to get your acts together. Get off the pitty party and put your children first. CPS doesn't enjoy separating families, but they don't enjoy seeing burned, bruised, molested and neglected children either.

ballmon 2 years ago

I too had my granddaughter taken from her mother over 2 yrs ago. My mistake was in the very beginning I told the family just do everything they ask and the truth shall win. WOW was I wrong. They took her from her mother and because grandfather had two moving violation tickets they would not put her with us. They placed her in foster care the same day they took her. They told us that our daughter wouldn't give them any names of family members to contact. I knew that was a bold lie. After doing research I found out that DCFS is supposed to go above and beyond to find family members to place the child with. I called them on it, they said they didn't have to contact family. I found out that the lawyer for DCFS spoke about our case in front of another family. To there surprise we knew the family and they told us what had happened. I wrote the Attorney General, I wrote the Obunsman, I wrote the Assistant Attorney General and I wrote the Regional Director over DCFS. I sent a written statement by the family signed and witnessed. You know what we got in return? A phone call from the regional director stating "I have spoke with DCFS's attorney regarding this matter and he said he wouldn't let it happen again so this matter is over". I couldn't believe it!! I work for the government and if I would have done that I would have been terminated on the spot. That is when I realized we didn't have a chance. The parental rights were terminated within a 6 month period and she was adopted out 1 month later. I was able to get some money from my retirement within that 1 month, hire an attorney and get one day a month for 6 hours of visitation. That alone cost me $8000.00. That when I found out that for every child that is adopted out our state gets $4000 - $6000 per child from the federal government and then each individual involved from DCFS gets a hefty bonus. If thats not kidnapping kids for profit I don't know what is. One question has anyone ever heard of getting an adoption reversed if you can prove DCFS lied and didn't follow there policies at the time? As for Rose who thinks we need CPS if you think that every child that is taken by DCFS is abused or neglected you are sorely mistaken. It's when they are placed in foster care that they are beaten, starved and neglected. By your comments you have never had to deal with DCFS. I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy nor you either.

dd 2 years ago

Please help this family fight this large government monster holding their 3 young children 'hostage' to stop the witting, deliberate alienation, and just return the children to their safe and loving home-of-origin. Stop this canadian government 'terrorism' of canadian family's.

profile image

Krysten Vance 2 years ago

I am a foster parent and my kids have all been removed from their home with just cause. When a 5 year old comes to me with a black eye and rashes from being shaken, there is no reason they should stay in that environment. Kids are not property. Kids have rights too. If they are being abused or neglected, it affects them as well. You might not have done anything deserving of having your kids removed but a lot of parents have.

23 months ago

If they are truly abused then yes but when a person has done nothing wrong then these MFers need to f off most people are just poor and have done nothing worng where is the justice for the ones who did nothing wrong

olivvia profile image

olivvia 22 months ago from south philly, PA

very grateful to find a site like this! thx!

nrian 21 months ago

Hi starme77, my wife & I had a few issues, I am a faithful, honest, loyal man & have been the whole six years. I potty trained & raised my step son Michael. We moved 6 hrs away started a new life, one day after never wanting to have a child because the beliefs my dad had & I always believed would happen in my time from a very young age, and I'm referring to the bible. & most of us know the woes ahead. hence the reason I didn't want to bring a life into something like that but one day I looked my wife in the eyes & told her I was going to give her a girl, that she was longing for. Any way, here we are 6 yrs into it & step son & my precious 2 yr old punkin. Serenity. Well she's been accusing me of everything & I haven't done a thing, we both did use meth. Believe me I'm not proud. But she has tried to commit suicide three times & Texas law if ur recording whats going on around u it is legal. As long as 1 party in the video knows. But I've tried for 5 of the 6 yrs to hold it together anyway, I finally said something to her aunt about it & said that I did want anyone involed. But guess what, I came home for lunch first day at new job. Cps sitting on the couch. & unfortunately I did not know what to do. So we both failed for that meth. & she had already spokin to michael at school just prior. & wife's aunt came to get the kids. & we can not be around them (they say) without supervision. What do I do? Because my daughter means everything to me & I was in a low spot but there was no harm coming to our kids except spankings for Michael strictly on the behind. Since ill be clean for now on, when they test me next & I'm clean should it be over? I would love some insight because this is horrible. I would talk to u any way that I could to get some advice.

Wolf 21 months ago

I like your advice of not even answering the door when CPS comes knocking. Let them get a warrant!

starme77 profile image

starme77 21 months ago Author

Exactly! 99 % of the time they can't get the warrant. This is the reason they use bullying to get into your house to take your kids.

Hello nrian - shoot me an e-mail through the contact button.

Rod 21 months ago

I'm a grand parent who was given custody of 2 out of 3 of my grandchildren. The 3rd, a 6 month old was placed in fostercare. Why ? Because the 6 month old was easiest to adopt out. Please note in my daughters home there was absolutely no drug use, drinking, ciggeretts, or violence. They had missed a doctor appointment. It took my private attorney and $23,000 to get the 2 I had. When I mentioned trying to get the third, 3 diffrent attorneys told me " If I tried DHS was going to find a reason to take the 2 I already had. After the 3rd was adopted out DHS was willing to return the 2 I had to their mother. The case was 3 years long. Involved 5 attorneys. Was full of lies, dieciete, broken promices, threats, etc. Thats been 5 yrs ago. In the process one of the workers resigned. Since that time the second has quit.

stu dewitt 20 months ago

Well same story basically here a single dad of 3 daughters in washington state...i filed for divorce in 2009, on a monday, had her served on tues and on thursday i get a call from pierce county sherrifs sexual assualt unit saying they had a report of sexually touching my step-daughterand would like for me to come in for questioning..and so the false allegations began in what ended up being a 2 1/2 yr custody battle compounded with a 3rd party custody filed by my own flesh and blood ,my mother. It was so crazy here i am wanting a divorce from someone who had cheated numerous times was back into using meth and having a relationship with my half-brother who had just goten out of prison after serving his 2nd 5 yr.stay in 11 yearsof course for manuf of meth....can you say springer? Well i definetly had had my issues in years past but i thought drugs were way behind us and of course i was wrong!So im at one table and my soon to be ex and my very $$ motivated mother are at the other. Of course with the serious allegation of sexual contact with my step daughter the court was obligated to put kids safety as priority and i went almost 5 months without even seeingmy kids. Also along the way were several reports to cps that im this drug addicted sexually deviant child abusing father. My attorney in the dissolution said dont worry bout cps that we were doing everything we needed to be doing in family court . That wasnt the best advice by any after numerous false allegations about this terrible dad and drug eval and dv eval and a polygragh which i passed and all that i could do to prove my i nnocense even tho in my original filing and declaration i made it loud and clear what the truth was and that no i was clean had been for several years and no sexual contact whataoever with any child (thats sick)no abuse of any kind but cps found where i had been cited for driving on a suspended license with the kids in the van and what the attorney told me not to worry about ended up being a founded finding by cps for neglect. Ok fine kids had been temporarily placed at grandmas and i and the mother were given by family court judge alaundry list of sorts to achieve before he would consider placing them back home with either one of us

starme77 profile image

starme77 20 months ago Author

It seems DHS will make a mountain out of any mole hill - driving suspended is no reason to take children away -

Paula Ward profile image

Paula Ward 18 months ago

well im getting ready to file appeals on jasper county cps/fsrp workers whoch is newton iowa as well as the judge these people make me sick it takes alot of reading up on what you need to do to bust these sick money hungry snake in the grass people out if id write everything down that i have read and learned id be writing a book they have violated every write you can think of needless to say they are trained to lie and steal your kids regaurdless they are heartless individuals and the bonus they get for kid jacking wow really these creatures shouldnt have kids sad to say if they were my parents id be embarrased as well as disgusted we sure dont have money for a lawyer although we have trueness love and we will not give up and sure not scared ofvthem or their evil power

starme77 profile image

starme77 17 months ago Author

You are correct. In my case they did not like to hear the fact that they were violating my constitutional rights. I did learn when I took the foster care class that I took - the 13 steps to taking away people's children. It made me sick. I left, all it was was a group of people learning how to steal children, and adopt them for themselves because basically, there is money in it for everyone.

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lblys22 17 months ago

All my rights were violated by Dhs down to the point they till the hair follicle test of my daughters without me or her lawyer present they questioned her without me there the first time they remove her from my home and she wasn't even there at the time of the incident now the judge and Dhs want me to take random UA test and do parents still building classes and a gazillion of the things that drug and alcohol assessment and I don't need any of that I went to meet with the screening for the drug and alcohol assessment lady should I give me so why are you here you don't need that but my question to you is can i still exercise my constitutional rights and have them give her back to me at my next hearing which is in a week

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starme77 17 months ago Author

Do you have an attorney? I would advise you having one and discussing your rights with them

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lblys22 17 months ago

Yes i have a court appt attorney .wow i just talked to the so called great attorney i got.i azked him what bout my right he had enough nerve to reply bk with WHAT RIGHTS?umi said search sezure taken my child ???with out me there.he said u might want to find a better i guessing. He must been had been out sick day they that part at law school,oh ya if i move to clackatrazCounty i would get my child bk sooner,...liesbafter lies u have anythought. Opion that could be helpfull.,idea thT might help here my lblys22@aol.comwould be great need as much help i can gt .i know firzt i go a new attorney.i think that the only thing my a lawer every time anyways. I need to find a new one any help would be grateful thank you star

Stephanie 17 months ago

My husbands' children were taken from his x wife. He wasn't even there at the time. CPS had nothing on him so they pulled up a police report from months prior where his x had falsely accused him of domestic violence. The charges were dismissed in the interest of justice because evidence did not support her story. CPS then used the police report and declared him guilty despite the charges being dropped so that they could avoid him getting the children and place them in foster care. It worked and two years later we are fighting for him to even see his children. Right now he gets ten minutes of phone time twice a week and has been denied counseling with his oldest son who now believes the lies that cps told and blames his father for what happened and he wasn't even there. So sad!!!!! So, don't believe for one second, people, that this couldn't happen to you. Once accused, no one believes the parent. Everyone assumes that case workers do their job and there is something the parent is not admitting to. It will take citizens of good standing realizing the horrific nature of this organization and speaking out against it for there to ever be any change. No your rights so it doesn't happen to you. But, we must also speak up for those it does happen to. Because injustice for any puts all at risk!

paula 17 months ago

Starme77 could I get u to email me please very important and would love yto talk to you please asap

lisa 17 months ago

I recently had cps with several officers storm my home and rip my children out of my single parent home. Basing it on an assault i went thru which wasnt at my home,and threats a grown man texted to my teenage son about taking his life. I called police and they dealt with the threats and told me to get a p.o. in case. Cps worker lied and said i did nothing and refused to keep my kids safe, therefore i was a danger to my kids and my mental health is in question. They assaulted my teen after he was in handcuffs, i showed her the marks and asked what she was gonna do about it. She looked at another officer n said to put me in handcuffs so she could get rest of kids in car. Another officer slammed the car door on my 9yr old legs as my neighbors watched n screamed. They refused to let anyone speak to them. They took my teen to juvie and wouldnt uncuff til he apologized. So he did n they took him to rest of siblings. It was a nightmare we all still deal with. Cps worker wont tell me anything except i see you in court. She never gave me option to go anywhere but home where she removed them. She placed with family but forced my teen to go to school where the threats said theyd kill him. He is scared. So cps officers assaulted 2 of my children,forced my teen to go to the school were his life was threatened..and im unsafe..?i dont abuse, but state clearly didn't have their best interests in mind. So what do i do now..?

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starme77 17 months ago Author

I am so sorry to hear this. If it were me I would get a good lawyer and also have a private therapist do an evaluation on me to prove I don't have a mental problem. I would never go through CPS program, their doctors and therapists are on their side.

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Susie1157 16 months ago

Hello my name is Susan. I have serious concerns re:D.C.F.S. of California. Everything about this case is corrupted. There is so much to this case. There is not one right that they didn't violate. Abduction from a mandated daycare. /Amendments,(4th,6th,and 14th) Violated under U.S. C.S1983 Hafer v.Memo./Constitutional rights/Code of ethics (4.01(C).At 4.04)/Title 18 U.S.C.SECTION 242..My twin daughter's age 9 months old we taken by cps workers from my daycare worker stating the children were abandoned. However the daycare worker stated and wrote a statement that this was not true. It was never submitted to court. My children were never returned to me and were placed with my daycare worker who petitioned to adopt them and lied about me and after less then 1 year my parental rights were terminated and she has adapted my girls. I have documentation and facts proving there false allegations. There is so much more. Plz let me know if you could help w/ A civil rights suit and if you can't could you plz assist me with someone tht can.I do thank and appreciate your time and effort. Again thank you, Respectfully, Susie

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starme77 16 months ago Author

Hello Susie, I am so sorry to hear what happened to you. I would start with some consultations with lawyers. Many have free consultations innitally. You can gain some really good insight by speaking with a good few of them.

dave 11 months ago

wife abused one of the kids, DHS has done a china, and placed her in PMIC. The FSRP worker has lied to the judge. My attorney doesn't know the court documents, sent me a copy 45 days after court, couldn't even appeal. I have video of the worker coming into my porch and reporting on my house through the window. Should I sue them. Should I let DHS in the house any more?

Kelley 8 months ago

There are no lawyers willing to take these cases that the problem! Workers and judges know that!!!!!!!!! Get an attorney to take the case is as easy as walking to the moon daily

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starme77 8 months ago Author

That is the reason the parent needs to understad their rights and exercise them theirselves

step mom 7 months ago

Hi my husband has a son in DHHS SYSTEM and the minute he found out he was the father he went there and said he wanted custody of him. They said he was taken from our home when he was never in our home. My husband didn't find out he was the father till he was a little over three months after he was born. When his son was born he had to go through detox thanks to his so called mother who is a dlprostitue but she says she is a private dancer. DHHS went to the hospital and took him into foster care because the so. Called mother told a lot of lies about him so now we are fighting to get him back we have visits for 4 hour's on Sunday and yes they are supervised when we did nothing to lose him. We can't afford a lawyer and no one can help us. We need some legal aid.

Gayala20 6 months ago

Can the cps agent tell you that you passed a drug screen and it be a false statement? She has just accused me of smoking pot and gave me an at home mouth swab test. She told me I was all clear and then proceeded to ask me when the last time I smoked was... I think I screwed myself over by telling her a while back ago. She then asked if I have ever done that in front of my son and I of course said I never have. Ugh I'm freaking out because she just picked up and left. I had no idea that you could not let them in. This is my first baby and I don't want to lose him...he so small and innocent

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starme77 6 months ago Author

Wow, I would suggest if your child is still with you - to keep them with you and tell the DHS that you have rights and will be retaining an attorney - I would not let them in or give them any information or take any kind of bullying off of them thats for sure .

Mommy Love 6 months ago

We have a group that is fighting to expose CPS if you would like help. Please email me at

Mommy Love

JonnieAngel 5 months ago

You wrote exactly what is going on in my families life..I wish more people knew what is really going on. I am in the process of having my parental rights removed with all complete lies against myself and husband we are seeking a civil rights attorney would you know of any that could help us as time is of the essence ..We have been fighting for 3 years now and DHS is trying to adopt my children out .I need help now!!!...Can anyone help us fight this system ?

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starme77 5 months ago Author

Not off hand but try typing "list of attorneys that fight CPS" into Google I am sure you will be able to find one from there and also there is a facebook group called legally kidnapped - join in with them and as for advice there as well. I wish the Best of luck to you and your Family :)

Gbd 4 months ago

No different in MT. Althrgh my child was not bio., I had raised her from birth to kidnapping(3). Never a visit allowed, ignored freedom of information, violated all the above constitutional rights and attys. would not help me. I to would like to see CPS prosecuted...and jailed.

Gbd 4 months ago

It is a very good idea to keyed your children away from foul, evil people!Social services abuses children, families and the constitution. Keep abusers away from family. They hurt you with cloak of immunity, using color of law. Children are not benefited by CPS, they are abused.

Doree 2 months ago

My son never even got the chance to be a father. Since my grandsons mother had been deemed unfit with a previous child the SW. took the mothers history in front of the Judge to get the order for immediate removal. My son was living with me when his child was born and wasnt even with the mother of his child. When police came to my door they asked for Nicole, thats who the warrant was for, but CPS still took my grandson from my son claiming since he had a DV 4 on his record from 4 years prior that he was a severe threat to his son. We had my grandson in our care for 18 hrs before he was stolen from us.

I wasnt allowed in the courtroom with my son, the AAG made sure of that. I knew to much, I knew my son had rights and I knew that a DV 4 that was a non violent offense did not constitute imminent danger and the need to remove a child.

Statutes werent followed, no preventative measures were offered, no family members were pursued for placement. This SW had my grandson promised to a family before he was even born. She never had any intention to ever reunite my son with his child. The SW sabotaged, coerced and conspired with service providers to gurantee my son fail his services. The SW was able to get my sons rights terminated. The Judge, the AAG, the SW the court appointed attorneys all corrupt over here in Stevens County, WA.

I dont understant how you can take someones right away to something that you denied them of.

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starme77 2 months ago Author

I am so sorry to hear such a horrible story -how long has it been since this happened to your son? I would think that grandparents have rights as well 6 weeks ago

---------- Forwarded message ---------i need help and don't know what way to turn. My son got put into foster care in the state of Florida. I live in Louisiana, but my ex husband lived in panama city and got arrested for drugs while in the united states air force. I have my son in louisiana at the time. Well when we went to visit in florida the dcf took him. The only reason they told me was for his protection even I passed the drug test they gave and showed proof of residence in louisiana, income, my son had no bruises and completely healthy. So i thought they would return him the next day in court. They didnt and reason bring that they couldnt confirm or deny any of my proof of live in louisiana. So i returned to louisiana with no case plan not information on where or with who my son had been placed. I was told i would get calls on mondays but they hardly came from feb 3 to may 3 2016 my son and i lived in hell. He would tell his caseworker about being hurt by the bad man on the dirty floor at daycare, the bad man burning him, not being fed, the foster family would throw anything i sent home, he never would have clothes that fit, his mixed they never put lotion on his skin, they told him this happened because he was bad, told him i was arrested(i have no Criminal record) he started making potty on himself (potty trained since he is 2) if i tried they would cut my visit sort if i showed any kind of emotion i had to leave. My son couldnt sit down in one visit and the caseworker heard my son say please pray the sassers stop hurting me. When i tried to take pictures of the burnes she started screaming at me and cussing at me. My son ended up in the hospital over the weekend with 104 fever because of Mercer and i wasnt informed till monday. I had to send a private investigator to talk to denise heaton with big ben in panama city just so she would give me proof of my sons allegations of abuse that he told to her all because i told her i was suing everyone involved in this case because everything my son would tell her she would tell the sassers and send him back and everytime he would return for a visit he would have another horrible allegation. And i was talking to him over the phone no body was on in visitation.......... My son said they took his blanket and he had to share a bed because of it. The worst part is i completed my case plan and a couple days before court the added on to it. Put that i was compliant even though i showed proof of everything. The caseworker refused to send someone out to my home because i went from renting to owning and she didnt update my address so i failed my home study and now i have been waiting since august. I passed my mental eval, psychiatric eval, drug eval, showed income, gave proof of medical and transportation, and completed my parenting classes. I have proof of everything and on the day before court my court appointed lawyer sent an email saying i would get a conference call from court with a stand in lawyer because she wouldnt be there and i got no call. But flags was raised because the caseworker got caught lying in documents that she had notarized to say my sons mental state was destroyed before all of this and that she thought best to put him back in foster care because of depression and more allegations against the foster family about them putting numbers in his head that drives him crazy, a man in a white mask cutting him, and dreaming of a red angel(devil) . She refuses to answer when i call or text or email and someone in the court system or the person that notarized the paper said they personally knew denise and took her lying statement as truth even though i was proven a lie. This woman will never return my son. I completed two everything she has asked of me and when she talked to mental health the counselors (more than one) told me denise has it out for me that if she cant prove something she will drag it out till my time is up and this is just some of it Please help me. I dont know where to turn and i have proof to back up everything in this statement.cid:image001.png@01D21031.92C21300

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Kari Anthony 5 weeks ago


My name is Kari, I am a survivor of Domestic violence (that unfortunately my children were witnesses to) & I am a single mother of 3..10yr old girl with ADHD, 8yr old boy That Suffers from Horrible CPTSD Night Terrors & Anger problems. He HATES men unless it's my dad. Then there is my youngest 6yr old lil girl who suffers from severe dyslexia & it is even Notated in her School IEP that she does better in "a make believe world" than reality.

I moved away from My abusive Brother & Sister 3.5 years ago when I was also Leaving my ex husband. I moved to Nebraska with whom I call "Mom" ( a long time coming worker that has played that role since my mother passed in 06) All my children know her as their Gran. Well my ex followed me up here and for the 1st 6-8 months of being here he followed me and had several domestic violence incidents for the 1st time and THE ABSOLUTE LAST TIME in the process of trying to hit me he blacked my son's eye (5 @ the time) that's when I finally said enough is enough & filed charges & restraining order. This took a horrible toll on my oldest and so I modified it about 3 months later to allow phone calls and video visits. After about 3 more months he had been receiving counseling so I dropped it so the kids could have visits with him...this went well for a couple months but then right back to the same stuff when he found out that my now boyfriend and I started talking (Nov 14). I then again filed a restraining order as he started getting aggressive and verbally abusive. I stuck to my guns this time. He tried several times to get to me and the kids all in which I reported and or had cops come do walk throughs before bring kids in house. Well he finally left. My Now boyfriend ( please keep in mind He has Absolutely No criminal history he had 2 traffic violations & 1 instance as a 17 yrs old that his then gf was hitting & punching him because of an teenage relationship argument & his response to it was to go outside & scream Away from everyone and kicked a bumper (which cracked the back glass) He is now grown up (29) & he has a 9 yr old (mentality of 3.5-4 yr) special needs daughter( had a stroke in the whomb) and a 4 yrs old lil boy) and I have became a lot closer over the years but I didn't want to throw my children into a new situation & he understood that so it wasn't until Summer/Fall of 15 that I brought him around my kids once or twice a time passed things were getting better, the children were all becoming closer (however except my son he had good days where he acted as if we were all one big happy family then there were days he hated going over to play or even for dinner) He Hated that my boyfriend would ask him to go play outside with everyone else instead of sitting on couch with tablet or watching TV. So when he would go outside he would sit in one spot yelling there was nothing to do (we had trampoline, bikes, play sets, football, kick balls, slides & tball set). I made them stay out side for at least an hour at a time as that's how it was when I was growing up. We'll at the end of school year last year (15-16 school year) we stayed the night just a couple of times. Well during the summer My kids went on a road trip to the beach with their Gran in June, she stopped in East TN (where I moved from) and my Dad wanted to keep the kids for a lil while and then brought them back to me right after 4th of July. When they got back my boyfriend and I had decided we would stay at his house but I would keep my apartment to see how things went. He had his kids Sunday night through Wednesday afternoons. We both work restaurant life from Wednesday nights to Sunday lunch. Everything seemed to be going great with my girls, to the point they slipped up & called him Daddy a couple times. We went on a mini family vacation before school everything is going Great. ((LET ME PAUSE & SAY THAT MY SON & OLDEST ARE IN WEEKLY THERAPY because of their past with their dad. So was my youngest until last May. ALL IN WHICH WOULD TALK THEIR THERAPIST'S EAR OFF TALKING ABOUT ANY AND I DO MEAN ABSOLUTELY ANY LITTLE THING THIERRY DAD DID EVEN WHEN IN THE VERY BEGINNING I would tell them that it was only mommy & daddy's business & Mommy didn't want daddy to go to jail, that mommy was ok. I am the first one to admit I was wrong and the excuse of I was the stereo typical DV victim burns my mouth cause there was never a good reason for it to be ok & NEVER PUT MYSELF IN THAT SITUATION AGAIN))

Now that being said I also want to add before I move on to this next part, that we had a few behavioral issues with my son while he was at my dad's with putting his hands on his sisters & SLOWLY killing 2 frogs "just to watch them die" while he was at his Gran's. All in which was discussed with his Therapist cause these are not his 1st instances.

That All being said the beginning of October we received a call from school saying my son had bit a lil girl at school. He got in big trouble and grounded for a week well we live in a small house so instead of the room where all the other kids were he stood in corner & yes he got lectured cause I was in tears trying to figure out what I could do for him cause this IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAPPENED. Then about a week later he fell off the monkey bars at school which left bruises on the side of his face, arm & side all on the same side none of the bruises were bigger than a nickel. Other than rash on collar bone where his Hoodies snagged. I seen the bruises that night asked what happened & he told me he didn't know. I asked if it was the boys he was having problems with at school he said no but put his head down. I asked my oldest to watch after him. Well Tuesday night they seemed to get worse. So Wednesday morning I took him into school spoke with Principal & he told me what happened I asked my son why didn't he just tell me, he said cause he was not playing on it the right way. They went to daycare & everything was ok no problems...on the 2nd Sunday of November My 10yr told us that her daycare teacher at night had been pulling my son out of class & letting him play on her phone...then 2nd Monday of November he was laying on the mat in the floor next to Bunk Beds & hit the other side of his face against the bottom bar....I took him into school Tuesday Morning to show the principal, my son even told him what happened & he explained how u could tell what & how he hit the bar because of the way the blood vessels in the bruise was. Went to School Wednesday & Thursday just fine nothing else said, went to daycare Thursday night he & a lil boy got into it because my son had his teachers phone & the lil boy started kicking him cause he wanted to play, then on Nov 11th my boyfriend and I had to work a double for Vets Day so kids went to daycare during the day. The Daycare went on field trip to the bowling alley, the day shift workers claimed that my son was acting out & that was not normal for him. ( before this he was in an after-school bowling program at the same bowling alley & they don't agree with that statement as well as My own personal experiences with him at the alley he always acts out if he is not 1st & or Winning) they asked him when they got back what was wrong he said everyone is mean to me (a normal saying for him) so they started asking him like who he said he don't know, then they started asking leading questions to the point he finally says my boyfriends name so they stopped asking everything else, then asked him did he get that bruise on his face from him he said yeah they then showed different types of hand jesters until he picked one. They took him to the bathroom & pulled his pants down & found small poked like bruises on his thighs & asked if he ever kicked him, my son said yeah. the cops got there by a lil after 6. They questioned him at daycare & spoke to my daughters. There is a lot more! They are also using my x stuff against me! They won't tell me nothing!

starme77 profile image

starme77 5 weeks ago Author

If you do not have an attorney I would suggest getting one and soon - DHS will ignore all of your abuse unless they can use it against you

Kari 5 weeks ago

I do have one but she is court appointed to me before I even knew what was going on

starme77 profile image

starme77 4 weeks ago Author

Do you still have your children? If so, I would suggest not letting DHS gt a hold of them - Place them where DHS can not find them - with someone you know and trust and never, ever let DHS into your house for any reason whats so ever - If your attorney Dose not seem to be able to help you have the right to request a new one as many times as you think are nessasary, but I would suggest listening very calmly to what the attorney as to say and not changing attorneys in haste .... just my two cents anyway :)

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