Flood in Lagos State, Nigeria

Ikorodu, Ajegunle, Agility and Mile 12 Faces Terrible Flood

A visit to these areas will leave your jaws open. The flood in these areas is one never seen before. People here presently live in fear and worry that the flood may become worse and that it may wash there almost ruined buildings away.

These areas are completely flooded, and some homes even have water flowing freely inside them. People literally work in and around the flood doing their daily activities, while some stores where seen open doing their normal trade amidst the flood.

From reports, it is clear that the heavy rainfall this year was a paramount cause of this flood. The rivers and oceans in the city presently are over flowing.

The flood at Ajegunle, Ikorodu, Agility and Mile 12 was caused by the over flowing river at Ogun state, due to heavy rain pour.

Reports show that the cause of this flood was as a result of the over flowing river at Ogun State, which found its ways through neighboring towns and villages to include these above listed areas that stand close to it's bank.

So far so good, our Government is not saying or doing anything about this present situation because Lagos state governor; Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola claims to have warned all residents in these areas 6 months ago about this crisis, and told them to relocate. But for the once that had nowhere to go, they stayed back and are presently suffering the effects of the flood.

Below are pictures taken from the areas to further illustrate my story.


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