Before discussing the DETERMINANTS OF PERSONALITY, it is necessary to define that WHAT IS 'PERSONALITY?' I have already defined it with quiet a detail in my other article. To read about Personality in detail, click HERE.

After the definition of Personality, we turn ourselves back to the DETERMINANTS OF PERSONALITY or PERSONALITY DETERMINANTS or FACTORS OF PERSONALITY (whatever you may call it) and study some other basic concepts of personality on our way down.

It is generally known that “Personality is the outcome of continuous personal quality development process. There may be different roles played by a single personality in different situations. So the personality is best recognized, defined and analyzed in a given particular situation.

NOTE: IF YOU WANT TO ANALYSE YOUR OWN PERSONALITY (Yes! If you want to identify your characteristics and traits and want to better understand yourself.)

Open the below given link, and after reading the following article, attempt a personality test – link has been given in that article.

And make sure that before reading all this articles, you must have read the most basic and fundamental article of this series, that “WHAT IS PERSONALITY?”


Personality does not evolved by a single factor. It is a mixture of a lot of things. Some of those factors are psychological, some are physical, some are biological and some are even hereditary. So, I have compiled some of the basic factors that hold great importance when we talk about PERSONALITY DETERMINANTS:

1. Brain

Brain is one of the most important factors of personality determinant. It is generally believed that the father and the child adopt almost the same type of brain stimulation and the later differences are the result of the environment in which the child has been grown up.

Electrical Stimulation of the Brain (ESB) and Split Brain Psychology (SBP) and the outcomes of genetic transmissions and are the tools that are used by the management of any organization to mould and amend the employee’s behavior to a more positive and proper one.

Doesn't size matter? ;)
Doesn't size matter? ;)

2. Physical Factors

One of the most important factors in determining personality is the ‘Physical Characteristics’ of an individual. It is believed that this factor plays a vital role in determining one’s behavior in any organization. Physical features may involve the height of a person (short or tall), his color (white or black), his health status (fat or skinny) and his beauty (handsome or ugly).

These factors are involved when interacting with any other person and thus contribute in the personality development in many ways.

3. Social Factors

Social factors also play a vital role in determining one’s personality. The things that revolve and evolve around us on a regular basis determine our personality. The society that we live in, the cultural environment that we face daily, the community we get interacted to, all are included in this factor. Relationships, co-ordination, co-operation, interaction, environment in the family, organizations, workplaces, communities, societies all contribute in way or another as personality determinants.

4. Cultural and Religious Factors:

The culture in which one lives in, that may involve traditional practices, norms, customs, procedures, rules and regulations, precedents and values, all are important determinants of personality.

Moreover, the creed, religion and believes are also very important factors of personality determinants.

5. Heredity Factor:

Perhaps, the most surprising and astonishing factor (at least in my eyes) is the “Heredity Factor”. When I first read about that, I was quite stunned and really gave a bow to nature. The example which I read was really interesting, and I am writing the same extract that I read.

NOTE: This extract is being taken by the book “Essentials of Organizational Behavior – 10th Edition by Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge and Seema Sanghi”

This book says:

Researchers in my many different countries have studies thousands of sets of identical twins who were separated at birth and raised separately. If heredity played little of no part in determining personality, you would expect to find few similarities between the separated twins. But the researchers found a lot in common. For instance, one set of twins who had been separated for 39 years and raised 45 miles apart, were found to drive the same model and color car. They chain-smoked the same brand of cigarette, owned dogs with the same name, and regularly enjoyed vacations within three blocks of each other in a beach community 1,500 miles away.

Yes I know it was a bit shocking :P

This book also reveals a wonderful fact about the study of identical twins. It says:

Interestingly, the twin studies have suggested the parental environment does not add much to our personality development. In other words, the personalities of identical twins raised in different households are more similar to each other than to the personalities of the siblings they were actually raised with. Ironically, the most important contribution our parents may have made to our personalities is giving us their genes!

The above extract really added to my knowledge, so I found it interesting to share with you all (with all the courtesy and respect to the authors). Heredity IS really an important factor in the determinants of personality. Physical structure, facial attractiveness, gender, temperament, energy level, aggression, element of love are some of the most notable features that affect the interaction with others and thus formulate the personality, BUT these things their selves come from the ‘Heredity Factor’.



I hope you may have found the above personality determinants interesting and useful. Any corrections, feedbacks, opinions and comments are welcome =)

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kephrira profile image

kephrira 6 years ago from Birmingham

A well rounded look at the subject, thumbs up from me!

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 6 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

Oh thank you so much. A positive comment from such a prolific and experienced hubber like you, really mean a lot to me :)

I am really glad that you liked my work.

Claudin_Dayo profile image

Claudin_Dayo 6 years ago from Southeast Asia

During my psychology days, I found this topic of yours on it's lessons and I really stirs up my interest because it deals with studying our own race! =)


Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 6 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

Thanks for the feedback :)

So did this help you? :)

Claudin_Dayo profile image

Claudin_Dayo 6 years ago from Southeast Asia

of course.. . =) it made me conclude why that person is like this and that after hearing his family back ground, past and the environment where he grew

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 6 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

Oh that's great. I am glad I was able to help you out through my efforts =)

Gerald Hinampas Concha 5 years ago

:) i really liked it

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

@Gerald: I'm glad that you liked it :) Thanks

apurva joshi profile image

apurva joshi 5 years ago from INDIA

quite an interesting topic. great work:)

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

Thank you apurva for stopping by :)

Alastar Packer profile image

Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina

Hunbbel your obviously intelligent and have done your research well. Btw, this Hub is on the first page of Google under the title. How are your others? Have you checked? Last night after reading your poem then posting I'd read an article or two of yours today with the thought of telling you what I thought so here it is: the articles well written and formatted. The only thing I would advise- and some one with more knowledge might advise different- is putting the first part(links)last instead of at the beginning. I'll read some more through the week if you wish. I see your author score has gone up 4 points- your getting there my friend.

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

@Alastar: Thank you sir for stopping by. Yes the hub is on Google's 1st page (which I didn't even try to lol). There are some other hubs as well - on Google's 1st page, but this is the only one that brings me a decent amount of traffic daily.

Thank you for your sincere advice sir. In fact, now I do the same thing i.e. putting the link part at the very end. Actually this hub was my 8th or 9th hub and I was just starting out so I didn't have much knowledge about the lay-out, but now that I have, I do precisely what you are suggesting me :)

And I would love to have your sincere and honest opinions about my articles. You are very welcome :)

Thanks for your encouragement and time.

LAKAI LOHFA 5 years ago

I really enjoy reading your article on person. I pray for more wisdom to help educate us more. Thanks so much.

Alastar Packer profile image

Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina

Here's a good one to ponder Hunbbel. Why did my interest go to that article. Why is this one as you say the only one that gets you decent traffic? This is not a proper synonym but consider fish-bait. Once while fishing the biggest bass fish ever came into the shallow water. I tried tossing everything- worms, lures etc in front of the fish but the fish wasn't interested. Then I remembered a friend had some crayfish over on the pier. He hit that bait like no tomorrow and turned into the biggest freshwater fish I've ever caught. Probably a State record but I had to return him to the water. The point is find out what you have to offer readers that will be interesting for them. From what can be deduced from your site I'd go to writers sites who write in the general areas you do and see what's working for them and what people are really going for. Read and sincerely comment on the ones you really like if your not already doing this. In time you'll see the fruits of your efforts and your decent traffic will be spread out amongst many Hubs.

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

@Alastar: I think now I am getting to your point. I am hoping to further improve myself on the thing that you have mentioned :)

Hitesh 5 years ago

gud n it ws awesome 2 knw smething new..

CWanamaker profile image

CWanamaker 5 years ago from Arizona

Great information. The hereditary factors are quite shocking indeed. Its interesting to see how two people raised in completely different environments can have the same personality traits, likes, and dislikes.

I once read about some twins that were separated at birth and were raised in completely different countries. Both of them had similar tastes in foods and were morbidly obese. This sheds some light on the genetics of obesity.

I love reading about this kind of stuff.

priyanka 5 years ago

want to know more in this.. like.. body build,attractiveness physical changes body control accidents physical defects health conditions.. what they play role in personality determinants.

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 5 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

@priyanka: All the above mentioned things will fall in the category of physical factors. If any factor that will affect the mental state of the person is there, it will eventually change his personality.

A very beautiful girl may act proudly and with ego or attitude. A not so beautiful person may act humbly. These are not 'fix' things but they help determining a personality.

Hope it helped :)

greatstuff profile image

greatstuff 5 years ago from Malaysia


Good article. I recently posted a Personality Test taken from Jerry M. Burger's book "Personality". What is interesting is that, if we know our personality type, it helps us in so many things that we do, why we do etc

shrinivas 5 years ago

im shrinivas from karnataka i have staded in and also my intrested in business management know other

Noor Ullah 5 years ago

nice one thanks

Rubaba 5 years ago

This piece of information is really interesting, as well it helped me in my assignment. After going through this article I concluded my report that basically two factors are responsible for personality. One being the environment in which we live and the other is the hereditary. Is this right?

ajay raj 5 years ago

nce article helped me a lot

NOOR 5 years ago



Ranu saini 4 years ago

Thnx it helps we to understand clearly about the determinants or traits of personality or help u to give our best presentation

misha 4 years ago

This piece of information is really interesting, as well it helped me in my assignment........



I love reading about this kind of stuff....thankx again to share ur outstandng knowldge wd us........such a gr8 work

missmufett 4 years ago

Thanks so much for the information. It has helped me withh my essay in which I am arguing that personality is influenced by both nature and nurture.

tamene 4 years ago

thanks so much for the information what i have got from your article.

Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 4 years ago from Orlando, FL

Very interesting!!! I have twin grand babies who are one year old and I already notice how their behaviors are similar! Great hub!!

jonathan matthews 4 years ago

This is really facinating stuff thanks for that. However I am sceptical, at least that heriditary has as big an effect as they claim. The twins study does not seam to deal with personality at all but rather with a search for similarities, how many things that were different about the twins identies does it fail to mention? Drive same car, is it a common car? dogs name - "Prince" or "sheba" maybe even "blackie" or something, holiday in the nearby idylic resort, well doesn't everyone. They were rasied in the same culture its hardly suprising they have similar tastes, and combined with an inherent predisposition for brain pathways to operate in a certain way the law of averages means their will be commonalies somewhere, especailly in a a sample of thousands, but what of their personalities? Their job? Their family life? It certainly intersting though, I go to find out more.

joyce muyai 4 years ago

thankyou for your compilledad fully reaserch on determinants of personality it has helped me in doing my assingments.thumps up to you all.

Qumby 3 years ago

Very nice ^_^

zarnain 3 years ago

its v helpful :)

preethi 3 years ago

It is very useful thanq

BEEZKNEEZ profile image

BEEZKNEEZ 3 years ago

This is a pretty cool hub. Some of the factors make sense but I had never thought of them.

Journey * profile image

Journey * 2 years ago from USA

I've researched some of the twin studies and this is a very interesting and often even fascinating topic. Thanks for your insightful hub!

Dollz 2 years ago

There are other determinants too what are their implications when it comes to performance on the job?

maludad 10 months ago

thanks 456121

swati 8 months ago

I like it.

It is very useful and easy to understand

thank u so much

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