Why Humanity Is On An Inevitable Path To Disaster – The Reality

Fact v Reality

It seems to me that in our early beginnings we enjoyed a healthy oneness with life and an adoration of nature whose example we followed unquestioningly. Nature was the mother that nurtured and provided for us and whom we protected and loved with all our hearts, hence its affectionate alias - Mother Nature. Since the biblical and scientific beginnings of Western civilisation, man made religious and scientific beliefs have taken our focus away from our natural existence and on a path to somewhere beyond reality. Our upright physique, dexterous digits and a supposedly superior intelligence have enabled us to manipulate our surroundings, exploit its once abundant resources and displace the creatures with which we co-habit this planet. Religion has instilled in us a belief that we are different from and more important than all other living things while science has provided us a false virtual sense of security and invulnerability.

It strikes me that a particularly powerful word has been a key and sometimes divisive facilitator in this evolution. It is a ‘fact’ that we believe in facts and are suspicious of anything that cannot be proven as fact. Fact is effectively a perception. It is the phenomena where if enough people agree to accept something as being true or real then it becomes a fact. The colour red for example may be seen as a fact yet it is simply an agreed sound that describes something’s appearance. As such it became meaningful and real when otherwise it may have remained irrelevant or insignificant.

Fact is closure to any argument, it is the undisputable truth or presumed reality that suggests no further debate is required. Scientists are most skilled in the art of fact. To create a widely accepted fact is an incredible achievement and through elaborate experimental evidencethe greatest of them have indoctrinated our beliefs with many facts. Religion has convinced entire societies that they should worship and adore an invisible being beyond our reality and failure to do so will result in severe punishment. In fact, political leaders and other significant influencers have all been brilliant artisans in the creation and deployment of facts. Those who do not conform to these facts are often systematically discredited or ridiculed.

Earth's dwindling greenery

Earth's hot spots

Earth's future?

Yet facts do change and can always be questioned or disproved. For example, you could say that 1+1=2. Well it does in our view but what is 1? We created it and made it into a fact in the first place and then decided that adding another 1 will result in 2. The facts are that science has improved healthcare, ensured we live in warmth, have running water and prolonged our physical existence. But this has been for the few and at a cost to the many who amid the resources exploited by the so called 'developed' nations live the reality of contamination and poverty. However, has the quality of life for those living in Western civilisations actually improved. I believe the reality is no. Are those in modern civilisations any happier than the Inuit people or indigenous forest tribes who have no money, hospitals, running water and electricity? I would suggest these people without the man made burdens of bills, deadlines, academic targets and material temptations are content and at one with reality.

The fact is that we have become so mechanical and unnatural in our thinking that distinct boundaries have been set that hinder our natural spiritual thought processes. Science and manufactured religious beliefs have led us to material advancement and mass social order but it has also disconnected us from the oneness of life and created a perception that we hold some privileged position detached from the natural order of things. It is only when natural disaster strikes and strips us of our artificial existence that we are reminded of our true belonging and vulnerability.

If the oilfields dried up tomorrow and our World was devoid of fuel propelled transportation or electrical supply, how vital would be the fruit hanging from our trees, the rain falling from our skies and the sun that warms our backs and makes things grow? How important would be the position of the stars and planets, the changing of seasons and the precious environment on which we depend?

What would be the relevance of designer clothes, celebrity culture and bankers bonuses. If money held no value we would be entirely dependant on nature’s generosity and at the mercy of its changing temperament. Survival would be based essentially on our innate skills and the integral understanding we hold of our natural surroundings.

Fact is a physical perception. It is our interpretation of what is reality but not reality itself. If someone jumps from an airplane, the fact is that, from a physical prospective, they will die. We see a body that is motionless and devoid of life. But are they consciously dead? How do we know? We rely on conscious thought and can only perceive the facts as they appear. We are neither that person nor that conscience so how can we be sure of their true fate. Intellectually, we cannot perceive our non-existence. We have no concept of what happened before we were born or after we die. It might be the case that our conscience is eternal and that birth and death are simply physical, cyclical manifestations between which this entity provides its life. Maybe we are only able to perceive other consciousness through its physical manifestation via the perishable, destructible organic avatar of brain, body and senses. The fact is that we cannot prove this to be the case through experimental evidence so we could never comprehend this to be a fact.

The reality is that we have a conscience, a perception and exist. Without these I would not be aware of you nor you of me and we would be incapable of exchanging thoughts. Other than that, we know nothing else for sure. We know not how or why but only that we are and that is our reality.

Recent events around the globe have instilled a sense of concern and apprehension about our futures. Financial woes, natural disasters, social unrest and a subtle shifting in global economic dominance from West to East represent significant ripples in the World order that will eventually conclude with a new look and feel to our lives. Dwindling unevenly spread natural resources, over population and diminishing uncultivated, un-urbanised land makes me wonder how much further we can go.

There was a time when the balance of nature took care of everything. Predators kept us in check and we operated within the boundaries that life prescribed to us. Then at some point in our evolution, we decided that we were the elite and masters of our own destiny. Well that has certainly become the fact, if not the reality. We have pretty much obliterated every creature that could challenge our position at the top of the food chain and stripped the planet of many things that were provided to sustain us. There now seems to be only three things remaining that are able to cull our unrelenting infestation – Mother Nature, life from beyond this planet or the human race itself. Neither one is desirable but for me, either one is inevitable.

For too long we have been led by the facts of religion, science and self-indulgency. In the end there can only be one winner and that is reality. Let us hope that our consciences live on with the lessons of our indiscretions.


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