Philippine Landforms

Philippine Landforms

Landforms like valleys, mountains, plateaus, and hills in different places around the country may be largely affected by the people  who live there and their way of living.

  • the Sierra Madre Mountainb range faces the Pacific coastline in Northern Luzon. The Zambales mountain range is facing the China Sea – from Pangasinan to Bataan. Between these two mountain ranges is the large plain of Central Luzon.
  • The long stretch of Cordillera and Caraballo mountains are found in the northwestern portion of Luzon, Cagayan Balley is between these two mountains.
  • Visayas is composed of  mountains and islands. Its rugged hills and mountains stretch from south to north of Visayas main island.
  • Zamboanga mountain range is facing the length of the Pacific Ocean and the MindanaoSea coastline. Mt.Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines, with height of 9,690 feet is located here.
  • The Philippines is also rich in volcanoes. Of the 200 volcanoes we have in the country, only 21 are active. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo has caused a great and significant change in the weather and climate.
  • The Philippines is within the Ring of Fire in the Pacific. The Ring of Fire refers to the chain of volcanoes surrounding the Pacific Ocean. The Continental Plates of the Pacific are constantly hitting and striking one another along the Ring of Fire.

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