Philippines : Region I is the Ilocos Region

Philippines : Region I is the Ilocos Region

 It is in the northwestern part of Luzon. The Region is bounded by Luzon Strait in the North; Cordillera Central in the East; Region HI in the South; and by the South China Sea in the West. It is composed of four coastal provinces namely: Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union and Pangasinan.


Climate in the region is relatively mild. The region has twodistinct seasons: dry from December to May and wet from Juneto November. The long dry season is due to the Cordillera Mountains on the eastern side. These mountains block the rains so less amount of rainfall reach the plains.

Region I is primarily an agricultural region in spite of its limited land for, cultivation and its long dry season. Rice is the most important crop. It ranks second to Cagayan Valley in the production of Virginia leaf tobacco.

Fishing and salt-making are the major sources of livelihood of the people in the coastal provinces. Bagoong which is made from fish and salt is commonly produced here. Weaving, handicraft and furniture-making are important home industries throughout the region. The Ilocano women are skillful weavers while the men are good wood carvers and furniture makers.

Cultural Groups

The Ilocanos and the Pangasinenses inhabit the region.

The Ilocanos stand out as industrious, diligent and thrifty. Guided by their, increasing need and limited land resources, the Ilocanos migrate to other provinces to earn and augment their income.

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