Philippines Region IX

Philippines Region IX

Region IX is made up of the big peninsula of Zamboanga and the island of Basilan. There are three provinces and three cities in the region. They are Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, Basilan, Pagadian City, Dipolog City and Zamboanga City.

Geographical Features

The two Zamboanga provinces are separated by the Zamboanga Cordillera. The mountain range runs from the northeast border to the southernmost tip of the peninsula.


The climate in Zamboanga is relatively mild. Rainfall is venly distributed. The islands have warm and humid limate with fairly steady rainfall throughout the year. The Lhole region is outside the typhoon belt.

The primary agricultural product of the region is coconut. Rubber and abaca are also grown in various places. Basilan is the biggest producer of rubber in the country. The type of soil in Zamboanga del Sur is ideal for vegetables, citrus and other crops. The province is also noted for log and lumber production.

Cultural Groups

The provinces of Zamboanga and Basilan are inhabited mostly by migrants from Central Visayas. Cebuano is spoken largely in these provinces. Chavacano is spoken by some groups in Zamboanga City. Basilan is inhabited by Muslims belonging to different groups. They are the Tausugs, Subanons, Yakans and Samals.

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