Physical Activity Plan for Toddlers: Exercise Dice Game

Exercise Dice

Specific Age: 2-year-olds

Goal of the Activity: The goal of this activity is to give the children an opportunity to expend energy and practice gross motor skills by playing a fun game.


· Children will show improved gross motor skills by performing actions in the game.

· Children will demonstrate their knowledge of numbers by counting out loud with the teacher.

· Children will show their ability to follow directions by doing the action that the teacher reads off the dice.

· Children will demonstrate their awareness of rhythm by counting and performing the action at the same time.

Rationale for the Activity: Teachers should allow toddlers to explore what their bodies can do by giving them freedom to move around (DAP, 98). This activity gives toddlers the opportunity to test out their bodies’ capabilities. After a child learns to walk, gross motor skills rapidly develop and teachers should give plenty of practice time (DAP, 66).

Learning Standards: Georgia Early Learning Standard P2G: The child will begin to develop gross motor skills (P2G2: Demonstrates coordination and balance).

Amount of Time Needed for Activity:set-up:15 min; activity: 10-15 min

What you need

Materials Needed:

·      2 large foam blocks

·      Large marker

·      12 sheets of construction paper

·      Glue

·      Scissors

Space Needed: large indoor or outdoor space with a smooth, shock-absorbent surface

Detailed Procedure

  1. First, create the dice. Cut twelve sheets of paper to fit on the sides of both blocks. On six of the sheets of paper, write a number (1-6) and large dots to represent that number. Then attach the papers to the sides of one block. On the other six sheets, write an action that the children can do and draw a picture to represent it. Then attach these sheets to the other block. (Action examples: touch your toes, jump up, swing your arms, reach to the sky, wiggle all over, clap your hands, run in place, rest)
  2. Have the children come together and make a big circle.
  3. Explain the game to the children.

I will roll the dice and whatever action it lands on, that’s what we’ll do! The number tells us how many times we will do it. Is everybody ready?

  1. Roll the dice, read out the action and number, and demonstrate the action while counting out loud.
  2. When they understand the game, let them read the dice, using the picture to help them.

What do the dice say? Very good! We will touch our toes six times. Ready?

  1. Wrap up the activity and explain why exercise is important.

Was that fun? I had a great time exercising with you! It is good for us to play like this every day. Exercise keeps us healthy. And it feels so good to stretch our muscles!

Adaptations and Extensions

  • As children master the actions on the dice, make new action sheets or even larger numbers to keep the activity challenging and interesting.
  • If the children get comfortable reading the dice with the pictures and dots, take them off, leaving just the numbers and words.
  • To incorporate science, replace the actions with pictures of animals and have the children act like the animals.
  • To incorporate art, let the children draw the action pictures and number dots.


 This activity plan was inspired by “ExerDice” from

 This activity plan was created by K. McMichael, CHFD 3150 student, University of Georgia.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs from Birth through Age 8 (3d ed)- By Carol Copple & Sue Bredekamp, eds.

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mypleasurefantasy profile image

mypleasurefantasy 5 years ago from Virginia Beach

Such a great hub and something so simple to do. I am going to go ahead and try this with my demon and I'll let you know how it went with us. I'm excited to try this

Charlotte 3 years ago

I used this as a base to my own activity... as im currently in college doing my level 3 childcare. Well when i did my activty, which was based on this, with 3 year olds my assessor said it was too advanced for them and none of them really know what to do

Pinkchic18 profile image

Pinkchic18 3 years ago from Minnesota

Fun ideas! I love it, and you don't need a lot of supplies.

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