Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter

Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter

Properties are the distinguishing characteristics that we use to identify samples of matter. We can recognize our own house among the other houses on the same street by characteristics, such as paint, make, and design. In the same way. we can recognize different subtances by their characteristics, or properties. Matter has two main kinds of properties: physical and chemical.

Physical Properties

These are the characteristics that can be oberserved without changeing the substance into another substance. Melting point, boiling point, odor, color, taste, solubility, density, hardness, softness, volatility, ductility, malleability, viscosity, physical state, heat conductivity, and electrical conductivity are all physical properties. For example, to determines the melting point of ice, we must change the ice to water. In this process, the appearance changes, but there is no change in composition. Water has a boiling point of 100C at sea level where pressure is one atmospheric pressure. It is a clear, colorless liquid and with a density of about 1g/mL. Pure liquid water does not conduct electricity and is not a great conductor of heat.

Chemical Properties

These are the characteristics that can be observed when the subtance undergoes a change in its coompisition. The ability of water to undergo a precess called electrolysis is among its chemical properties. A change in compisition occures when an electric current is passed through a cintainter of liquid water (H2O), and the water is broken down to yield the gases hydrogen (h2) and oxygen (O2). A chemical property is evident when a subtance reacts with another substance. For example, iron slowly corrodes or rusts when exposed to air or moist environment to form iron oxide. - The reddish brown rust. It is also a chemical property if a substance does not react with another substance because it is inert or more stable than the other subtance.

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thank you soooooooooooooo much....this site is really a great help for students like me,who wanted to research about different topics....thanks....arigato...

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