Pictures And Names Of Sex Offenders In My Area To Keep Kids Safe

It’s easy to find pictures of sex offenders in my area to keep the neighborhood kids safe.  It will work in your neck of the woods, too.  Since you are trying to keep children safe from predators, let’s dive right in.

Where can I get the photos?

Like you, I can get pictures of sex offenders in my area through watchdog or the national registry.  That’s the super easy part.  Of course, to keep kids safe, you need to take it a step further.

Print out the photos of the predators in your immediate neighborhood.  Be sure to use a color printer and enlarge as needed, so your kids can see them well.

What to do with the photos?

When you have pictures of sex offenders in your area, go over them with your kids.  Drive through the neighborhood and show them which houses are associated with the photos of the predators.  Of course, to do this, you will also need the addresses of the sex offenders in your area, so you can keep track of them all.  This will allow the children to make a better mental image of who is where.   

Make a map:

When you have the pictures of sex offenders in your area, make a map of the neighborhood, so you can plan safe routes.  These will be the routes your children can take back and forth on their daily travels.  Be sure to take lighting during periods of darkness into account.  Try to establish safe houses, where you are confident the children can go and stay safe if there is danger.  This will help you keep your children a bit safer from the predators in your neighborhood.  It can also help to raise community awareness in your area.  It’s one of the ways to use the pictures of sex offenders in your area.

Safety items to consider:

I can use the pictures of sex offenders in my area to help keep my kids safe predators, just like you can in your neighborhood.  You may want to consider some other ways to help your kids stay safer.  For example, cell phones can come in quite handy in an emergency situation.  Of course, many parents don’t want this, so consider long range walkie-talkies.  This way, your child can contact if there is trouble.  In addition, noise making items like a blow horn or super loud whistle can help you stay safe after you make your map from the pictures of sex offenders in your area. 

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Rochelle Frank profile image

Rochelle Frank 6 years ago from California Gold Country

I live in a very sparsely populated area-- you are right, they are everywhere.

jani 6 years ago

tm mujh se dosti karo gi

redman 6 years ago

just do what i did. Wait 10-15yrs down the track,hire a car do a hit and run on the person then few days later report the car stolen,simple and get away with it. Best feeling of my life when i heard the thud of the scumbag across the bonnet. They simply do not deserve to live

Dianne Smith 5 years ago

Great post! This would surely help protect our children. I am a single parent of a 12 year old girl and I know what usually made parents anxious. As parent's our greatest fear is that a sexual predator will come in contact with our children. There are unidentified predators around us on a daily basis. We need to learn to avoid them and take actions before it can become a real problem. Yes, tracking and monitoring sexual predators can somehow reduce crimes but we have to admit the fact that this is not enough. The only way I can be sure to safeguard my children is to register them to “SafeKidZone”. I cannot be with my child 24/7 so here is the best way I could do to protect her whenever I am away

mark 5 years ago

I don't live in a great place because you see this ugly guy and boom you look him up and that is him like i saw one and I need to get out of here it is a crazy world but It was to be not a sex offder zone and killers

tf 5 years ago


CHERRI QUIGLEY 5 years ago


c.d 4 years ago

jesus loves even the sex offenders,but do not love the haters. pray that someone do not burn your house down while you are alspeel and also your chilren. c.d

Mercedes Bowman 4 years ago

We have a lot of sex offenders where I live and dope dealers

Rachell 3 years ago

Yes Jesus loves everybody, however He hates the sin, and yes He does even care about the haters,! It's interesting how we can see other people's sin and justify our own! To me it's a heinous crim to harm or defile a child and Christ says its better for that person to have a milestone tied to them and dropped to the bottom of the ocean then the wrath God will have against that person! God is mercifull but also completely just!

dallas smith 2 years ago

preditors hide in communitties using other peoples names , who is realy the victims here and why dont government make identity theft a crime , and report to the victim that their name has been used in order to comitte a crime , is it because the criminal has rights , that their privisy and confidentuality is protected , I say not and it should be in the peoples interest that the facts should be know

Samantha 2 years ago

I seen a cop after a mean person

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