Popular motivational quotes

motivational popular quotes

   Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.
  ~Author : popular motivational quotes Albert Einstein

   Opportunity knocked. My doorman threw him out.
  ~Author : Adrienne Gusoff Inspirational Sayings

   Any doctrine that will not bear investigation is not a fit tenant for the mind of an honest man.
  ~Author : Robert G Ingersoll Nice Quotes

   To be a saint is the exception to be upright is the rule. Err, falter, sin, but be upright. To commit the least possible sin is the law for man. Sin is a gravitation.
  ~Author : Victor Hugo Great Sayings

   Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared.
  ~Author : Eddie Rickenbacker Meaningful Sayings

   The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.
  ~Author : Carl Gustav Jung Popular Sayings

   A bachelor never quite gets ove the idea that he is a thing of beauty and a boy forever.
  ~Author : Helen Rowland Wise Quotes

   No one but a theorist believes his theory; everyone puts faith in a laboratory result but the experimenter himself.
  ~Author : Albert Einstein quoted in Scientific American September 2004 page 69 Witty Sayings

   It was a book to kill time for those who like it better dead.
  ~Author : Dame Rose Macaulay Motivational Sayings

   All that is gold does not glitter not all those that wander are lost.
  ~Author : J R R Tolkien Famous motivational Quotes

   A humorist is a fellow who realizes, first, that he is no better than anybody else, and, second, that nobody else is either.
  ~Author : Homer McLin Inspirational popular Sayings

   There are three classes of intellects: one which comprehends by itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the first is the most excellent, the second is good, and the third is useless.
  ~Author : Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince Nice Quotes

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nighthag profile image

nighthag 6 years ago from Australia

I enjoyed the read, :)

Franklin  5 years ago

Faith without works is dead.

~Author : Bible Inspirational Sayings

Trust in Allah, but tie your camel.

~Author : Old Muslim Proverb Nice Quotes

Perl - The only language that looks the same before and after RSA encryption.

~Author : Keith Bostic Great Sayings

People always call it luck when you've acted more sensibly than they have.

~Author : Anne Tyler Meaningful Sayings

Tell me....And I Forget,

Teach me.....And I Learn,

Involve Me.....And I Remember.

~Author : Benjamin Franklin Card Wise Quotes

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