Positive or legal Justice?

It is justice which is conceived recognized and expressed more or less incompletely and inaccurately the civil or some other form of human positive law. It though always administered is often incomplete. it is imperfect realization and expression. it does not seek to cover the whole sphere of natural justice or duty.

This is justice what the law declares to be just. it has been classified in to public and private law includes all the residue of legal principles. it comprises all those rules which concern the subjects o the state in their relation to each other.

Moral and Natural Justice

Natural justice is justice itself in deed and truth it is justice in its perfect sense. It though often not administered or invisibly administered is meted out by God. It is the ideal and truth. it is the enforcement of rights and punishments of wrongs according to moral standard, or conceptions of right and wrong just and to moral standard or conceptions of right and wrong just and unjust, appealing naturally to the mind and reason of man, justice in this sense, stands independent of recognition by the state, Te law of natural justice does not belong to imperative law and there is no compulsion or authority in it.

when principles of justices and good conscience are recognized by the courts it is called natural justice. whenever a state feels that some portion of the principles of naturalĀ  justice are important, it formulate them in the form of legal rules.

Natural and legal justice represent intersecting circles. Each has distinct sphere and a sphere common to both. Justice my be natural but not legal or it maybe legal as well as natural.

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