Praxis PLT, the Principles of Learning and Teaching Test


What Books Don't Tell

The Principles of Learning and Teaching Praxis Test, let's name it the PLT, is one of the most important tests a teacher has to take... and pass. This should be the main test in all states. Maybe you are wondering why? Well, there are many reasons. Let's take it step by step.

Every future teacher must rest upon the principles of learning and teaching when considering a career in education. This job requires dedication and effort in understanding the human mind in order to achieve proficiency. Thus, the PLT test preparation covers all necessary information one should know in order to be a good teacher.

PLT Study Guides Facts

  1. The official study guides do not list the principles of learning and teaching!
  2. Study guides do what they tell you they would: GUIDE you!
  3. Official Praxis PLT materials are extremely well organized, use them accordingly!
  4. Ground your studying on psychology and pedagogy college classes you have taken already!
  5. There are a lot of study guides on the web, but not all of them are accurate.
  6. You may also find a bunch of PLT flashcards. ATTENTION! NOT ALL OF THEM ARE ACCURATE, either.
  7. Make your own flashcards!
  8. Besides the web, use college books and manuals to make flashcards.
  9. If you decide to use the web flashcards, make sure you double check the information, it might be wrong!
  10. Start studying a couple of months before the exam and do it on a daily basis and practice on TIMED tests!

PLT Test Time Facts

  1. Read, YES – READ, the admission ticket a couple of days before the test!
  2. Be prepared! (test location, ID, admission ticket, pencils, eraser, pen, layered clothes, etc)
  3. If you studied, you will not be nervous. If you are, think positive – you have done your best to be ready! And you will be!
  4. Follow proctor’s instructions and read the instructions from the test booklet.
  5. Don’t overspend time on the multiple choice sections of the test.
  6. You are not being asked for definitions. You must APPLY definitions to different case histories.
  7. Refer to theory when answering short answer questions.
  8. Be ready to read histories for ALL questions – this is what actually eats up your time!!!
  9. The test makes use of your logic and thinking skills, NOT memorization.
  10. Apply the principles of learning and teaching for an efficient process of study!!!

The PLT and the whole process of study for this test are meant to get college students ready to become good teachers. And they DO. But every teacher is not a US college graduate. Psychology and Pedagogy are being taught and learned in various ways in different countries, ways that might not help too much in passing the PLT. And that is the subject of a totally different article. To be continued…

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amwrite profile image

amwrite 5 years ago from Aiken, SC, USA Author

Thank you :)

I took and passed it after I became a teacher, not in college. But my advice is to take it while in college. I will refer to this in the next hubs.

Support Med. profile image

Support Med. 5 years ago from Michigan

I think this is a great hub. Glad you will be continuing it. I know a few people who are looking to be teachers in the future and I will be forwarding this hub to them as well as bookmarking it for future reference. Question: Is this test taken while a college student or after one has become a teacher, or both?

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