Pre - Weaving.Machine Working - View - Video.

Warping Machine,

Up to 500 cones from Winding Department are creeled to take out Warper Beams.
Up to 500 cones from Winding Department are creeled to take out Warper Beams.

Pre Weaving.

Pre Weaving.

In the Picture above you see a long machine with two parts the Creel at the back and a Beam at the front which runs at 1000 yards per minute and the Beam continuously revolves drawing the threads from the creel containing the yarn on cones.The Beam stops at the set length automatically by electronic control provided on the machine.If a thread breaks the machine stops immediately and the operative has to join the broken ends and restart the machine.This stop motion is on every machine of this type from over 100 years.Earlier it was a mechanical stop motion and the present day machines are with lights showing where exactly the yarn is broken which was previously a skilled task by the operative.The Yarn on the beams in the present machines are automatically ejected from the machine and a new empty Beam is loaded to continue the operation.The Beams containing over hundreds of meters are sent to the next department to perform another operation called as Sizing.The Beams weigh over 50 Kgs and are transferred by means of special Trolleys.

We have special means of this operation for special effects of the fabric and for different types of yarn such as Silk,Wool or filaments of man made fibers.Sectional Warping is such a machine which works at slower speeds for soft yarns and other yarns such as Silk.

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Jerilee Wei profile image

Jerilee Wei 7 years ago from United States

Very interesting peak behind the scenes in how things are done today.

skgrao profile image

skgrao 7 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA. Author

Thank You Jerilee Wei,

I wish you to visit a Textile Mill whenever you find time.

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