Learning for IIT JEE and medical entrance tests - should you go for coaching classes

Preparation for IIT - does it mean having to go to a coaching center

IIT JEE coaching centres and coaching centres for medical entrance tests are making pots of money because aspiring students and parents alike are all making a beeline for them. Do they really cater to a need or are they there because every parent wants his/her child to be an engineer or a doctor? I want to raise some pertinent questions here. Except for a few coaching centres, do the others really know what they are doing? Or, are they just into the gold rush because parents are willing to pay anything to make their son or daughter an engineer or a doctor? If the IIT or AIPMT Entrance tests are based on the 12th standard or CBSE syllabi, aren’t the schools sufficiently preparing our students for professional courses? If they aren’t, then what is their syllabus catering to? Lakhs of rupees are spent by parents in educating their children - is there any value for the hard-earned money that is being spent? Does preparation for IIT mean going to coaching centers for you? Think again.

Do you need to prepare for IIT only trough coaching classes

My tryst with an IIT coaching institute has not been too impressive, so I thought I will look up the experience of others on the Internet. I did not find the information available there greatly encouraging. I proceeded to research a little more on the subject and it raised more questions than answers. Are these coaching centers credited or approved by any authority to do what they are doing? How equipped are the teachers who coach in these institutes? In my opinion these institutes are run like other schools that just complete a syllabus and are done with it. My question is, do you as a student really need to go for coaching classes to be able to clear the IIT JEE or AIPMT exams?

These last two years, I have been studying not only these institutes but also some of the bright children who attend these classes, and my take from all my studying and researching is this - these coaching institutes do not serve any great purpose. Any student who gets admission into these premier institutions, does so out of pure hard work, commitment and dedicated effort to clear the exams. From the recent interviews of the toppers, one thing is clear-these institutes just want to pay money and buy off the ranks of students who have not even attended their classes for their advertisement purposes.

How to prepare for IIt jee?

Proper study methods and good study habits are what a student needs to succeed in the IIT or Medical entrance tests. There is a lot of self-study material available in the market today that can guide a student in the right direction. You need to pick out the right material that can help you max the IIT or Medical entrance tests. All that a student needs other than the resources is a dedicated approach to mastering the subjects and working their way through them. However, it is up to the student to be able to put in his/her 100% and apply himself/herself to the task. Coaching classes can only help you to a certain level.

What coaching classes can do for you ...

The flip side of the coin in attending these coaching classes on a regular basis is that the physical exertion by itself a huge strain on the student. If the student is in a CBSE or ISC Stream, the workload from the school is by itself enough to keep the student busy the whole day. These coaching classes add an additional amount of stress and strain on the student’s already stretched time limits. Relaxation and social life is something that needs to be forgotten, not only by the student but also by the family that is supporting the student to work harder.

Residential coaching for IIT JEE - My take on this

The residential coaching programmes are a different ball game where the main focus is only on clearing these exams. However, looking at it from the student’s point of view, I wonder if it is really worth it for a child in the sixth or seventh standard to be preparing for an exam for five years or more. Does anyone wonder about the psyche of the child? Do they care about the fact that the student does not have a childhood? Do they even care about the very narrow and limited lifestyle of a student that is restricted to exams and studies alone? Seriously thinking, I’m not sure that I want to go through all this. And after years of preparation, and then finding that you are not able to clear the exam brings in such a huge disappointment that the student finds it extremely difficult to pick himself/herself up again.

The Gap between the school syllabi and the Admission test for IIT JEE or Med school tests

I have nothing against the IITs and the AIPMT-in fact, I am all for them. But I believe that the syllabi of the schools should be able to prepare a student adequately to take up these exams without putting them through a terrible strain. These situations only point to a lacunae between our educational institutions and these coaching centres mushroom to make use of the gap. Very few of them are really equipped to train students to lift themselves a few notches higher than where they are. Most of the students who attend these coaching classes and their routine tests find the burden too much to bear. The drop out percentage is pretty high. I have noticed that after a point of time, the students emotionally divorce themselves from any desire to clear these exams and set their mark lower. Is that what we are doing to our children? Are we trying to break their confidence and make them believe that they can only reach something lower? I am not generalizing here, but this is something that has grabbed my attention.

What is the alternative to caching centers while preparing for IIT and Medical admission test

If the coaching centres that are roping in brilliant students cannot work with them to achieve their goals, then what is the need for these institutions? The media, the advertisements, the hype are are all adding to the confusion of students and parents alike. They are led into believing that coaching classes are a must to clear any major entrance exam. I, for one, believe that the time spent in running around between classes and stretching time between classes and workloads could be spent on better effective study methods, following better time management strategies, effective use of study time and proper study programme planning would take the student a long way towards preparation for these entrance tests.

Can schools help students preparing for IIT's

If schools could come up with a system of helping bright students, who are clearly focused on entering these institutions, by providing them with assistance just geared to help them conquer these tests, then that should be enough. Since, the syllabi for the competitive exams and the board exams are poles apart, which is the root cause of these problems, efforts should be made at the highest administrative levels of the country to resolve this conflict. It is almost as if a student who intends to do well in both the board exams as well as the competitive exams must engage in two equally gruelling courses, each of which were designed to completely engage the student for two years, at the same time, and perform in both courses excellently to get results equivalent to his/her efforts.

As a student You are all that matters - IIT's or not

If a student has conceptual clarity, willingness to work hard and the maturity to sacrifice the many pleasures of student life for a better future it is more sensible to work on your own. Motivation needs to be from within and not because you as a student are persuaded by family and well-wishers. If that is you, you can make it to the top of the class, coaching classes or not. The passion, the commitment and the desire to make it to the top is what it takes to achieve the best in life, whether it is an IIT or an admission to a premier medical or engineering institution. If we realise this fact, the coaching colleges that mushroom by the nights will soon be a thing of the past and parents and students would stand to benefit from such learning.

Written in consultation with and inputs from parents and students.

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Your opinion matters .. 18 comments

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

Not everyone can reach the top of the class, but many can achieve their goals by hard work and good study habits. Thank you for a very informative hub.

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

Ruby, yes not everyone can reach the top..but they need not fall into the trap of being fleeced by these mushrooming, unprofessional coaching centers to achieve what they can through hard work and good study habits. Thank you for reading and commenting, even though this hub is totally concerned with the Indian academic structure. I honestly appreciate the interest and the comment :) cheers.

Uma 5 years ago

Sofs, this is a real eye-opener for parents as well as students. I agree with all that you have said and you have hit the nail right on the head. Spending lakhs of rupees on these courses seems foolish. What is more shocking is the buying of ranks of JEE students. Just because a student borrows study materials from ex-student of a coaching center, he is pressurized to submit his rank to the center. Horrible and really disgusting moves by these centers! Thank you for sharing your great knowledge about these things. Do I have the permission to mail it to a friend whose sis is trying for this prestigious institute? Great article!

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

Uma, thanks for concurring with me. Well I did my homework before writing this article, which may be controversial as it takes on these mushrooming coaching centers that doing precious little for students. I know that there are many parents who are desperate to get their wards into IIT"S and med schools, coaching classes may not be the only way.. Ultimately it is left to the student to work his or her way to where he/she wants to get to :)

I appreciate the read and comment. Oh yes, I would be delighted if this hub could enlighten another person. I honestly hope that this bubble would burst soon and a new realization would dawn :)

Uma 5 years ago

Thanks for your approval. I was awaiting her response before I posted my note of thanks here. I sent her the link to the article so she could read it here on HP. Apparently, she loved the information and agreed with your you 100%. Thanks again for being so helpful. :)

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

Uma, thank you for having saved someone some hard earned money. I know, I wasted quite a bit and found the truth. It was just consistent hard work and goal setting that has made a difference to my son's life, not the coaching centers. Thank you for the feed back, it makes my day to know that one person was helped. I honestly need to thank you :):):)

Pratik 5 years ago

I myself am a student of class 11 and am going through the brunt.

All I would say is Vidyamandir Classes IS different.

The major reason why students attend coaching classes is that they get a course to follow.

Preparing yourself is a task. Also frequent test are taken which make you realize you need to work harder when you see other students scoring higher than you. You dont get all this if you are preparing yourself.

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

Great Prathik! I am happy for you.. I was talking about coaching outside of school, there will be always exceptions to a rule.. but I do hope that you will say the same thing after 2 years. I have done the before and after interviews and this is the voice of a large majority. The time spent travelling and coping with two programs that are not on the same level and calling for sustained effort in both is what is being emphasized here. The disconnect between school and college is another main issue that I have highlighted. My best wishes to you and God Bless!!

Pratik 5 years ago

Thank you.

I get the point.

But essentially its all about time management. There is a LARGE diff between JEE and school syllabus. These days you simply cannot crack JEE without any special training and that is the factor to blame for the unnecessary pressure on the students

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

There you are.. spot on! The difference..my argument is that these center are preying on the difference but are not actually up to the mark in helping student.. I am not talking about just one particular center.. but about them in general from my experience, there is much more available on the internet than what most of these coaching centers have to offer. The kind of staff.. are more geared for NIIT's and may be CET's but not necessarily IIT's and Med school the level of AIMS. Time management and hard work is essentially in the domain of the student himself or herself . I continue to follow the developments with interest and hope that things will change. I truly hope that schools will bridge the gap and make an excellent student reach greater heights without the intermediaries.

utkarsh gautam 5 years ago

if i am not attast my filled application form than my form accepted or not

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

If I understand you right, you have filled out the application.. and you are unsure if it has been accepted or not... well the sites does update these details from time to time..keep checking and best wishes to you :)

swaraj 4 years ago

hey this is very nice and of course this is true that most of the coaching institute nowadays are focusing on earning money not on taking out genius

sofs profile image

sofs 4 years ago Author

swaraj, This article was written with information collected from parents and students alike...This also has personal inputs.. yep they are mostly after your money not really making a genius out of you. To add to the information someone who had taken this information seriously did even better without the hassle of trudging up and down the portals of coaching centers. Thanks for endorsing the information in this hub. Have a great day!

Shubham Sharma 4 years ago

Sir,I am in ISC school in class 11....I have a passion to enter IITs....Is my decision of entering ISC in 11 right?????Will ISC studies help me to enter IITs???If yes,then tell me some tips and good books for this purpose......Reply soon,please......

sofs profile image

sofs 4 years ago Author

Shubam, The ISC syllabus does prepare you to an extent, this is in comparison to the state syllabus.. But, no school or syllabus prepares you for the IIT JEE.

You need to Prepare for this on your own.. or perhaps take help from some excellent talents in the field.

Running around to coaching classes only drains out your energy and resources.

The best bet would be to stay focused, work out each year of IIT papers available on the internet and work hard. You can get all the material from students who have prepared for IIT. This saves you a lot of money and you would help the other person by making use of those books.

Honestly speaking practice makes perfect. While your friends are busy having fun, you could make the best of this year in the 11 std. to prepare for Joint Entrance Exams.

Best wishes to you.

pinki 4 years ago

mam or sir i want to know about when we can earn money when we crack entrance????? plz tell me about this

sofs profile image

sofs 4 years ago Author

Pinki You would start earning when you finish your medical or IIT course.. that is a good six or years away from cracking your entrance exams... This is just your first baby step. Best wishes to you!

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