Procrastination - The Thief


Why do it now, when I can do it tomorrow? Your assignment is due in two weeks, or you have a business idea or other personal matters, but you keep putting them off. “I will do it some other time”. I will just wait until the last minute because it causes an euphoric rush of adrenaline to start pumping and I become more creative and get things done. Sounds like you? If you answered yes, then what you have been doing is called procrastination, therefore, you are a procrastinator!

I am guilty of procrastination too. I should have written this article weeks ago, but I kept putting it off, “I will write it next week”, I kept saying. There are other business matters that I have kept putting off too, but I have made the decision, to kick this monster – PROCRASTINATION - in it’s butt once and for all, by first getting rid of the fear and then do what I need to do!

Procrastination is putting off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness, fear or laziness. Sounds a bit too harsh? Sorry, but this is exactly what it is. I am guilty of it too and I have paid dearly at times. I have learnt that procrastination eats away at one’s motivation.

Why do we procrastinate? Some persons procrastinate out of fear of not being perfect, fear of failure or out of fear of the unknown. Some persons procrastinate because of indecisiveness. When this happens, things sometimes slip away from us while we are there trying to decide what we ought to do. We then forget all about it, and then we move on to something else to ‘not decide’ about and then it becomes a cycle.

Types of Procrastinators

There are different types of procrastinators. Which type are you?

The Relaxed Procrastinator is lazy and puts off completing work. They feel that their work can be completed in time so they put it off until the final minutes near to the deadline. They will pursue other activities that they enjoy or consider ‘fun’.

The Decisional Procrastinator recognizes thatthe work needs to be done and knows exactly what hinders them in making decisions about what to be done. They do not directly put the work off consciously, but because they have problems making decisions, this puts pressure on them so that the work is started and completed at the last minute.

The Escapist Procrastinator is a person who likes to dream and always see the big picture in the future without giving thought about the steps that will have to be taken to make this dream a reality or success.

The Afraid Procrastinator gets very nervous in stressful situations because they are unsure about their ability to complete the work. They feel that they work better if they relax first because they put themselves under a lot of stress. Then they spend time trying to unwind, which should be spent starting or completing the task.

Have you identified yourself in any of the types? Which type are you, the escapist procrastinator or the decisional procrastinator who feel that you should relax and unwind before making a decision? If you are a procrastinator you are your worst enemy. You use excuses so often and put yourself under way more stress than you need to. You tell lies to yourself such as, “I’ll feel more like doing this tomorrow,” or “I work best under pressure”. You pretend that working under pressure makes you more creative. Is this true? No, it is not!

How can you stop this dreadful habit? You could:

· Set time limits or deadlines and stick to it.

· Make an activity schedule and stick to it.

· Act on your dreams or goals by charting a pathway and taking the necessary steps so that your goals/dreams will be realized.

· Try to fight fear, learn to believe in yourself. Get help if you cannot do it on your own.

You may be surprised to know that procrastination can affect your health. It causes you to become stressed and when your body is stressed, then your immune system is affected , your body becomes susceptible to disorders or diseases. Wonder why you get the flu or cold so often? Or get depressed, panic disorder, gastrointestinal infections etc.?

Do you wonder why you sometimes miss out on certain opportunities? Yes, procrastination. Persons sometimes fail to live up to their full potential because of their inactions.

Procrastination is a thief of time. Why allow it to continue cheating you by stealing your time? You need to take action now! Do not put it off until….. Empower yourself and take action now! The instant you take action, procrastination ceases to have any control over you.

Remember, NOW is everything. Do it now!

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Ruby H Rose profile image

Ruby H Rose 5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

Thanks for the inspiration

Hyphenbird profile image

Hyphenbird 5 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

This used to be a great thief of my life. Thank God I broke free. Thanks for this great Hub.

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

Thank you Ruby and Hyphenbird for stopping by my hub. Ruby I am glad that my hub gave you inspiration.

Hyphenbird, I am happy that you have broken free from this dreadful monster name procrastination. Continue to be free. Love and best wishes to both of you.

Janet 5 years ago

This is one of my greatest faults. Because of procratination I have lost friends, ....because I didn't keep in touch, "I will do it tomorrow". On many instances had to pay late charges because I put off paying a bill and so on and so on. Sometimes for no particular reason!! This monster has cost me a lot and I hope your guidelines lead me to a change

Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia

Nike has the right idea.....Just Do It

Great hub, I am a Afraid Procrastinator

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

Hi Janet, thank you for your visit to my hub. I certainly hope that you will follow my guidelines and get rid of the the monster. All the best.

Christine P. Ann, thank you for your comments. I am happy that you were able to identify the type of procrastinator you are. I hope that you will now take action and stop procrastinating. Will be following you. All the best.

femi 5 years ago

You hit the nail on the head.

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

Thank you femi. All the best.

fastfreta profile image

fastfreta 5 years ago from Southern California

Dr.Ope, I can really use this hub right now. I am in the throes of a very serious situation, and I'm putting off, or procrastinating like there is no tomorrow. The encouragement is surely needed. Thank you so much.

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

Hi Fastfreta. I am happy to know that you found my hub useful. I hope that you will now do what you need to do. Take action NOW! I think that you are a strong woman, based on what I read in your article on 'Foreclosure'. Thanks for your visit and all the best.

profile image

Fay Paxton 5 years ago

Hi Dr. Ope:

This is an excellent motivational hub. I am an old stick in the mud, so I just bite the bullet and get it done. But if I ever need some inspiration, I'll know where to find it.

up/very useful

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

Thank you Fay Paxton. I am happy to hear that you are not a procrastinator. Keep it up. All the best to you

ahostagesituation profile image

ahostagesituation 5 years ago

Aint it the truth? I'm the worst procrastinator I think. But I have my act together on some things. I'd love it if I would stop procrastinating, but not enough to actually stop procrastinating. Why do now what you can put off til tomorrow? Thank you for the mail!

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

You are welcome ahostagesituation. I hope that one day you stop procrastinating fully. All the best.

marcoujor profile image

marcoujor 5 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

I never have to procrastinate in my visits to your site, Dr Ope. Sorry I have been a stranger but I have been busy with teaching.

This is a great read! I try to "just do it" and find I don't waste nearly as much time worrying about "not doing things, that I probably should be doing!" Voted UP & UA-- thank you!

Hope all is well and take good care, mar.

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

Thanks for your kind comments Marcoujor. Yes, all is well, just took a little break, but I am back!. Need to catch up on reading your hubs that I have missed.!

Richawriter profile image

Richawriter 5 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

Hey Dr.Ope! Yes, procrastination is something we all suffer from. I wrote a hub on procrastination too, yet I still suffer from it, no matter how many tips I know!!

It can be conquered gradually though, as long as you push your boundaries each day and put aside a private area and time where you won't be distracted.

Sometimes, when sitting in a room trying to work while there is a T.V. showing a pointless series or program, I get nothing done. My eyes and ears keep being drawn to the T.V. even though it means nothing to me.

Take care Dr.Ope. Rich :)

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

Thank you Rich. Yes, procrastination can be conqured. It is very hard though, as it require discipline and perseverance. Thanks for the visit and take care!

SarahLMaguire profile image

SarahLMaguire 5 years ago from UK

I related a lot to

this, procrastination is something I am struggling with. It doesn't feel as simple as setting a timetable or deadlines, though. Surely it is not being able to keep to the timetable or deadlines that is the problem? It may work for the relaxed procrastinator, but when there is anxiety and perfectionism involved, setting up more deadlines is piling the stress on and compounding the problem. One solution might be to start by setting tiny goals like "write 100 words before you make a cup of tea" - then you can start to believe in yourself. Your article has started me thinking, thanks!

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

Hi SarahLMaguire, I agree with your solution and I am happy that you found my hub useful. All the best and thanks for the visit.

Brinafr3sh profile image

Brinafr3sh 5 years ago from West Coast, United States

Hi Dr.Ope,

Very well explained hub. Procrastination does rob people of their "To Do Now List."

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 5 years ago Author

Amen Brinafr3sh!Thanks for the visit and all the best!

roshall profile image

roshall 5 years ago from Ohio

Hi and yes i am a bit of a procrastinator, but i get the jobs done. Thanks for info and I will work on this flaw first for the New Year.Have a great day.

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 4 years ago Author

Hi roshall. You are welcome. I am happy that you are planning to work on the 'flaw'. All the best to you!

annart profile image

annart 4 years ago from SW England

I have to admit I'm terrible at leaving things until the last moment! I had to read a book for a book club tonight - I've only just managed to finish it, as I didn't fancy the subject content and found it really heavy going after the first few pages. However, I've finished it but not without the stress of worrying whether I'd manage it or not. It certainly causes stress but now that I know it's more destructive I'll try to cure the habit - thanks for a fascinating hub. Thank you, too, for the follow. Looking forward to reading more of your work. Voted up and useful and interesting.

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 4 years ago Author

You are welcome annart! I am happy that you are planning to take action to cure your habit of procrastination. Thanks for stopping by and all the best.

alocsin profile image

alocsin 4 years ago from Orange County, CA

I am sometimes a procrastinator. I like how you not only define the problem but offer some solutions at the end. Voting this Up and Useful.

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 4 years ago Author

Thanks for your visit and your vote. We all procrastinate at some point in our lives, but the important thing is to not let it be the 'norm', especially when it will affect the normal flow of our lives. All the best to you.

Diana Mendes profile image

Diana Mendes 4 years ago

Excellent, inspiring & motivating hub. Procrastination is my biggest problem. I always work at the last minute even if I have ample time to complete the job. I do complete what I have to do but under so much of pressure & with so much of stress. Thanks. I found your hub very interesting.

Dr.Ope profile image

Dr.Ope 4 years ago Author

I am happy that you found my hb interesting. We all procrastinate at times, but it is when we become 'addicted' to procrastination that is where the problem is. It can be really stressful when important things are left for the last minute and you will find that you did not really give it your best shot in the end. Thanks again for your kind comments and your visit. All the best to you.

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