Products For Energy Conservation

Several products are now available to be used with building structural systems to help conserve energy. Some of these products are listed below:

  • Solar Window Film
  • Air door or Curtains
  • Insulating glass windows
  • Window shades or blinds
  • Double Glazed Window panes
  • Insulated shutters
  • Magnetic storm Windows.

Products for energy conservation to be used with lighting system are as follows:

  • Course Hinds power miser used to replace incandescent lamp.
  • Circular florescent unit used to replaced incandescent lamp.
  • Florescent lighting controller.
  • Special effect power fixtures.
  • Automatic lighting control
  • High Mast lighting
  • Self powered signs.

Many electrical products have been developed recently with the purpose of energy conservation in mind. These are listed below:

  • Energy efficient motors.
  • Variable speed motor controllers
  • Automatic cut off timers

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