Project Management Resource Allocation

Project scheduling and Resource allocation

There are many web resources that would help the novice PM (or anyone interested) to plan an Instructional Design project’s schedule, budget, or how to break down the project’s tasks. The links below pertain well to project scheduling and resource allocation. The first resource comes from Donald Clark (2010) whose article “Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design” offers advice and resources on budgeting ID training; more specifically, how to estimate training costs and development time. I thought one of the more interesting suggestions in the article was when Clark (2010) suggested that even though the budget may not be right the first time around, due to factors such as unknowns or complex tasks, is that it still should be done to give the team or training staff a goal to reach for. I thought this tied in nicely with Portny, Mantel, Meredith, Shafer, Sutton, & Kramer, (2008), who suggests project budget’s will always have an element of surprise but the key is to prepare for change and revise budgets accordingly. For the novice, he also offers a list of common costs for resources in an average ID project, but warns it is best to use as a guideline and use actual training costs. The site also offers several useful tools, such as a link to the Excel Spreadsheet Cost Estimator and several analysis templates.

The second article comes from getpmcertified (2011) and discusses estimating costs and determining the project budget. The article begins with a brief introduction explaining there is a clear difference between cost and budget. In short, cost is the value of inputs used to perform a task or produce the product, while budget is an “aggregated cost with a timeline” (getpmcertified, 2011, para. 4). The article presents tools and techniques for estimating project cost, including analogous estimation, parametric estimation, and bottom-up estimation. In addition, offers suggestions to best determining the project budget, such as using the cost baseline. The article also suggests linking project budgets and resource estimates to the task schedule is crucial for the projects financial performance.


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