Prokaryotic Cell Diagram

Prokaryotes are a kind of cell that lack a nucleus. Eukaryotes are the opposite kind of cell, those that do have a nucleus. Most prokaryotes are made up of only a single cell, although there are exceptions. Prokaryotes are found in all sorts of environments, from those perfectly suited to humans to those completely inhospitable. If a nuclear war were to end humanity as we know it, prokaryotes might be the cells that survived to create the next beings that take over our planet.

A standard Prokaryotic cell
A standard Prokaryotic cell


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yolonda 7 years ago

thats not a prokaryotic cell thats a eukaryotyic

malindaa 6 years ago

noo its not!! im a teacher i would know!!!

Pharmacist 5 years ago

Its Prokaryotic. Hence no nucleus or membrane covering non existant nucleus. Im a pharmacist

anjana 5 years ago

i didnt think the diagram is useful. i waste my time

JAMjessie 5 years ago

If ur a teacher then wouldn't u know better to capitalize words?

chris 4 years ago

i guess u copied it from wikipidea...........

hub 4 years ago

nice picture!!!

martellawintek 4 years ago

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