Proof of Ancient Flight

Dashka’s stone- The map of "the Creator"

There are many ancient things that cannot be explained by modern science, they are scattered all over the world. How did the Egyptians cut, move, and construct the Pyramids? What purpose did the Lines of Nazka Peru serve? Who built Puma Punku and how? So many artifacts, buildings, ruins, that it defies imagination.

Recently I stumbled across a site that put such OOTA (Out Of Time Artifacts) into a series of galleries with links to what little information has been found, or noted before being "vanished" by wise Governments all over the world. As I delved into these galleries one image jumped out at me, a large stone with a very strange design cut into it's surface, disocvered in 1999 by Alexander Chuvyrov, a Doctor of physical and mathematical science, professor of Bashkir State University.

Bas Relief of the image carved into the Sarcophagus of Lord Pakal's Tomb- Colored
Bas Relief of the image carved into the Sarcophagus of Lord Pakal's Tomb- Colored

I clicked on the links and was amazed by what I read, an ancient stone Topographical map of the Ural Mountains! A map that was initially thought to be 3000 years old, "While examining the stone, two shells were found on its surface. The age of one of them – Navicopsina munitus of Gyrodeidae family - is about 500 million years, while of the second one – Ecculiomphalus princeps of Ecculiomphalinae subfamily - is about 120 million years. Namely that age was accepted as a “working version.” “The map was probably created at the time when the Earth’s magnetic pole situated in the today’s area of Franz Josef Land, while this was exactly 120 million years ago, - professor Chuvyrov says. – The map we have is beyond of traditional perception of mankind and we need a long time to get used to it. We have got used to our miracle. At first we thought that the stone was about 3,000 years. Though, that age was gradually growing, till we identified the shells ingrained in the stone to sign some objects. Though, who could guarantee that the shell was alive while being ingrained in the map? The map’s creator probably used a petrified find.”

A topographical map, even if it were 3000 years old would be a sensational find, a discovery that would force a change in not only science and archeology, but in our understanding of the history of man itself!

How is it possible that ancient people could create a map showing the topography of a area like the Urals unless they were able to view it from the air? Does this mean that crafts such as the 'Tripura Vimana' mentioned in 'Vymanika Shastra' Were more then just fantasy? Perhaps the strange description given by Ezekiel was not just a cloud! That the relief on the tomb of King Pakul is not depicting him "decending into Hell"??

In order to continue believing that the ancients had only primitive tools and we are at the techonological peak of our race, then how can this stone map be explained?

"A find of Bashkir scientists, in stark contrast to traditional notions of human history: stone slab which is 120 million years old covered with the relief map of Ural Region.

This seems to be impossible. Scientists of
Bashkir State University have found indisputable proofs of an ancient highly developed civilization-s existence. The question is about a great plate found in 1999, with picture of the region done according to an unknown technology.

This is a real relief map. Today military has almost similar maps. The map contains civil engineering works: a system of channels with a length of about 12,000 km, weirs, powerful dams. Not far from the channels, diamond-shaped grounds are shown, whose destination is unknown."

This isn't the first time an object has been discovered that indicates that people living in ancient times had access to precision tools, Modern science and archaeology deny that such tools existed because there is no evidence of them. Yet how else can this map be explained? How can the stonework done at Puma Punku have been accomplished if not by tools that may very well rival those available to us today?

--"The professor, Alexander Chuvyrov, and his post-graduate student from China Huan Hun decided to study the hypothesis of possible migration of Old Chinese population to the territory of Siberia and Ural. In an expedition to Bashkiria, they found several rock carvings done in Old Chinese language. These finds confirmed the hypothesis of Chinese migrants. The subscriptions were read. They mostly contained information about trade bargains, marriage and death registration.

Though, during the searches, notes dateing back to the 18th century were found in archives of Ufa governor-general. They reported about 200 unusual stone slabs which were situated not far from the Chandar village, Nurimanov Region. Chuvyrov and his colleague at once decided that slabs could be connected with Chinese migrants. Archive notes also reported that in 17th-18th centuries, expeditions of Russian scientists who investigated Ural Region had studied 200 white slabs with signs and patterns, while in early 20th century, archaeologist A.Schmidt also had seen some white slabs in Bashkiria."

"Geological structure of the slab was determined: it consists of three levels. The base is 14 cm chick, made of the firmest dolomite. The second level is probably the most interesting, "made" of diopside glass. The technology of its treatment is not known to modern science. Actually, the picture is marked on this level. While the third level is 2 mm thick and made of calcium porcelain protecting the map from external impact.

It should be noticed, - the professor said, - that the relief has not been manually made by an ancient stonecutter. It is simply impossible. It is obvious that the stone was machined. X-ray photographs confirmed that the slab was of artificial origin and has been made with some precision tools."

So not only are we at a loss to explain how this map was fashioned, but we cannot explain what tools our "primitive" ancestors might have used to create it? It seems ludicrous that our learned heads of scientific schools of thought are burying their heads in the sand, hoping that Dashka's Stone will vanish in a puff of smoke, thereby saving them from having to come to grips with the fact that eons before tools were thought to have been invented, those simian forerunners to modern man could not only attain sufficient altitude to enable them to create a topographic 3D map, but had the tools and knowledge that we appear to lack even today!

"The longer the slab was studied, the more mysteries appeared. On the map, a giant irrigation system could be seen: in addition to the rivers, there are two 500 meter wide channel systems, 12 dams, 300-500 meters wide, approximately 10 km long and 3 km deep each. The dams most likely helped in turning water in either side, while to create them over 1 quadrillion cubic meters of earth was shifted. In comparison with that irrigative system, Volga-Don Channel looks like a scratch on the today's relief. As a physicist, Alexander Chuvyrov supposes that now mankind can build only a small part of what is pictured on the map. According to the map, initially, Belaya River had an artificial river-bed."-

"1 quadrillion cubic meters of earth was shifted" Imagine if you will the time and labor required to move even 1 million cubic meters of earth, much less 1 quadrillion meters of earth! The manpower alone is staggering to contemplate. How was such a feat accomplished? In addition to vehicles enabling our distant ancestors to achieve the altitude required to create a 3 dimensional map of the area, they would have needed a way to record the data, then transfer it in a manner that enabled them to fashion the Dashka Stone. Where are those vehicles? How can we say that the ancients never attained the sky given the fact that we have a piece of the map? Did they also possess machines capable of excavating earth similar to what we use today? It's widely reported that not only museums, but Governments are actively involved in covering up and secreting away anything they deem would undermine commonly held beliefs and scientific theory. Could there be proof not only of vehicles capable of flight, but of advanced machinery collecting dust in remote warehouses, militery bases, museaum storage buildings around the world? We will never know given the geopolitical climate of the world today.

"Try to map at least a mountain!" Chuvyrov says. "The technology of compiling such maps demands super-power computers and aerospace survey from the Shuttle".

"Latest investigations of the map bring one sensation after another. Now, the scientists are sure of the map being only a fragment of a big map of the Earth. According to some hypothesis, there were totally 348 fragments like that."

348 fragments such as the Dashka Stone, that would make a map 340 meters by 340 meters! Giving a total overview of a huge area accurately mapped, much like the military of today uses such maps when planning invasions or territorial expansions. What could our ancestors have needed such a map for? Perhaps they were seeking more caves to dwell in? Maybe they needed different rocks to use while bashing in the skulls of weaker tribes of neanderthals?

It's a common claim made by not only science, but civil and religious leaders as well, that "we are now at the technological height of our race." That never before has man been able to accomplish as much as they are able to now. It's touted that science has enabled all of the "so called modern advances" that we see today, Matters of Faith have been rejected by the "enlightened thinkers" of this modern age, in favor of things that can be seen, touched, and explained. I maintain that we have risen to great technological prowess in the past, and have lost that knowledge due to greed and avarice. I maintain that the same can happen again, with mankind being buffeted by a planet who's resources we have needlessly squandered.

In the 1800's Charles Darwin put forth a theory that science doggedly clings to, turning a blind eye to any evidence to the contrary. That theory states that the Dinosaurs evolved from single celled organisms that existed in the ocean over the course of millions of years. Man, Mr. Darwin states, are but recent arrivals to the earth, having evolved from primates less then 120,000 years ago.

Sadly for the body of work Charles Darwin put forth, his legacy as it were, more and more science is being forced to discard entire volumes of the "Theory of Evolution". Modern science cannot explain the sudden explosion of complex organisms that occurred during the Cambrian period.

"Beginning at the base of the Cambrian period and extending for about 10 million years, all the major groups of skeletonized invertebrates made their first appearance in the most spectacular rise in diversity ever recorded on our planet." (Salvador E. Luria, Stephen Jay Gould, Sam Singer, A View of Life, 1981, p.649.)"

Within the last 30 years the remains of a metropolis, a super city has been discovered in Africa, this sprawling complex could have housed upwards of 200,000 people! It's age? Anywhere from 160,000 to 200,000 BCE! A in depth article can be viewed from the links section at the bottom of this page. 

 These are just the tip of the iceberg, the start of a landslide of evidence that disproves those cherished theory's and long held beliefs that have limited mankinds understanding of who we are and how we reached this point in time. For those with the courage to see, the resolve to know the truth, the future holds discovery.

While seemingly unrelated to Dashka's Stone, these strange microscopic artifacts were unearthed in the Ural region, along the Narada river on the Eastern side of the Ural Mountains. "Their size ranges from a maximum of 3 cm (1.2 in.) down to an incredible 0.003 mm, about 1/10,000th of an inch! The larger ones are of copper, while the small and very small ones are of the rare metals tungsten and molybdenum. Exact measurements of these often microscopically-small objects have shown that the dimensions of the spirals are in the so-called Golden Mean ratio. All tests carried out to date give an age for the objects of between 20,000 and 318,000 years, depending on the depth and the situation of the site." Could these microscopic artifacts come from the same culture that created the Dashka Stone?

 A more detailed look at these objects can be found here.

 The Ural region apparently is home to a variety of strange features. One such feature, The 7 Strong Men, a series of stone pillars rising from the earth amid a barren plateau in the Komi Republic, these monoliths have baffled many who have tried to understand how they came to be.

A series of images and some information on these standing stones can be found at these two sites. It's obvious that many mysteries are left to be uncovered in the Ural Mountains, perhaps as time passes a conclusive story can be formed that will tie some of these pieces together.

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lone77star profile image

lone77star 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

A fascinating article and greatly thought-provoking. Aerial views from 3000 years ago would prove to be a paradigm shift for our view of history, if such could be corroborated fully.

What civilization could have had flight that long ago? This reminds me of some fascinating information I found at There it gives scientific plausibility to the stories of ancient aircraft.

The source of that ancient aircraft might have been Plato's lost Atlantis. Though we do not have direct proof of the mythical island, I'm working on a book, Mission: Atlantis, that details scientific proof that an Atlantis-like event occurred right when Plato said the lost island disappeared. The ancient pilots might have been children of Atlantis.

Who built the city under the ice layers of Antarctica? Could this have been ancient Mayan structure? Perhaps, but how will we ever really know? 5 years ago

Antarctica hasn't been ice-free for millions of years! Who could've built a city on this continent so long ago? The fabled saga of the ancient Mayan clearly states they were living upon Pangaea prior to the break up of the massive super continent....go figure!

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