Pulling People Out of the Fire!?!

The Path to Hell! The "Falling" Feeling Begins!!!

The Hell Fall!
The Hell Fall! | Source

This Isn't Easy To Share, But I Must!

This I share with you, I share with as much Love as I can Muster! This is a very hard subject which I am about to share. It has been laid very heavily upon me to do so, I feel a Strong Need to Pull as Many People Out of the Fire as Possible!!! I mean, Hell is Real Folks, more so Real than This World!! Yet so many people end up there each moment of everyday! If they by default, just lived out their lives just as they wanted to each day, day-end and day-out until their death. Doing whatever, however and whenever they decided to do, whether they caused pain, committed immoral acts or lived in darkness. When they take their last breath here in this Life, they take their first breath in Eternity on their way to a place called Hell!

Hell is a place which was never meant for mankind! It was meant solely for Lucifer, Satan, the devil and his fallen angels or demons. Just because we can't "see" it or "touch" it doesn't mean Hell doesn't exist. The Wind is invisible and yet we know it is real. We can "feel" it, "see" it interact with our surroundings. Since we know the Wind is real, then so too is Hell and if Hell is real, God and Heaven must be as well! Yes, yes and yes; all are real!! Not just because the Bible (the Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth) says so either! There are more ways to prove this place is real.

I Love All of Humanity Enough to Scare the "Hell" out of it! This is the whole purpose for this HubPage; there is a way that everyone can never ever have to find out of the Reality, Finality and Eternity which is Hell!!

Not to mention people complain about Air Temperatures over 100 F being Hot and Unbearable! Well in Hell, 100 F would be considered Air Conditioning!! In Fact Molten Lava is about 1750 F and Hell is said to be located in the Center of the Earth, according to the Bible. This Means Hell is Very, Very Hot!!! You don't believe me do you about the location of Hell? Near the bottom of this HubPage, there is a video which has a sound recording of a Microphone place 10 miles deep within the Earth's Crust. You tell me if Hell isn't located within the Center of the Earth, just as the Bible says it is!!

Let the Truth Finally Be Revealed, Listen to the Whole Video!!

Jehovah Gave "Us" God Given Free Will!

Our Free Choice!
Our Free Choice! | Source

Our God Given Free Will?!

Father Jehovah God gives mankind Free Will, this means we can choose to live, be and do what we want. Simply because of Free Will, Father God will not force us to choose Life or choose Him through the provision He has provided. We can go on and simply ignoring Him, His Son Jesus and Freely choose by default Eternity away from Him. This Eternity away from Him is a place called Hell, the place where the devil and his demons are and everyone who didn't choose the "Only" Way to the "Only" God. Sounds harsh, but Father God never forces anyone to Love Him or accept Him.

Love in this Life is best when given to another freely; both parties chose one another and usually deeply want or desire each other much in the same way. Why wouldn't this apply to Father God Jehovah? Father God wants us to Freely Choose Him and Freely Love Him, and how He wants this is Through His Son, the Lord Jesus! This is the Way, the Truth and the Life the Bible talks about it and this is exactly what Jesus is stating there in those Passages. The things of God are not hard, they are really quite simple. So Why do so many miss this, the Simplicity of Father Jehovah God? What Could be "Our" Issues Which Causes "Us" to Miss the Simplicity of How God Works for "Us"?!? Do you want to know how Simplicity can be Simply understood and received? This is Why We Need Jesus, He is the Answer!!

Your First Example of "Free Will," in the video below, you can choose to watch it or not. However, if you do, it will more than likely change your perception of the Reality of Hell and its Finality! I leave it to you to choose, I have already seen it more than once and I never want to find out if it's Real as in actually being there!!! This Video has Scared the "Hell" out of me, maybe, just maybe it Might Scare the "Hell" out you!!

The Place Called Hell, the Very Real Reality!

Same Video in English!

The Dark Masters

The Fallen Angels or Demons
The Fallen Angels or Demons | Source

You Can Only Serve One Master!

The Bible states: "you can only serve one master; you will love one and hate the other." When we are born into this world, by default our master is Lucifer, Satan, the devil. This is why young children have to conform to this world. When they are born, they don't know right from wrong. They have to be taught; they watch and observe everything! For them, conforming to this world is easier now than ever before! With all of the new TV programs, Social Media, Reality Shows, all of which are The Devices of the Enemy, and their young minds are already bombarded while they are in their development phase. Not to mention, kids having kids, the parents don't know better themselves. This is a very clever trap set forth by the enemy or the god of this world, the devil (Lucifer, Satan).

In the Video below, these things are Real and one day we will "See" them with our naked eyes or when we die and Enter into Hell! This is Not a Joke!! Watch and see, they will be seen here on Earth in the very near future... Hint, Hint, The Tribulation Period!!!

The one master who has our best intention, this is Why We Need Jesus!

Man possessed by ghost on CCTV

Sucked Into Hell!

Consumed by Fire!
Consumed by Fire! | Source

The By Default Route!?!

By now, I hope you are beginning to see, the devil's (Lucifer, Satan) plan, to keep people distracted and focused in their daily existence, The Devices of the Enemy, Who Do You Serve, and ask Where Is Your Love? Believe it or not, it works and works well for so many! Even the Bible states: "broad and wide is the path to Hell and many shall find it." So if you just live your life until death; never come to Father Jehovah God by acknowledge the saving sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. You will be "sucked" into the place of Eternal Torment, Torture and Damnation or plainly, Total separation from God!!

I personally couldn't imagine being so far away from the presence of Jehovah God, where there is no Love, Light, Peace, Happiness, Joy or any adjectives for Goodness! If this is some of the attributes of Father God, what is it like where so many believe does not exist?!? This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

Repent, Turn Away From Sin or Forever Descend Into Darkness? Your Choice, Choose Wisely.

The Place of Gnashing of Teeth!! This Might Scare the "Hell" Out of You!

Gnashing of Teeth, This Can't Be Emphasized Enough!!!
Gnashing of Teeth, This Can't Be Emphasized Enough!!! | Source

The Place of Gnashing of Teeth!!

The Bible states, Hell is a place of no rest and gnashing of teeth! If we have already addressed some of the attributes of the Goodliness of Father God and we now know that Hell is total separation from Him. So what is this place called like? In Hell, there is no Love, Peace, Joy or otherwise. There is nothing but extreme pain, sadness, misery and anything else you can imagine where the presence of the Lord God can't be found.

This means in this Life, when it rains on Earth, when the Sun Shines and the Greenery Grows, this takes place in the Presence of Almighty God? Yes, anything Good in this Life is because of Father God, not of man. Tragedy and Misfortune is not of God, but this is whole other topic. The purpose of this article is to "Pull you out of the Hell Fire!" Nor do you want to be torn to bits; this is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

In the Video Below, some of the "Fallen Angels" already are walking the Earth! Soon they will be seen with the naked eyes, there is a way to escape the soon fast approaching darkness!!

Watch Evil Ghost 'Hurl Furniture Around Room' in Terrifying Hotel Attack Caught on Camera!!!

The One Who Hates Mankind!

The Dark Master So Many Serve!?!
The Dark Master So Many Serve!?! | Source

Who is the Master of Hell? Why is this his Domain?

The master of Hell is Lucifer, Satan, the devil. Hell is his domain because he wanted to be greater than Father Jehovah God in the beginning, before the Creation in Genesis. Once he decided to attempt to overthrow God, he also convinced 1/3 of the Angels into thinking this was a good idea. Of course the devil was defeated and casted out of Heaven. Hell was created exclusively for him and his followers; it was never intended for humans. In a sense, the devil wanted a domain where he could rule and Jehovah God gave him... "Hell!"

Before the devil's fall, he was originally called Lucifer and was also created by Jehovah God. He was God's favorite Archangel and was given more authority than the other Archangels. This authority is why he is the master of Hell and it is his domain. Like God's domain is Heaven, the devil's is Hell. Because of his hate of Father God, he can never be redeemed. Also simply because "We" mankind, are made in the image of Father God, only because God Loves us. The devil hates us and the fact that the Lord God Loves us. This is why Lucifer, Satan, the devil wants to destroy as many lives as he can, to get back at God for not allowing him to be greater than Father Jehovah God.

Can you see now why hatred, ego, pride, selfishness are tools of the darkside. Do you really think those same traits will benefit you? These are the same reason's the devil (Lucifer, Satan) was cast out of Heaven and the same Issues as to why so many people will Not Acknowledge Father God or Jesus Christ!!! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

Total Separation From God!

Eternity in Darkness!
Eternity in Darkness! | Source

The Reality of Eternity in Hell!

Once you enter into Hell, there is no escape! For those who just live their lives until death, they know when they arrive in Hell, there is a God, Jesus is Real and so is Heaven! This may be a harsh fact to face; however, this is the reality for several thousands of people each day, everyday!! If this is a sad fact for you to realize, imagine how Father Jehovah God must feel? Those are His babies, His Creations whom He Loved and now they will forever be without Him! They chose not to acknowledge God in their Life here on this planet while they lived. Now they will have to suffer Eternity without Him, completely knowing God is Real. Talk about Karma, while you lived, you denied Father God. When you died, God could not acknowledge you, because you didn't acknowledge Him.

Yet, this is a sad fact for so many, but Why? Regardless of why, this is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

In the Video below, this is only the beginning! Soon this will be a reality, the only difference; you will be able to "See" what causing those things to move!!! Everyone wants to "See," God is about to let you, when He does, you won't be able to take it back. The Age of Grace will be Over!!

NEWS: Manchester Poltergeist Caught on CCTV - 1/11/2012

For Humanity, We Can Still Let Go! Will You Let Go of Your Pride??

The Fall of Pride.
The Fall of Pride. | Source

Still Not Convinced?

The tool’s (The Devices of the Enemy) the devil uses is unfortunately the most effective for so many people and they are the same issues Lucifer dealt with when he was in Heaven and as an Angel of Light. The devil's hatred, pride and ego were so large, that he was selfish enough to fool others (then Angels) to follow him. The people, who faithfully and foolishly follow him, do so through those same traits. Don't be a fool and remain under those influences, they will lead to Eternity in darkness! Finding out about the Fires of Hell isn't worth it. Again, people were never meant to go to Hell! It is the punishment for the devil (Lucifer, Satan) and his followers, the Fallen Angels, the now demons.

So how do I know I can make sure Hell will never become my Eternity, Reality or Finality? How can I Let It All Go, my Hatred, Pride, Ego and Selfishness? I don't want to burn in the Hell Fires for all Eternity!! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

A Mere Coincidence!?!

Right? Its a Principality of Darkness!
Right? Its a Principality of Darkness! | Source

I Know You See the Face?

Its Tongue is Licking the Eye!!
Its Tongue is Licking the Eye!! | Source

A Tour of Hell?!?

Make Sure You are Serious!

I will share with you what you must do to escape Eternity from the Fires of Hell. First off, I want to show you that we are already seeing demonic forces at work here on this Earthly Realm. That's right, here now on our Home Planet!! Many people think things like the images directly above are just mere coincidences, they are nothing of the sort and ignorance is bliss. Wrong! These images are exactly what you think they are and someday, you will see them with your naked eyes!

Once this happens, you will wish for the days when you couldn't see them or had to acknowledge them! I guess this is why we live in The Age of Grace! Father Jehovah God's Grace and Mercy is what allows us to not have to see those evil, vile creatures!?! The answer is Yup!! What a Good God no one seems to want to acknowledge, until they enter Hell. Then it's too late there and nothing can bring you to Jehovah God's Plan of Salvation from Eternity in Hell!! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus! Don’t Wait, Millions of People Enter Hell Each Day and you could be one of them!!!

Only Two Paths and Two Destinations!!

Still Your Choice!
Still Your Choice! | Source

How to Escape the Fires of Eternal Hell!

As you have just read, seen, heard and viewed, Hell is a very Real Reality! One once there, you can't escape from, not to mention, why so many end up there because of the traits which cause the devil (Lucifer, Satan) and his demons (the Fallen Angels) to fall or sin against the Lord God. We now know who the two masters are and the two respective paths. Broad and wide is the way to Hell, straight and narrow is the way to Heaven, just as the Bible states. The real question is this, Who Do You Serve?

The one who wants to be greater than Jehovah God, still causing mankind to sin and will also spend Eternity totally separated from God? To Continue serving the devil, you don't have to do anything, just keep living your life and never acknowledge Salvation through Jesus. You to, like so many will realize in Hell, God and Heaven are Real.

Or will you finally acknowledge the Way, the Truth and the Life through Jesus Christ, the only way to get to Father God in Heaven? You must confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord" and believe with your Heart, that Father God raised Jesus from the dead and you will be saved from the Fires of Hell!! This is so simple and you will come to know the Love Father God has for you and you decided Freely to Love Him back!!

I share this because I Love Humanity and I feel a Very Strong Need to Warn People! I hope by now you realize, you still have hope and can come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

Warning, This May Scare the "Hell" Out of You!!!

Only Dead Things Burn!

The Fires of Hell Never Go Out!
The Fires of Hell Never Go Out! | Source

As If "Hell" Wasn't Enough!?

For those who still believe this is a joke, that this life "feels so Good and there is nothing to worry about. I can live my Life as "I" want, do what "I" want, hurt who "I" want and have whatever "I" want. You will have to answer for everything you set forth to do in this life at the Great White Throne Judgment. But it doesn't have to be. Everything doesn't have to be the "I" way, things can be the "High" way or the "High" road!

This "High" road or "High" way is choosing Jesus Christ and having Him write your name in the Lamb's book of Life! If not and you choose the "I" way, not only will you go to Hell, meet the devil, the master you serve on the "I" way. But also his minions, the demons and everyone else who also chose the "I" way for their lives!

As if the "I" way to Hell wasn't bad enough, you will finally meet God, be Judged by Him and sent into the Lake of Fire with Hell and everyone else for all Eternity!?! So why stay on the "I" way? Why burn only to be judged and burned forevermore? Does the "I" way really "feel" that good!?!

Come to Jesus Christ, God the Son, for He is the "High" way and the Only Way to have Life more Abundantly! In fact, there is no "High" like Jesus, better than anything this "World" has to offer!!!

Choose Wisely, Don't Wait for the Last Minute, Time is Short! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

What Happens to the Lost? What is This Second Death!?!

Come Play With Me!!

I Won't Bite!
I Won't Bite! | Source

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Can You Feel the Heat? You Really Don't Have To!! 2 comments

TeamSTM profile image

TeamSTM 7 months ago Author

Today and these past couple of week it has been hot here. In fact today, the temps reached 110 F! I decided to let someone else cook for me, it was just too hot to run the oven or even turn on the stove. Before I could even place my order, one of the gentlemen behind the counter proclaimed, "Man it’s hot as Hell!" It was hot outside and hot in the kitchen, so I could understand where he was coming from. At this point I interjected, "they say the average temperature in "Hell" is about 558 F." The lady placing orders immediately chimed in, "man, I need to start living right!" All I could do was laugh and the same went for everyone else I the kitchen, we all laughed and for that brief moment. We all forgot about the heat, be it brief!

I share this to say this, deep down, people know they need to make changes in their lives, I didn't know these people, nor this young lady. Yet she knew, just from hearing some estimation of the temperature of a place called "Hell" and dealing with a Hot day outside, and in a hot kitchen. 110 F verses 558 F, in her mind, 110 F was already bad enough! Being in an Eternal Oven, she immediately says no to that and seriously thought about how she was living and how she needs to be living!

Again, I didn't know this young lady or the people in the kitchen. They had a job to do and all I was after was a prepared meal, so I didn't have to cook. My intentions were never to change the reality of one young lady or have her question her life and lifestyle. Ms. Kim might just be another soul, "Pulled Out of the Fire!"

TeamSTM profile image

TeamSTM 4 months ago Author

Hello HubPages Community, I have some exciting News!! I should have Shared this Two Days Ago!!! Please Welcome Matthew to the Body of Christ, he gave His Life to Christ on Monday 10/16/2016 while we were on the Job! All Glory, Praise and Honor onto Father God El Shaddai, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!!

The Meaning of Samuel in Hebrew means “Asked of God.” The meaning of Matthew in Hebrew means “Gift of God.” Matthew and I were just having a conversation about the goings on in the world and admitted he was concerned. This world has no hope; the signs and warning are very clear! Matthew knew the Bible so he was aware of the biblical significance.

It was at this moment when he heard the call and the beckoning of the Holy Spirit and we prayed together. This is what it is all about to the Glory, Praise and the Blessing of El Shaddai Father God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit! Only King Jesus can orchestrate the meeting of two people with names from the Bible and encounter the Lord Jesus Christ at the same time. Take a moment to Welcome Matthew into the Family of Believers, the Body of Christ and the Bride!!

Take Care and Be Blessed Beloved!!

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