Q&A Sites Similar To Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo! Answers?

Yahoo Answers is a fun Q&A site that has grown quite popular over the past 3 years since it was introduced. Its also known to be the second most popular reference site online right behind Wikipedia.

Also because of its popularity there have been many clones and similar sites springing up. Many of these Q&A sites have some unique flavor to share so they're actually quite refreshing if you give them a try.

To become a participant on Yahoo Answers, all you need is a Yahoo Mail Account. Users are rewarded points and compete for "best answer".

Below are a list of Q&A sites that are similar to Yahoo Answers.

Grupthink - Ask open ended questions - you can answer with text and images.

Enotes - A resourceful Q&A for students.

Askpedia - Users can participate for rewards.

Able 2 Know - Select a category and ask an expert.

What Should I Say - Doesn't look too popular.

myLot - Participate in discussions and be rewarded.

Askville - This is Amazon's version of Yahoo! Answers.

WikiAnswers - You can edit other people's answers like a wiki.

Answerbag - Different levels of questions ie. Social, Expert, Local and Shopping.

Fluther - You get personalized questions based on the type you've already answered.

Fun Advice - Fun question and answer community since 2003.

Yedda - Q&A site similar to Yahoo Answers.

Dizzay - You can post pics when answering questions if you like.

Rediff Q&A - Rediff is like the Indian version of Yahoo so shouldn't it have a Q&A too?

Girls Ask Guys - Exactly how it sounds

Simply Explained - You can either discuss or answer the questions on Simply Explained.

The Answer Bank - UK Based Q&A site.

LinkedIn Answers - This Q&A site is more focused on business related questions and answers.

Trulia Voices Q&A - Real Estate questions and answers.

Minti Questions - Parenting related questions and answers.

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Jenny30 profile image

Jenny30 7 years ago from Canada

Very interesting! i wasn't aware of so many Q&A sites!

MClemens423 7 years ago

You can add www.Leftos.com to the list also. It's a Q&A focusing on the niche of dating, sex, relationships, etc.

Charles Borwick 7 years ago

Q&A is huge and getting bigger all the time. Every site should have a Q&A for their community-specific questions. The big destination sites are neat, but an answer from a specific community is always better. www.yousaidit.com

eonsaway profile image

eonsaway 7 years ago from New Mexico, USA

This is great, now I can spend all day and night on the computer! It's so much fun asking a question and someone knows the answer, an e-mail delivered with my answer. Have also answered a few questions on Yahoo answers, someone actually gave me a best answer response. Thanks, good research, it's bookmarked.

Liliana 6 years ago

You forgot Answers Wikia, or for short Wikianswers. This is not from Answers. It's so far the best one I've been to.

badri rimal 6 years ago


i cannot get answers for my several questions forwarded to

'yahoo.answers; .why is it happening ,so after thinking seriously the mistakes be on my part. i request to you if you can help me pl.do it and oblige


badri rimal kathmandu nepal

rimal badri 6 years ago


i mostly present to you questions on health but get never answers which you yourself admit of it.Now, once more i venture to ask you a question on'how do i get rid of ch.bronchitis by homeopaathy.


b.p.rimal kathmandu

Keny Luger profile image

Keny Luger 6 years ago Author

Rimal, that isn't my field at all. I cannot answer your question. try doing a search in the search box above and you'll find someone who can answer your question.

Terry 6 years ago

There's a new Q&A site called Ask Us Web. You can answer and ask questions or become an expert. It's a very nice looking site, and the members and Mods are warm and friendly.

Here's the link if you're interested in joining the site: http://www.askusweb.com/

W5HAnswers Admin 6 years ago

Please add my question answer site into post Q&A Sites Similar To Yahoo Answers?


Andy 6 years ago

snagerries profile image

snagerries 6 years ago from Singapore

Great piece of information. I have seen posting on these links mostly to get backlinks.

James 6 years ago

There's also a new Q&A site called Ask Us Web. The people are friendly there, and they'll give good advice.


Tatyana 6 years ago

Another good one is http://www.quora.com

I use it and I really like it.

Noah Rainey 6 years ago

Hey, I just released a Q&a website called SN50.com. I was wondering if you would share it here?

venera 6 years ago

I love Quora too. It is a new site and the quality of the answers/discussions is still very well controlled. Also, here is a list with 19 Q&A sites:


virajD 6 years ago

mr.answer guy is another large Q&A network. check it - http://www.mranswerguy.com

Steve 6 years ago

You might also be interested in http://isitnormal.com

It's like a specialized version of Yahoo! Answers for questions about habits or other things that someone might ask "am I normal?" about.

Me!! 6 years ago

Are there anywhere you can make an email and join the thing FOR FREE?

I don't like paying a dollar or fifty cents or whatever. I just want free, easy, safe answers for my questions, or answer questions. Please help :)

Thanks in advance

Tess Malome 5 years ago

For quality Sex Ed without judgment, there is the crowd source, community driven Q&A site at www.thesexmonkey.com

curtis 5 years ago

Hey, were currently making a Q&A site with an incentive for adsense adshare, soon as we get a decent sized community. The site is http://answerant.com. Nice Hub btw!

ptrshn 5 years ago

There is a new social network called Koowie, http://koowie.com. It proclaims itself as an anti-facebook and craigslist alternative website. The format is in a form of a question so it can be used as a Q&A website though it is really more of a social network.

me 5 years ago

is ask me.com a safe site. i wasn't looking for a question answering site. i was looking for some facebook information on google and this website popped up. i accidently clicked on it and i'm worried that i may have got a virus. can you please tell me if its a safe website

David 5 years ago

You can add www.toaskquestions.com to your list also. It is the site providing you with the opinion of the team of the experts who answer your questions in every matter of life

Sandra 5 years ago

One more I discovered was http://weightlossqna.net It's specifically for people who have weight loss questions and its free. You may could add it to your list.

Katy 4 years ago

I've found this one: http://wisdio.com

What's interesting about them is cool way of promoting experts or just people who answers questions. They show knowledge graph of each user and so called Wisdio Authority Rating. Recommend to check them out

Another Q&A 4 years ago

www.knowfinder.com a new Q&A to hit the internet!

Sarah 4 years ago

Don't forget http://sn50.com

Victoria Wallcot profile image

Victoria Wallcot 4 years ago from New York

Nice collection of data and very helpful.

One of the sites I have for you is http://www.toaskquestions.com/

Hope you like it.

heliwa 4 years ago

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heliwa 4 years ago

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andy 4 years ago

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Kapil 4 years ago

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Raúl Martinez 4 years ago

A site that answers questions about timeshares is http://www.timesharescam.com/

Rugatu 4 years ago

Rugatu Q&A, ask questions with bitcoin or become a bitcoin freelance

sn-gate 4 years ago

This is a Social Network related Questions and Answer site http://www.sn-gate.com/

Pharmd832 4 years ago

Very nice site!

Rene 4 years ago

Good list. You may want to consider adding http://www.generalopinions.com/ and http://www.quora.com/ to it. Both are Q&As similar to Y!A.

cookie 3 years ago

i like http://www.boodom.com , it's very usefull.

stephanie 3 years ago

Lots of q&a websites are spammy now, you can't really get a great answer fast. Even for quora, you can't really solve personal issue since most of questions at quora are discussions for general stuff like a social event...When it comes to personal, all Q&A sites in the world now suck. likeplum is actually okay but it charges money. First queston is free tho, besides that, it's much better than yahoo answers already.


Raúl Martinez 3 years ago

The best site that you can find is http://www.cryoair.com

Bunchheang 12 months ago

I live this www.qoosi.com

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