Chegg Review - To Buy or Not To Buy...That is the question

Is Chegg on top for a reason?

The textbook rental market has been booming in recent years. Many of the top companies within the market have grown by leaps and bounds while a whole rash of new rental services have sprung up to grab their piece of the pie. Amid strong competition from a few large sellers and a field crowded with small-time imitators, has managed to retain its top spot in the textbook rental market. Chegg is on top of the market for a few key reasons. consistently comes in as the highest rated textbook rental service year after year, as rated by both industry insiders and individual customers. was founded entirely by students who understood the unique needs and shortcomings of their market. offers an industry-high 21 day guarantee on their books, comparable to their closest competitor, Bookrenter, who also offers a 21 day guarantee. provides multiple shipping options through UPS. If you need to get a book ASAP than Chegg can cover you, while you can save money by making sure you order your books well in advance. stocks a full selection of new and used printed books as well as many titles in the emerging field of eTextbooks.

In addition to course books also offer students Homework Help on any subject they're taking, giving you the tools you need to navigate your way through your textbooks. You can also ask questions about your work or your subject and's experts or fellow students will provide you with an answer within 2 hours of your submission. also provides resources to help you wisely select your courses. On the website you'll be able to read thorough reviews of the courses you might want to take and the professors you might want to study under before committing to a class. If you're primarily concerned about your marks you can also check out their Grade Distribution data to get a feel for the average grading given out for each class. This data is accumulated from Registrar's offices, so you know it's accurate and not anecdotal.

The website is an attractive and streamlined interface that makes it easy to find the books you need and which places the most popular textbooks front and center for easy access.

If you need or want your rented book for longer you can always extend your rental period or choose to outright buy the books you've rented.

As an added bonus not only offers an environmentally friendly way to get the books you need, but they also dedicate themselves to environmental restoration and have planted over 5 million trees since 2008 (in addition to their other charitable and community-building practices).

And, of course, offers great prices on their books. You'll be able to rent most books from for cheaper than just about any of their competitors and is known for providing the best buyback prices when you choose to sell your used textbooks to them. Often times you can see this page to find coupons making prices even more competitive and ultimately saving you more money for other college related expenses.


As you can see I have a lot of good things to say about Chegg. After nothing but good experiences with the company throughout my college career its hard to find too much wrong with the service. Especially with their contribution to the green effort by planting a tree for every book rented. To create the full effect of a legit review please post a comment or answer the poll below to help others interested in the service. Good Luck!!

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Jake 5 years ago

You're probably the worst 'journalist' on here.

You wrote an article 11 days ago about bookrenter, yet you lie about them in this article? They offer a 21 day guarantee, not 15 days.

This article just sounds like press copy for chegg. What's the point?

collegetips profile image

collegetips 5 years ago Author

Thanks for catching that mistake, just edited.

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