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Photo by Pixabay
Photo by Pixabay

Extended field trips

Many homeschooling families take advantage of field trips as a way to explore life. What better way to learn about animals than to take a trip to the zoo? That's the appeal to traveling on the road while teaching. Parents want their children to explore museums, natural trails and historic monuments. Children can visit places where actual battles took place. They can read maps and incorporate math as they determine how long it will take to get from one destination to another based on the speed of the vehicle.

Photo by Pixabay
Photo by Pixabay


Roadschooling is a legal form of homeschooling as long as the parents are following the rules of their home state. They may still need to take standardized tests or meet annually with a school official. They will still need to cover the core subjects. However, how this is done is up to the parent. Learning in a real life environment can help cement concepts the child is required to learn, because they can use their senses to fully grasp the concepts being taught. Because RV's are equipped with showers, toilets, refrigerators and stoves for cooking, they are meeting national standards set to ensure children are being taken care of and not being neglected.



Every family approaches roadschooling differently. Some plan out the curriculum ahead of time, then schedule trips to work into the lessons. They may use videos and library books about an area or theme and use the educational trips to make a unit lesson. Others choose to travel first and work the curriculum about the sights and adventures they encounter. There are some that choose to just allow the children to learn naturally, taking advantage of a child's natural curiosity, without using any curriculum.


Teaching children to make learning a lifestyle choice instead of something that is done in a classroom helps prepare them for life. They will understand that a classroom is all around them and that they can learn from their environment. They will have fun making memories with the family while seeing how the lessons they learn apply to real life. Roadschooling is a great way to get children into the world and allow them to explore.

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