Rajabai Tower of Mumbai

Rajabai Tower is a famous clock tower at Mumbai, the financial capital of India. This 85 Meters high tower is situated in the campus of the University of Mumbai, in South Mumbai. The tower has a big and beautiful clock.

The tower is a tourist attraction point. The history of this tower is interesting.

Premchand Roychand
Premchand Roychand

Who was Rajabai?

The tower is named after Rajabai. Rajabai was mother of Premchand Roychand, a great businessman of 19th century India. Premchand Roychand was known as Cotton King as well as Bullion King. He was the first Indian Stock Broker and Founder Member of Bombay Stock Exchange, the oldest Stock Exchange of Asia. He is known for his famous single day pay-in of Rs. 11.5 Crore in 19th Century, which is equal to over 1000 Crores today. (1 Crore=10 Millions).

Premchand Roychand was one of the great persons who contributed a lot in development and growth of the city of Mumbai.

The tower was built between 1869 to 1878. The tower was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott in Venetian-Gothic style. The total cost of construction was Rs. 200,000, which was paid by Premchand Roychand on the condition that the tower should be named after Rajabai, his mother.

The Roychand family was follower of Jainism. Rajabai was a staunch Jain, so she had to take her dinner before sunset. The staunch followers of Jainism do not eat anything after sunset. Rajabai was blind, and the bell of the clock on the tower helped her to know time and eat before sunset without asking others.

Rajabai Clock Tower
Rajabai Clock Tower | Source

Rajabai Tower on Postal Stamp

In 1957, on the occasion of Centenary of Mumbai University, a 10 New Paisa valued commemorative stamp was issued by India Post. The stamp depicts Rajabai Tower on it.

South Mumbai Map
South Mumbai Map | Source

Map to Reach Rajabai Tower

So whenever you will be in Mumbai as a traveler, try to visit this tower. Under the clock tower there is University Library. Nearby places of attraction are Mumbai University, Bombay Stock Exchange and Bombay High Court.

Rajabai Tower Map
Rajabai Tower Map | Source

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jainismus 4 years ago from Pune, India Author

Thanks Ryan for the comment....

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Ryan-Palmsy 4 years ago from In a Galaxy far, far away

Quite a beautiful piece of architecture

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jainismus 4 years ago from Pune, India Author

Thanks Christy for reading and commenting on this Hub.

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Thanks Bimal, for reading the Hub.

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I had not heard of this tower - I enjoyed reading about it!

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It is really informative and a matter of pride to know our forefathers.

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Quite interesting and informative at the same time.Thanks

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Thanks Alex

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loved the fact that you wrote about this clock tower that we usually see but ignore and don't even think about it for one minute about it and its worth. So glad that you wrote about it. Voted up as interesting.

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drbj, Thank you for the comments

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What a beautiful clock tower, jainismus, and what a lovely tribute to the mother of the builder. If I ever visit Mumbai, you know I will mke it my business to see the tower in person.

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You are right that India was ignored by many western countries. Thank you for your comments on this Hub.

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Thanks for the interesting article. I must admit I'm somewhat ignorant of Indian culture and history. I think it stems from the Cold War when India refused to take sides and, as a result, India was sort of ignored in the American media. Voted up and interesting.

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