Real Life Diamonds


Several years ago, I heard someone describing the process for finding diamonds. I don’t know if there’s any truth in their account, but they said that diamonds are discovered at the coal that surrounds them is constantly being chipped away. They said that extremely sharp instruments must be used to get rid of the coal or the diamond will never be found.

When I served as a dean of students (disciplinarian), I didn’t exactly enjoy my job. In fact, I’m almost ashamed to admit that the majority of the time I wanted to be doing something else…anything else…that what I was doing. Even so, there were times when I really enjoyed what I did. The most rewarding aspects about my position as disciplinarian occurred when I had the chance to talk about life with my students.

In a rather memorable life conversation in my office, one of my girls wanted to talk to me about a teacher who kept picking at her. I thought she meant to say that the teacher was picking “on” her, but when I corrected her, she assured me that the teacher was picking “at” her. The student expressed that the teacher was always on her about everything and she wished the woman would simply leave her alone.

Something she said reminded me of the diamond story, so I shared it with her.

When you stop to think about it, we’re all a little like that girl. There is always something or someone who’s always there chipping away at us, bothering us, irritating us, and causing some type of pain or discomfort. We want it to stop, but that pain is the very thing we need to become the shining diamonds that are hidden deep within us.

So work through the pain, knowing that a brilliant diamond could be one chip away.

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dragonflyfla profile image

dragonflyfla 4 years ago from South Florida

Very nice. :-)

Cherrietgee profile image

Cherrietgee 4 years ago from Illinois Author

Thanks for reading, dragonflyfla!

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