Reality in living in a Poor Country

Reality in living in a Poor Country

I lived in a let us just say a poor country, day in and day out on my way to work I passed by homeless family living in a grassy vacant lot with a house made of plastic and cartons, my heart really hurts and thinking on how can I help this poor people. I always thank God that my parents were able to send us to school and we have a house to live in.

Just this later month of August the company that I’ve been working for five years will declare bankruptcy and the company was closed this October. My heart pounded so fast and thinking on how I can support my baby since my husbands’ salary is not even enough to pay all our needs.  I recently started to look for another job, I am on my mid-thirty’s and another reality faced on me is that companies here in our country prefers the fresh graduates. In my mind looking on my co – applicant , I think I am the most  serious  applicant who needed the job very badly but I wasn’t able to qualify for the job even if I know I did my best shot.

Now, looking back on the homeless people that I’ve passed by everyday, I don’t know how they were able to survived in that situation ,there only job is  scavenging on street garbage, others even have babies same aged as mine 1 year old living in a plastic and carton house with unhealthy environment for the babies. I just call on God and talked to him “ Help me survived in this poor country of mine and help my countrymen also.”

I know when I post this article of mine; this article will be read all over the world. Just thank God that you are one of the lucky people living on earth and that you have a good job and a house which shelters you on whatever climate that comes and that you live in a wealthy country, eats a clean food and drive your own car. Because on the other side of earth me and my countrymen who keeps on striving hard to earn for a living but opportunities sometimes closes on us.


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glen 5 years ago

The 'elites' have done a REALLY good job screwing up the world.

If there is a God, the situation will self-correct itself.

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