Reasons to Join The Military

The Military Can Provide Many Benefits

     Joining the military is a great option for many people. Joining does have many benefits, but, of course,  there is a downside.

    I will first talk about all the great benefits and then I will discuss the downside.  

    If you join first you have to decide which branch of the millitary you would like to join.  Your choices are the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force.   All have different advantages and disadvantages. 

     Let us began with an example that you decide to join the Army.  You first sign up.  As with any branch of the military you have to be careful here.  You must read everything the recruiter says. 

   Once you join you get a paycheck which starts out low, but can slowly increase.  You also get paid vacations, education benefits where they will pay for college and some expenses.   You can get free housing and food and clothes.   These are great benefits if you have nothing and no education and cannot get a job on the outside.

     They will also train you to be a soldier and then a trade.  You also wlll be in the best shape of your life most of the time.  It is like a free health club where they make you in the best shape of your life.

   The downside of having the military support you basically is that you will probably have to be deployed in a war zone and risk dying.   

    I still think all the benefits outweigh the risks.


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