Region XII is the Central Mindanao Region

Region XII is the Central Mindanao Region

Region XII is the Central Mindanao Region. It is composed of the provinces of Lanao del Norte and North Cotabato. North Cotabato was formerly a part of the big province of Cotabato. Region XII is bounded in the North by Iligan Bay, Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon; in the East by Davao del Sur; in the South by South Cotabato; and in the Westby Illana Bay.

Geographical Features

Lanao del Norte lies on a plateau. Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat are in a valley. The valley is drained by the Mindanao River.

The region is suited for agriculture because of its fertile soil and abundant rainfall. Cotabato produces much rice. It serves as the rice granary of Mindanao. Sugarcane and corn are also grown in Cotabato.


Because of its location, Lanao del Norte has a cool climate. It enables crops originally of temperate climates to grow in the Place. Some of the crops are potatoes, cabbages, beans and other vegetables. Other crops that are grown in Lanao del Norte are coffee, peanuts and abaca. Coconut is a major crop in the areas along the coast.

The presence of the inland bodies of water contribute to the development of the region. The famous Maria Cristina Falls in Lanao del Norte is a good source of hydroelectric power. If properly developed, it can give the whole of Mindanao the electricity it needs.

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