Why Religion (Virtual Love + Virtual Reality) = Disharmony

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Truth (Love + Reality) = Harmony

Not being of religious leaning, I am fascinated by the ‘hardcore’ beliefs and ideologies held by those of faith. It was only recently that an American pastor threatened a Koran burning rite against Islamists while Muslims in the UK have symbolically burned replica poppy flowers sold annually towards charities for war veterans. On either side of the religious fence, views are held with such fervour and discrimination towards each other that it is more akin to hate than love. There seems to be three main protagonists in this battle for ideological dominance; Christians, Muslims and at the centre of both lies Judaism. Spite, hatred and mistrust towards each other seem to be the common theme.

What is clear is that each story emanates from the same perceived events during the same period of historical time. Interestingly, Christians believe in Jesus as the son of god, Muslims mention him as a mortal human being while Jews ignore him as a despised enemy? Yet each denomination profess their version to be the truth and all suggest their faith to be one of love and forgiveness. For me, they cannot all be right but they can all certainly be wrong.

I realise this is a sensitive subject but we are all entitled to our honest opinion. It might be appreciated in some of my other articles that my view is that religion (re-legion) is the indoctrination of ideals and a tool for controlling the masses. To date, nothing has convinced me otherwise. While I am a spiritual thinking person and believe in a ‘truth’, I remain un-swayed by often incoherent and contradictory rhetoric of blinkered religious faith. On too many occasions I have endured rambling religious quotations iterated in verbatim manner in an attempt to persuade me that a man-written book is the word of god. Whose story should I believe? If there is a greater power then it manifests itself in us and all life, not in some old book.

What religion does do very effectively, is to create a virtual reality of fundamentalist views that obliterate common sense and rational thinking. If these fundamentalist beliefs are prodded and poked sufficiently on a consistently high basis then they readily re-manifest themselves into what we term as Extremism, the ultimate defence mechanism to imbedded ideology. The consequence of this 'brainwashed' state of mind is that people turn from defence to attack mode without any consideration to their natural instinct of self-preservation or logical reasoning. It is the sort of built-in last resort trigger and response that normally kicks-in when faced with a potentially fatal situation or when the actual safety of our children or family is threatened. It was not intended to be manipulated for the defence of religious ideology or faith.

I accept that a person existed who came to be recognised as Jesus and that a series of events occurred during the period when the Roman empire was in full swing. However, I believe today's major religions are simply reinterpretations, sometimes fabrication of beliefs that largely pre-dated Jesus's existence. Judaism is somewhat based on beliefs plagiarised from people of a region that we now recognise as Ethiopia and is itself the foundations of Christianity. Today's mainstream religions seem to be elaborately concocted tales, symbolisms and misinterpretations of original Egyptian beliefs that relate to the sun, stars and life here and beyond. With the knowledge of social control gained from the Babylonians, the creation of modern Christianity was instigated through the Nicean Council and its spread took place around the time that Constantine and the Roman legions were conquering and indoctrinating an embryonic European civilisation. Further inhancements have been made periodically since then with the likes of William Shakespeare participating in its reinterpretations. Islam became an alternative interpretation of events that appears to have taken hold in the Ottoman Empire around the Middle East and Baltic regions.

What is clear is that since the re-legion and indoctrination of these interpretations into the minds of the masses, religion has been at the heart of so much disharmony and destruction. Of course, in each case, the perpetrators are seen as the ‘other’ enemy faith attempting to impose inappropriate alien ideologies. Yet even when faced with clear, indisputable facts that the actions being taken on either side are cruel, discriminatory or even inhumane, the power of religious faith can simply blind its indoctrinated innocents into a state of stupor that renders them incapable of applying any common or logical sense outside of their fundamental beliefs. Ironically, peace and ‘love’ to all mankind are the purported under-lying themes of these denominations. However, it seems that this reality only applies to those who understand (under-stand) the relevant faith without reason or question and submit every aspect of their existence to its invisible mysterious ruler; otherwise known to me as man. Of course, transgression from the said rules can be reinterpreted at any time by the 'ruler'.

Love in religious terms is first and foremost - love of the almighty. Not the love of your mortal brothers, sisters, children or anything else for that matter but ultimately your devotion to the invisible, mythical thingy-me-bob that religious books purport to be our controller. Any other form of love is secondary to this special ‘love’ which will ensure that we never stray from the straight and narrow path that will lead us to salvation from the terrifying flames of hell’s fire . Without this unequivocal love for the ‘creator’ we will remain burdened by our unworthy, useless and mortally incompetent fallibility. Simply living a good, moral and ethical existence does not count. We can love our friends, family and neighbours as much as we like but it is irrelevant without our ultimate love for ‘it’ up there. In this respect, For me, the fear and guilt that underpins this religious love deems it virtual love i.e. love of the virtual reality.

True love in my mind is a natural heartfelt instinct inherent in us all that comes to the fore as and when required. The first time you hold a new born child or the final words said to your beloved dying elder, love is not something we need to be taught or have it directed to an inappropriate recipient. Love in its unmanufactured, unlabelled state is a force that will find its own way, will manifest where needed and dissipate where not. In its natural flow through the eternal life energy it will, like everything else, exist and desist within the cycle of reality. Its forced control or interference will assume awful polluted, tampered-with manifestations like greed, hatred, envy and lust.

Nature has its way and that does not require man’s experimental input that continues to manufacture so many of the wrongs in this World. In religion, where love is directed unquestioningly towards the virtual reality of ‘god’, those who devise its teachings and possess the persuasive tongue to manipulate them gain an unimaginable privilege. Like playing a computer game, they become empowered with a wireless remote controller fuelled by the all-consuming virtual love of its characters ensnared within its console. For the controller it is a game from which they are removed from its reality. To the masses, it is real life and the controllers decisions effect us all. Like a child at the wheel of a juggernaut, control of such power will inevitably result in disaster.

It feels to me that over the last decade particularly, our Western rulers have subtly discredited this form of somewhat outdated control that has become less manageable or relevant. Scientific advancement and greater global awareness also undermines and contradicts so much of its supposed facts. While maintaining its presence as a moral reference, they have continued to dilute its directive as the meaning of life . The internet and money with their more global reach and ability to transcend faith are now the new religion. Islam remains an obstacle to global economic domination but while they are distracted by the grievances manufactured between it and Judaism, the powers that be are pulling the carpet from beneath their feet. Invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and their perceived liberation were the first steps in undermining the religious forces of the region and the recent domino-effect uprisings in the surrounding countries seem to be the result of these efforts. Stories of behind the scenes internet groups and the involvement of foreign mercenaries are more than just a curiosity in my mind. 

Democracy has become the essential faithless buzzword in the new World order, the perceived freedom of speech and ability to choose our leaders. Those who continue to defend their religious indoctrinations are now labelled as fundamentalists or extremists. Ultimately, I see a future governed by a less contentious philosophy based model that has successfully controlled the Eastern masses. 2012 is popularly seen as the target date for the realisation of this new existence.

Whichever way our lives go and through whatever indoctrinations, the bottom line remains that there is only one reality. If we acknowledge the reality of life and the essence of true love then inevitably the truth will become the reality and its manifestation will be the undeniable bonding force we all ultimately seek - harmony.

Truth (Love + Reality) = Harmony

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Jefsaid profile image

Jefsaid 4 years ago from London, UK Author

fpherj48 - Thank you for reading. I think a growing number of people are drawing their own conclusion on the reality of life.

Non-religious Spirituality has enjoyed an unblemished existence in some parts of the World whose roots were not influenced by the contorted misrepresentation of Egyptian beliefs that were carried like a Viral across Europe and the Middle East by the Roman Empire.

A sound minded person is one that recognises the glaringly obvious reality of nature all around him/her and the capacity to see through the smokescreens and mirrors aimed at deflecting their belief away from the one and only truth; life itself.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 4 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Jeffsaid...I have no argument with anything you have presented in this fascinating hub. The truth is, I've entertained these same thoughts and more, throughout my life. Despite the well-intentioned but force-fed religion in my background, I have always rejected the concept and existence of "organized" religions. My spirituality however, is in tact, personal and comforting. Thank you for sharing your sound mind with us.

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