Review of the River Springs Charter School Homeschooling Program

River Springs Charter School Located in Riverside, California

River Springs is a charter school located in Riverside, California that includes a free public homeschool program serving San Diego, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, and Imperial counties in Southern California. Parents get to choose their own curriculum options and learning materials. Parents can directly order desired materials through textbook providers Bookmart and An Education Specialist (ES) is assigned to each student.

River Springs also has learning centers where homeschool students can attend enrichment classes or workshops once or twice a week. This can help ease concerns that some parents may have about socialization if they pull their kids out of school for homeschooling. Because children spend some time in a classroom environment, it can make transitioning to a traditional school or college much easier.

How the River Springs Homeschool Program Works

To register with River Springs, you can go to their website to fill in an online application form. River Springs has several charter schools, so make sure you choose the homeschool option. You will also have to send various enrollment documents, such as medical and dental and proof of residence. You will have to go to one of the school locations to fill in the forms to officially register your child.

Once your child is enrolled, you will be assigned an Education Specialist (ES), who will come to your home. The ES will meet with you to discuss putting your curriculum together. You can put together your own curriculum and choose your own materials.

River Springs provides $800 for materials and learning center classes to k - 6th grade students, $900 for 7th to 8th grade students and $1200 for 9th through 12th grade students. Orders placed through Bookmart and will be billed directly to these funds.

River Springs has a learning plan and your curriculum must cover each requirement. For example, for Language Arts you must cover handwriting, grammar, literature, spelling, etc. Your ES will meet with you every 20 school days to help you plan the next month's learning plan. The nice thing about River Springs is that you have flexibility and freedom but you are not completely on your own either.

River Springs is a public charter school, so your children will be California public school students. So, they will be subject to mandatory California state tests.

River Springs provides students free access to, and, which have thousands of videos covering many subject areas. I use videos from these website almost everyday to supplement many of the things I teach. Access is also provided to,, Moodle and

Homeschool Learning Centers

River Springs has several centers where students can take enrichment classes. Depending on the centers, these classes cover subjects like Math, Literature, Writing, Art, Theater, Science, Computers and Spanish.

Homeschool centers are located in Temecula on Margarita Road, Hemet on North Girard Street, Corona at Second and Grand Ave, Riverside on Chicago Avenue, and Costa Mesa in Orange County.


River Springs homeschool program is a great choice for parents who want flexibility and freedom but who don't want to go it alone. Parents can have a custom homeschool curriculum at no charge. The learning center classes give children a chance to interact with other students in the program. The learning centers can be a nice supplement to what is being done at home. River Springs is a great homeschool option for parents in Riverside County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, Orange County and Imperial county.

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lundmusik profile image

lundmusik 5 years ago from Tucson AZ

wow,, thanks for this great hub

Miss Mellie profile image

Miss Mellie 5 years ago

Our family has had a long association with River Springs, dating back to when they were called Eagle's Peak. As a homeschool companion, they are fabulous, and the Education Specialists are there to give as much or as little support as families want or need. Even beginning homeschool families will find the program to be extremely well crafted, and will receive all the guidance needed to start on their homeschooling journey.

That being said...

Personally, I do *not* recommend their DaVinci Academy in Temecula. While River Springs excels as a homeschooling partner, their Temecula academy is severely lacking in quality educators, satisfactory grounds for kids to play in (students and teachers alike refer to the fenced-in cement blocks where kids are to take recess as "The Cage"), and my own kids--both of whom have been from one to several grades ahead in their studies--both tumbled down significantly in their academic challenges and in their test scores during their year at DaVinci. One teacher even told my son that a C grade was "good enough"--this, after years of my successful homeschooling to mastery, and my personal insistence that we do not progress until we fully understand the level we have just studied.

I would love to say that such a review of this facility is limited to my own personal experience; however, I am sorry to report that there are a great many parents and students who would agree with my assessment.

So: if you wish to homeschool, yes, definitely go with River Springs. However, if you're looking to enroll your child into a 5-day/week program, I would urge you to look elsewhere.

Voted Up and Useful!

Miss Mellie profile image

Miss Mellie 5 years ago

PLEASE NOTE: As the homeschool learning center teachers in the Temecula learning center are likely not the same staff serving as teachers and administrators for the DaVinci Academy meeting in the same location, my comments above have no bearing on the learning center instructors. I am unable to vouch either way for those learning center instructors.

Learn Things Web profile image

Learn Things Web 5 years ago from California Author

River Springs is highly rated for it's homeschool and montessori programs. But they definitely have a lot of complaints about a couple of their schools. I think they have about a dozen schools overall. It seems that Da Vinci is the one with the most complaints.

On websites like and they rank the whole school as one unit, rather than rating each school separately. It makes it difficult to figure out which schools are doing well and which aren't.

Melissa Duran 5 years ago

I would like more information about this charter sc hool in Corona a lot of my friend use this school the mosiac prgram and Im having a hard time ith the school my kids are inlisted in

Jennifer Lewis 4 years ago

If you strictly want to homeschool, this is a great program. If you are looking for on campus activities they are poorly organized and the students seem to have an inordinate amount of behavior problems mixed with incompetent staff making bad go to worse. The special Ed dept is very unorganized, out of compliance, and only exists for the sake of saying they have one. In spite of the schools mission statement, the special Ed dept is a one size fits all program and if you're lucky one of the service providers might read the IEP goals and work on one or two, but don't count on it.

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