Right to Education - Not till you are Lucky 7.

Schools in India - Bangalore in Particulor.

How many schools are there in Bangalore.?

There are over 500 schools.

How many Govt schools - may be below 40%.

Have you gone inside a school.?



I have already attended a school.

I will rephrase the question.

Have you got kids.?


Do they go to school.?


Do you go to school to take them and bring them back from school.


Then how do they go to school.

My Kids go by Car,they don't like Bus.

Whose Car and why do they not like to go to school in Bus.

Its my employer's car and kids don't like to go to school as the kids in Bus are all dirty.

What do the dirty boys do in the BUS.?

The kids say that they know me and that I am a corrupt man.

I tell the kids that they are lairs.

My Kids tell me that they are also lairs.

You told us to lie.

What was that I told you to lie.?

Our date of birth.

The Right to education starts with telling our children to lie about their age.

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Phil Plasma profile image

Phil Plasma 5 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

Crazy. Such a different world, yours and mine.

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